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Britney Rocks Boat with New Beau

1/9/2007 6:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears took her wheels-coming-off act, and some new K-Fed-esque man-candy to the high seas off Los Angeles over the weekend.

The careening mother of two spent some quality time with a young, well-built sailor (identified by Perez Hilton as Los Angeleno Isaac Cohen), and engaged in that time-honored, one-two, health-giving punch of suntan oil-slathering and cigarette smoking. Brit also managed, once again, to leave the house sans trousers, and without painting three of her fingernails.

For more sordid nautical details -- check out the pictorial captain's log.


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She smokes. Big f***ing deal. Being a smoker does not automatically make you a terrible parent.

I personally think Britney IS a terrible parent, but not because she is a smoker! That's just illogical. Some of you people are f***ing ridiculous.

2789 days ago


number 33 you said it all i respect what you said finally someone mature and 4 real i really do give it to you now to everyone litsen to what she said why cant you be like that thats to the ones who dog others

2789 days ago


I know she just had a baby but it appeared shortly after her abs were trim again. Damn has she let herself go! That profile of her belly ws flat out disgusting. No way sexy Britney is coming back evah! Put a fork in her she is Dunzo.

2789 days ago


Who cares? Just because she is *seen* with a guy doesn't automatically mean they are involved. Personally, I think she needs to hightail her a&& home and be with her kids. She needs to be doing everything she can right now to show that she is a fit parent. I know she probably thinks there is no chance she could lose the kids to K-Fed, but she may be in for a shocker.

2789 days ago


The way shes smoking looks like she may have smoke during her pregnancy! Just to think years ago that kids look up to Britney and Jessica as positive Role Models for sacreding thier Virginties?

I hope her new C.D. will be a comeback hope Its not the nail in the coffin!

2789 days ago


britney...uve become SUCH a F***** SLUT!
i used to be such a huge fan of you AND i was apart of your website...but now? iv lost so much respect for you...your nothing be a whore now....hah...and i thought you were different.....psh yea right...boy did i get a wake call..

2789 days ago

J Doe    

shes seeing alot of guys to make kevin jealous....

she gets no fullfilment out of motherhood...0.000%

2789 days ago


#56: No, not the perfect life. My children's father left when they were in grade school, and I raised them on my own. So, it turns out that you don't know enough about me to have made YOUR judgment after all.

I may not be the perfect mother...but I do know that I was there for them and it's showed in how they have turned out now as adults. I find it very sad that you defend the actions of one who really shouldn't even be a mother in lieu of attacking someone who's been there for her kids.

You shouldn't have children if you think that a parent who is unfit is someone to defend.

2789 days ago


Britney needs to look in a mirror; of course when a person is on drugs they don't really see what others do. She is so very lost in every way. She looks terrible in all the photos and the boots, what in heck is that all about? Unless her new CD is a huge success, she is over & out!

2789 days ago


There is no way any new music from her will be a hit. Please.

2789 days ago


Brit, you are never, ever going to learn how to be a mom instead of a partying ho. When you get aids, or some other disease you'll have no one to blame but yourself. I really feel sorry for your babies. I'm glad you're not my mother. I'd be totally ashamed.................

2789 days ago


Who is this guy? K-Fed's older brother? What the hell is she thinking. Her mother needs to lock her ass in the house until she looks like she took a shower and shaved her pits. We all know everything else is shaved..........Britney looks a hot-ass mess! Girl find you a better hair Ken Paves' or someone damn girl....Focus on your kids and your music........stay inside until you can at least look like you've made millions. Damn!

2789 days ago


Anyone who IS a good parent will recognize that Brit is NOT being one. To sit on the computer for a half hour or so while my kids are in bed still sleeping at 6:50 am is not comparable to Brit whoring it up smoking, drinking, partying & passing out in the limelight of paparazzi. Brit needs to get a grip on life, I feel so bad for those babies being raised by some immigrant Visa carded nanny. The pics of Brit now will still be around circulating the internet in years to come for her 2 boys to see & use against her. Shame on her, she is a sh*tty parent.

2789 days ago


I'm impressed. A handsome-boat-cabana boy all in one. You go girl!

2789 days ago


She is so STUPID. I can hardly stand how stupid and lacking in good judgment she is. SHE SMOKES!! LOSER!! She has a baby and she smokes EWWWWW
She should be thinking about her kids. About being a good parent to her children and not floozing around with guys.
She is DONE like dinner. The only thing that can save her is an extreme intervention or some medication.
I loathe her and what she portrays to young girls. She is encouraging young mothers to smoke and party. Unfortunately many young girls look up to this person. She has an opportunity to get out there and promote good parenting to young people and yet she chooses to slut around half naked.

Her poor children. Normally mothers actually WANT to be with their children. In that scene where she is carrying hot coffee with her baby and trips she looks first at her dress to see what she spilled - doesn't even look at the baby. The baby is like a piece of luggage. I would be really worried about these children. No paid caregiver is going to do for a baby what the mother will do.
Shame. Shame. Shame.

2789 days ago
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