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Britney Rocks Boat with New Beau

1/9/2007 6:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears took her wheels-coming-off act, and some new K-Fed-esque man-candy to the high seas off Los Angeles over the weekend.

The careening mother of two spent some quality time with a young, well-built sailor (identified by Perez Hilton as Los Angeleno Isaac Cohen), and engaged in that time-honored, one-two, health-giving punch of suntan oil-slathering and cigarette smoking. Brit also managed, once again, to leave the house sans trousers, and without painting three of her fingernails.

For more sordid nautical details -- check out the pictorial captain's log.


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i feel really sorry for her children. so she smokes, while i personally think it's gross i don't think that's what makes her a terrible parent. i don't care if her kids have a great nanny and get showered with gifts, some of you don't seem to get that being a good parent isn't just about providing for your kids financially. money isn't everything, and it doesn't replace love and affection. while i'm sure she does spend some time with her kids that doesn't make it onto the gossip sites, going out every other night, passing out drunk, and hooking up with a new guy every other day doesn't set a good example for your kids PERIOD. while they may be too young to understand it now, they will eventually, and they are probably aware that mommy isn't around much. most of all if she's trying to win custody of these kids she's definitely not helping her cause right now. i get the feeling that she thinks her ability to provide for the kids financially makes her immune from the possibility of losing them. she needs to wake up because right now she's making k-fed look like parent of the year, and that's pretty amazing.

2809 days ago


Britney's behaviour is soooooooooo much less than ideal. Kids COME FIRST NO MATTER WHAT AGE THE MOTHER IS. She has had her "damn break" time NOW it's time to ACT HER AGE, YES, HER AGE, I was a younger mother than her, Mommy's instinct takes over - look at other mothers who are responsible to know at that age that - when you have the babies, you shouldn't have the luxury of dumping them on someone else - you are OLD ENOUGH to have a normal Mommy"s instinct and care for them, hellooooo!!! Matter of fact, for your age...your lifestyle has made you look much older! Britney could be undergoing a period of Post Partum Blues, and may need help with this. It seems that her non-Mom like and degrading behaviour started right after she had her second baby. Mistakes with the first, were tame compared to how she is behaving now. She looks disgusting with the cigarettes dangling out of her mouth, probably smells too. She doesn't look a hell of a lot better with her gum smacking in between the cigarettes. I used to think she was cute, naughty cute, but she is just trash now. Hey, Brit, go back to KFed, you two look good together now. TTFN - need to go throw up.

2809 days ago


She should really grow up. When you become a REAL MOM you learn what your priorities are and partying it up and getting more dicks in her then the white pages sure isnt MOM material. Poor kids I would love to beable to have children and so would many other people who would be Wonderful parents because they are truely one of the best gifts someone is able to get. STUPID CHICK SHE IS. These are the best times of a childs life but apparently that doesnt matter to her cause she only had them to make herself more news worthy. Shes a tramp

2809 days ago


sorry you guys... but she is only human just like the rest of us... and the paparazzi need to leave her alone - how would you guys feel if every move you made was scrutinized??? these people deserve to be left alone and i think as for the paparazzi - they should have limits and when they go beyond those limits they should be penalized for their actions.. its not fair that she cant even go on a boat ride and enjoy the day without people snapping pictures of her... who cares! leave her and Jennifer aniston and brad and jolie alone!!! and i agree with she:
im sitting at my desk wasting time like all of you guys reading this crap and i dont have my child in a high chair next to me.... he's in school! ever think of maybe her mom is watching them! she does have a mom you know!! stop judging her!
a good rule of thumb: look at yourself in a mirror before you judge and then see if you are still ready to pass judgment! we all have closets that contain lots of things and we wouldnt want the paparazzi getting a hold of some of those things and making them public.. now would we? just something to consider guys!!!

2809 days ago


Please give us a break from this over exposed publicity hunting has been of a recording star. I am not saying she will not have a comeback but who wants to read about Britney every damn day. She is desperately seeking attention any way she can get it. I lost respect for Britney way back when. People can make excuses for her behavior all day long but she needs help. Yes, when your rich and can afford nannies the children are being cared for however, when you make the decision to have children there is a life long responsibility of parenthood. I know in this day's world the respect of your children is almost unheard of but a lot of us still have morals and want to be a role model to the children we bring into the world. Britney, I know your Mom and Dad are really proud of their little girl!

2809 days ago


Y'know, I completely understand that a woman going through a divorce needs to cut loose and play a little (BTDT). And I know that the cameras are never there when she is doing the mommy thing so that's a side we're not seeing but I think just once I'd like to see her NOT smoking or drinking or flashing somebody or almost dropping her kid or driving around with kid in her lap. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see her handling some of those responsibilities she CHOSE to take on....or even NOT see her for awhile because she was home parenting her children?

