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Britney Rocks Boat with New Beau

1/9/2007 6:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears took her wheels-coming-off act, and some new K-Fed-esque man-candy to the high seas off Los Angeles over the weekend.

The careening mother of two spent some quality time with a young, well-built sailor (identified by Perez Hilton as Los Angeleno Isaac Cohen), and engaged in that time-honored, one-two, health-giving punch of suntan oil-slathering and cigarette smoking. Brit also managed, once again, to leave the house sans trousers, and without painting three of her fingernails.

For more sordid nautical details -- check out the pictorial captain's log.


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I think everyone should stay out of her business. All you guys know is what the tabloids and media have told you about her and the mistakes she has made as a mother. We all know that moms AND dads make mistakes with their children everyday. The only reason hers seem worse is because of the way the media portrays it and also because she is a star and is looked up to by many as a role model. She is still human. Everyone should quit talking bad about her and her ex or new beau and just leave them alone. All because they are famouse does not make them any less human. You have NO idea what goes on behind closed doors- it may just be a life filled with happiness, some regret, and lots of love. I also know that the comment left about her "p**sy" is nothing but rude and completely unnecessary. America needs to quit talking about others body parts and start respecting another person for values and morals that they have. I want Britney, and every other celebrity or normal person out there to find true love and happiness. I want you all to be happy and healthy. Lets not talk "trash" about people anymore, its not only extremely hurtful, but its just plain unnecessary- what are you going to gain from it??

2803 days ago


what can one say? I wish I was on the boat? no, I don't wish I was smoking cigarettes in an ugly bathrobe? no i don't watching other people have a life while i sit in an ice storm in Dallas texas on my computer...hell yes. The future is here, and I'm in it

2803 days ago


Britney is living proof that even trash can come from mansions, not just trailer parks.

2803 days ago

THE kaiserin amanda    

Britney is a worthless, pathetic excuse for a mother. And to the a**hole who felt the need to bitch about how other people go to work for 8 hours a day and aren't with their children, here's what you don't seem to be understanding: MOST PEOPLE HAVE TO WORK SO THEY CAN AFFORD TO FEED, CLOTHE, AND HOUSE THEIR CHILDREN!! What "job" is Britney doing, besides going out, getting drunk, looking like a disheveled, sullen hellbag, and flashing her rotten, flyblown snatch to the world? She's on a freaking BOAT with a freaking random MAN, not working to put food on her table and a roof over her and her children's heads! Her sitting her lard ass on a boat, smoking and f***ing all damn day is NOT NECESSARY, especially when she has two young boys at home who need their mommy! I just don't understand WHY she had those kids if she's gonna go out all the time, get drunk, f*** random, dirty, greasy K-Fed clones, and basically be a worthless sack of garbage. She went on and on about how she just HAD to be a "mommy", blah blah blah, but where the HELL are her children..those children she just HAD TO HAVE? Not with their mother, that's for damn sure, probably because she found out that children require time, attention, love, and a lot of hard work....they aren't just the trendy fashion accessory that everyone just HAD to have this season...they are living creatures! God, I despise this stupid tw*t, and NO, I am NOT jealous...jealous of WHAT? Her fat, flabby, grotesque body? Her cankles, her linebacker neck, her too far apart eyes, her bad nose job, her hideous C-section scar and rotten crotch, her TERRIBLE extensions and her chemically-destroyed hair that she is losing? Her ATROCIOUS clothing choices, her obvious lack of any intelligence or rational, coherent thought, her loser ex who is trying to take her to the cleaners, her two inbred, ugly mongoloid children that are neglected and will most likely grow up to be two MORE white trash drug-addicted drains on society? How about her lack of class, talent, grace, intelligence, maturity, ablility to make good decisions, breeding, looks, or any of the million other things that she lacks? The ONLY thing she has going for her is her money, and she seems to be spending it all, which is another example of her stupidity, because this "comeback" is gonna FLOP BIG-TIME. She's a fat, talentless, washed-up, bloated has-been who is only in the tabloids because her trainwreck of a life makes everyone ELSE'S lives seem a million times better in comparison...she's a sad joke. Everyone is laughing at her, and she's too stupid to realize it! She REALLY thinks that people want her to "come back", we want her to DIAF! Useless whore...."jealous"? JEALOUS? BWAHAHAHAAAAA...oh PLEASE! That's rich. Jealous my ASS.

2801 days ago


#39 - Long live WHITNEY ? Oh yeah long live the bankrupt, black crackhead - Britney shines compared to THAT loser!!!!!!!!! Both of them are long since washed up and so must YOU be!

2800 days ago

Miss Thang    

White trash brainless there anything more to say about her?????

2799 days ago


wat shes doing is simply LIFE!!! I wish i had those 2 kids and also that cutie Isaac Cohen!!! mwaa no hating people!

2799 days ago

Patti Kazee    

Brittney is such a beautiful girl but she is making a terrible mistake with her children..she should be with them as much as possible because time goes so fast and they need her so much..It is ok to leave them with a babysitter while going out once in a while..but not for what she is doing..My little 6 year old granddaughter loves her and looks up to her..she is her idol..but due to her recent behavior I will not allow her to watch Brittney and I am trying to turn her musical interests elsewhere..Brittney is young but that is still no excuse for what she is doing to herself and her career..She needs to think about the children who love her and be a role model for them..

2798 days ago


i say you all just let the girl live and learn like we all have too,we all do thing's we should,nt do and no one and i mean no one out there in this world today is a perfect mother, so just sit back and think about it and your know what im talking about , ihope. it's a tough world out there today we all do things and even think of things we should'nt ,just let her go on with her life and again,like the saying goes you will live and learn we are all only human. scharlene

2797 days ago


This girl just doesn't get it....and she never will because of people like you who make her look like a good mother, person in general, and human being. It's just sad!

2793 days ago

miami beach danny    

Let her be the slut she wants to be...the kids are in better care whoever they are with.
Irresponsible mothers don't deserve to take care of their own children....

She'll sell the kids anyway to support her coke habit...

2793 days ago
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