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Anna To Hulk: Check Out My Tats!

1/8/2007 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith took some time away from her nasty custody fight with Larry Birkhead this weekend, and instead watched two other people beat the crap out of each other.

A freshly tattoed Anna Nicole Smith stopped by a championship boxing match in Hollywood, FL, where she posed with fellow platinum blonde Hulk Hogan and showed off her new body art.
Anna Nicole, Hulk Hogan and Howard K Stern
In a tribute to her children, Anna had an image of her late son Daniel inked on her left upper back and baby Dannielynn's pic tattooed on the right. Apparently, she doesn't carry a wallet.

During the circus-scene, Anna's attorney/wannabe baby daddy/boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, followed a few feet behind.


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Hey,welcome home we've missed you. Unfortunatly you still can't have any of the Marshall money.Concerning your custody battle, hopefully the judge won't break it off in your bitch ass. Best wishes!

2813 days ago


Well she seems to have learned how to deal with the loss of her son very well.

2813 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Wow, I can't wait to see what happens if HKS isn't the biological father. I wonder why she doesn't appear concerned in the least. Maybe Howard really is the father... It's been a long time coming, but soon we'll know one way or the other I guess!

2813 days ago

duh...totally !    

I would love to know WHAT this chick is on????
and WHY doesn't anyone DO anything about it ??? If I were that Birkhead dued, I would be demanding a DRUG test !!!!

Anna is on DRUGS !!!

and Hulk Hogan and the rest of his family are sooooo ANNOYING !

2813 days ago


HOLY SH*T! This chick is seriously whacked out!!! She can't even walk! She is in slow motion, watch her as she turns her head to pan around. WTF!
Someone needs to take that baby away from her. How can you care for an infant in that condition?

2813 days ago


So much for a grieving mother!! She still has time to get tattoos. How about her newborn daughter??

2813 days ago

Mad Balls    

Nothing better than a bunch of phoneys . Can't stand to watch the Hulkster dress down his daughter about her clothes . The more he b*tches the less she winds up wearing . Dickhead . I expect one show he'll say " thats' it young lady -- no more halter tops or G-strings for you " and in the next scene she be doing some guy in a porno movie . Titalating -- perhaps . Stupid -- for sure . Dickheads .

2813 days ago


That Peckerface is such a snake in the grass..sneaking around trying to get that ugly mug of his in every picture...He is nauseating and disgusting ! Anna looks horrible and that tattoo is the pitts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2813 days ago


#17 Anna has been f***ed up on drugs since she was a teenager.People that have money and fame get all the good drugs and it's all legal,they know exactly which f***head doctors to go to,so that they can get the shiiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

2813 days ago


What a mess i sure hope the courts are watching. This woman can not stay off the drugs for 2 seconds can she.

2813 days ago


LOL a pretty smile . You mean a drug induced smile.

2813 days ago


anna, anna, anna... stay home or somewhere out of sight!

2813 days ago


Why do we even care about her? You can tell she is on something. What kind of mother is that. She is only making herself look bad! I can't wait to hear that Larry is the father, I doubt this guy is

2813 days ago


To post #27-Walter Barbera

LOL at that one! I wouldn't be surprised if Anna claimed Hulk's daughter Brooke as the father--Anna is so whacked out of her mind!

2813 days ago


Hey... I never said that she wasn't stoned! I've said it time and again in the past, I didn't think it was worth repeating again, but this video reinforces our suspicions of her being a big-time party girl. And a trampoline if she doesn't even know who the baby-daddy is! Actually, I take that back. She damn well knows who it is, she's just in a fogged-over, drug-induced state of denial.

I, too, am surprised that she's so quickly gotten over the death of her son. No, I don't think she should stop living. I just believe that she needs to behave in a way that shows the world that she's still grieving. And in my opinion, she should be. But she's just such trash that she has no idea how to grieve for the loss of her son. No idea. Me? I'd still probably need to be sedated, even four months later. She just has no idea how to conduct herself, as if she has no moral barometer, no little voice in the back of her head telling her that she might be acting just a TAD beyond what's socially acceptable for a grieving mother.

What about the house? She's still in Ben's house? Are the lights still off? Or did she talk her way into getting the electric clicked back on? And why is Ben, the true HOMEOWNER, the man paying the taxes on this property, being ignored by the Bahamian government when it comes to demanding action in getting his property back? Does she have any idea that she's ridiculed and criticized like this? Is this what she wants the public to think of her? Does she realize that, as a celebrity, she depends on the public LIKING her? Or is she really counting on that Marshall money? As stated, she shouldn't hold her breath, because I, for one, would be floored if she gets a nickel of it. And that Judge's head should be examined if she's awarded more than cab fare!

Pathetic is a compliment for this sad excuse for a human being...


2813 days ago
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