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1/7/2007 4:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood is full of some real bad asses, and we're not talking Colin Farrell. Some of these bad asses are of the cottage cheese variety. Paging Star Jones.

Celebs like Nicole Richie, Tara Reid, Ozzy Osbourne and others prove that just because you're well-known doesn't mean all of your parts should be.

Check out the photo gallery, if you dare.


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Your mom    

This is why stars go anorexic and develop drug addictions to lose weight. First you exploit them for being anorexic, manorexic, or crack whores, then you call them fat? Wtf, you're holding them up to unrealistic expectations. They're only human beings.

2838 days ago


I have my doubts about that photo of tara reid...look at the arms, they appear to be 60...yea, yea, so does the butt, but a butt can look real bad by 30, I have never seen arms get that bad that early.

2838 days ago


Why do people waste their time taking pictures of movie stars?

All of you scumbags at AOL need to realize that Hollywood idols are nothing more than simple minded people who think they can live like they can in the dreamland movie sets they are involved with...

Hollywood stars are kind of like special-needs kids. BUT, you wouldn't go around making fun of a kid with down syndrome though, would you? So, Why is everyone so concerned with wasting their valuable time and film on these morally-filthy, self-righteous, politically-correct scumbags? All of them are idiots ANYWAY, so why waste your time and contribute to the sh*tty pool of events...when it stinks already? I think I've said what needs to be said. Now, I need to get something to eat.

2838 days ago

WAY confused!    

I don't know who is the ultimate judge of "good" and "bad", but I can't really tell the difference between some on the good and some on the bad list. I guess it's a popularity thing anyway. Personally, I don't care to look at pictures of stars, models, and quasi-celebrities that seem more like kiddie porn than pictures of adults.

2838 days ago

Black knight    

I'll agree with the majority of the people here. Only about 6 people deserve to not be on the list.

I mean come on, Most of them aren't even bad. But those few like paris hilton, Nichol Richie and also Uma Thurman deserve the Up-chuck award for gross asses.

2837 days ago


Very well said, Ambs! Also, perhaps +TMZ+ might want to " watch out for people behind -them- holding any cameras" in the near future...

2837 days ago


lol wow...and at the end of days there will be rain of fire and brimstone...followed immediatly by a plague of horrible horrible asses...yet suprisingly....i think the worst asses are the people who are posting about this picture about how everyone should be a lil bit more sympathetic about tara's loss...and when i say loss i'm talking about her bottom...come on people these sort of things are supposed to make people laugh...if i was tara i'd what someone took a picture that made her backside look like the 8th ring of happens....she's mindblowingly hot and that ass probably isn't even hers so feel free to giggle....and all this stuff about how america is destroying there youth by making them have eating disorders...yea thats a bunch of me old fashioned but if i decide that i wanna eat less and maybe throw up after a meal i'm probably gonna blame myself...RESPECT

2837 days ago
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