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This Week's Biggest Losers 01/06/07

1/6/2007 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Who needs "The Twilight Zone" when you've got The Zone? In our dimension of substance and shadow, a pop tart can turn into a bumpkin at the stroke of midnight, a billionaire can brawl with a lesbian, and celebs of all shapes and sizes can -- at any moment -- fall flat on their expensively exfoliated faces.

Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson:
Seven years of courtship, one year of marriage and now, apparently, an unknown number of irreconcilable differences. Playboy model and current make-up cover girl Dita Von Tiese is apparently letting the shock rocker know she no longer wants him to be her MAC daddy, leading wags to immediately speculate as to who will get custody of the eyeliner. There are also a couple of dogs and cats in the mix, but the real question for us is whether or not MM (aka Brian Warner) will be inspired to put his own hard-drinking, three-quarter beat spin on that old Barenaked Ladies classic. Let's all hum it together now: "Lying in bed, just like Brian Warner did..."

Cameron DiazCameron Diaz: On the Internet, Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg continue to tear it up with their music video spoof D*ck in a Box, which has rocketed to the top of YouTube's all-time most viewed list. Reports on the mean streets of L.A. say that the singer has let it be known that Diaz is no longer his number one with a bullet. On the plus side, this could now leave Diaz free to hookup with fellow blonde bombshell Owen Wilson, who got the pink slip from Kate Hudson just a few weeks ago (imagine the nickname possibilities for that couple: the Barbie Twins, the Butterscotch Rapscallions...). Then again, maybe we're headed for more of a "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" twist, what with Timberlake reportedly celebrating New Year's Eve at Hudson's house. First, Tom Green and Drew Barrymore -- now this. If bad luck does come in threes, Lucy Liu might want to stop checking her text messages for a while.

Josh SchwartzJosh Schwartz: Not too long ago, at the tender age of 26, this USC Film School grad was the youngest-ever creator of a hit TV show. But somehow, in just a few short years, he has allowed "The OC" to jump the San Clemente shark. Although Schwartz insists the February finale of Season Four will be the conclusion he "always planned to do," the fate of this Fox franchise is, above all, a powerful reminder of why the late Aaron Spelling chose to anchor his super sexy soaps in zip codes a little further north. Think about it: If Brandon (Jason Priestley) and Kelly (Jennie Garth) had made it their mission to settle down in Mission Viejo, or Donna (Tori Spelling) had worked at a Sunglass Hut in Seal Beach, would that Fox show have lasted a decade? Hell NO.

Tom SizemoreTom Sizemore: It may have been a good year at the domestic box office, but the first week of January is also the time when Tinseltown number crunchers give up the bowwow to go along with all that boffo. And apparently, something called "Zyzzyx Road" set a record not just for '06, but for all-time. This independent thriller, which had Sizemore co-starring alongside "Grey's Anatomy" lesson Katherine Heigl, failed to even cover the cost of a bowl of M&M's on the craft service table, raking in a whopping $20 its first weekend and another $10 the following frame. Apparently, word of mouth from first weekend ticket buyers wasn't so good, resulting in a 50% drop-off. More than ever at the Multiplex, Sizemore does not matter.

Megan MullallyMegan Mullally: Along with the news that the surf really is up at "The OC" and that Geraldo will no longer be at large, there was also the laugh track-less bit about the former "Will & Grace" sidekick getting kicked to the side of the daytime gabfest curb. A hit with neither straight nor gay viewers (she averaged a lowly 0.8 Nielsen rating), Mullally gave it her all. But in the end, all that came of it was more fodder for "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno's "We're number 4" jokes (parent company NBC Universal is producer and distributor of the show). If only the woman once beloved as Karen Walker had been given the chance to go on air and tell The Donald that she sides with The Rosie. Then maybe she would have been able to avoid the ignominy of, "You're fired!"

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buuuh, ugly!

FIRST, l know so gay of me...l am technically a grown woman..go figure, my MAma should get a refund from the stork who brought me!

2847 days ago


buuuh, ugly!

FIRST, l know so gay of me...l am technically a grown woman..go figure, my MAma should get a refund from the stork who brought me!

2847 days ago

brian scott miller    

I don't care what you say, that Marilyn Manson chick is HOT.

2847 days ago

Lenn K    

Marilyn Mason should be taken out buried he already looks dead.

2847 days ago


Marilyn Manson is a hot whore of a lady!
I bet she has great tits!!!

2847 days ago


Megan Mullaly shouldn't have gotten into the talk show business. Her talk show was BORING! And it was coming on at FREAKING 3 AM in the morning in my area. How the heck are you going to gain some viewers like that? Afraid you're going to be crushed by Ellen or Oprah in the 11 am slot? Some other cities like Atlanta and Greensboro, it was coming on that late too. It dragged for the first 25 minutes and she wasn't a good interviewer with celebrities. What was she thinking, that she was going to have another huge hit after Wil and Grace ended? And you have to have a strong talk show these days to compete against the mighty Oprah (gracious--she's been No.1 for most of 20 years!) or the very popular Ellen Degeneres show. And Jay Leno's "We're No. 4" jokes seem dead on arrival when Megan's getting an 0.8 rating. That's embarrassing--I'll just say it was DEAD LAST of the talk shows. I find this more of a fiasco than a cancellation and I'm not saying anything about it!!!!!

2847 days ago


You guys make me so mad. Why on earth is Cameron Diaz a "loser"? I would think Kate Hudson, who fell for womanizer, no-commitment Owen Wilson, who screwed up her marriage over him, who gave no thought whatsoever about the good of her son, would be the big loser. So far, Cameron Diaz has taken the high road in this breakup - but no, you always, without exception, beat the Cameron Diaz's, the Jennifer's Anistons, and the other classy women, into the ground when there is a failed relationship. Shame on you.

2847 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Saw Marilyn Manson interviewed on T.V. once, and came away amazed at how incredibly intelligent , interesting, thoughtful and well spoken he was. It was a big surprise. You can't judge a book by its cover.

2847 days ago


Ummmm, Cameron Diaz is Latina and makes no secret of it... I mean, her name is DIAZ. So what's with the Blonde Barbie Butterscotch crap?

2846 days ago


It's "Lying in bed, just like Brian Wilson did" not "Warner" The song is about the guy from the beach boy's

2846 days ago


It's Dita Von Teese, not Von Tiese.

2846 days ago


Katie, they were making a joke. You are right, the correct song lyrics are "just like Brian Wilson did," however Marilyn Manson's real name is Brian see how this works? They substitute "Warner" for "Wilson"...granted not a very GOOD joke, but a joke all the same. ...I can't believe I just explained a joke to an anonymous reader. I'm pathetic.

2846 days ago

Lenn K    

6-Margaret, I totally agree with you about Kate Hudson. What a fool to get involved with Owen Wilson. Putting everything on the line only to get screw over in the end from this player. Her mother Goldie did the same thing in her marriage, that's way she won't get married to Kurt Russell. And as far as Marilyn Manson how low as a society have sunk to call this thing normal!

2846 days ago


The biggest losers are everybody commenting on this site. You people are a joke.

2833 days ago

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