2809 days ago


ok no judging just the facts:

2 - babies
0 - panties
2 - much thinking about herself
this guy looks like k-fed....I am really sick of all the spoiled brats in Hollywood, Britney, Lindsey & Paris need to get a life!

2809 days ago


F*** CPS needs to take her kids away. For the ones that do not like this comment , GO F*** YOURSELF.

2809 days ago


I am seeing a lot of stupid people on here such as the ones saying the peple who are asking where her kids are need to shut up.

For one people are making these comments because it seems since filing for divorce Britney has been acting more like a roudy and slutty teenager more then a adult and a mom and I have to agree with everyone else saying where are her kids.

She should be taking care of her kids not be out partying all night and every night and going out trying to find another man. I can see going out once or twice a week to party but it has become an every night thing with her and it is ridiculous. Yes we understand she did not party for almost 2 years because she was stuck being basically a single mom but that does not give her the right to neglect her children which is what she is doing, just because they have nannies taking care of them does not mean a darn thing by law Britney is neglecting taking care of her kids.

Britney is in serious need of counciling and parenting classes. Since having Sean she has showed a few times that her parenting skills are very bad. The worse thing she ever did was driving with her son. I do not think you or people like the ones defending her understand the seriousness of what she did there. She put her son is serious danger and what happened if she had got into an accident? She was on the freeway for some time with him on her lap and that is where a lot of accidents happen. Sean was on her lap totally unprotected if she had got into a car crash he would of flew threw the windshield or the air bag would of killed him and on top of that instead of owning up to her mistake and saying I was dumb for doing that and I regret it and never do it again she came up with the moron excuse "were country". She made herself look totally stupid there, I have family who live where she is from and never have they pulled such a stunt and im sure many of country people felt insulted when she said that because she was basically saying country people are stupid.

Another thing she did wrong was not long ago when she allowed 1 year old Sean to have bubble gum. What would of happen if he swallowed it and choked to death? I was 17 when I had a baby and even I new better then to give my baby gum. When it comes to Sean being almost dropped that was an accident that could of happen to anyone and Sean being in a forward facing car seat before a year old there is no law against it, it is just recommended but you can tell by the pictures she did not have him strapped in the seat right.

Britney has got really bad since filing for divorce, she has not spent much time with her kids I mean do you really think she is staying out partying till 5 in the morning then waking up at 8 am with her children?? NO and babies wake up al threw the night, it is possible Sean is sleeping threw the night but Jayden sure is not. She has basically become Kevin where she wants to be a parent but does not want to take care of the kids.

A judge is sitting back watching both Britney and Kevin very closely and I can tell you he is not impressed with either of them. If Britney would of never of got into the whole party scene she would of got custody hands down but with all she has been doing her chances are getting slimmer and slimmer and a judge does have the right to remove custody from both Britney and Kevin and at this rate that may very well be the case.

I was 17 when I had a baby and I new from day 1 I was going to be taking care of this child not dumping it on anyone which is what Britney is doing, even though she is paying people that is still considered dumping your child on someone. I rarely got to go out and be with my friends until my son was a bit over a year. My son started sleeping threw the night so I would go out after he went to bed at 10 and would be back and in bed by 3am and am totally fine with getting up at 10am as long as im asleep by 3 but I have never went out partying and having fun and slept in while someone else takes care of my child.

Britney just keeps proving time and time again she is not mature or responsible enough to care for children, she thinks because of who she is the judge is going to fork over the kids to her and I can tell you right now as a daughter of a attorney and niece of a judge that is 100% false. He is going to look at there parenting skills not at who is more rich or famous and who they are, a judge does not give a damn about that he wants to see mom or dad at home with the kids as much as possible not going out partying ever night or trying to get custody of the kids so they can get more money in there pocket such as what kevin is doing.

2809 days ago


go ahead Britney have fun while you can, just becaue you are a parent does not mean to not have fun, as long as you know for sure that your kids are in good hands. I know you are going through a lot so ignore other peoples ridiculous comments and take care of yourself.

2809 days ago

Michelle Mixter    

Finally, not just the men and jealous women are speaking out. Thanks to all the women out there who have had enough bashing. It's nice to know some of us still have heart and know how to forgive. THAT'S PART OF GOOD PARENTING!

2809 days ago


Where are her kids, some ask? Obviously not with her mother. I have a 18 month old, and a newborn arriving in Feb. I think besides work, I've had one weekend away, recently "Baby was with grandma." I Just think shes a sad excuse for a mother, and maybe should of had waited to have kids, rather than neglect them, and that is what she is doing. Kids need bonding time with parents, already a divorce with K-Fed, shes in turmoil, and so are her kids. Just watch. --- imo

2809 days ago


Britney looks like she smells of a crusty, dirty ashtry! She is gross!!! Smoking is a vile, stinking habbit! She is pure trash! When is her 15 minutes of fame over?

2809 days ago


hey #11, you need to learn how to spell!!! ha ha

2809 days ago

Kara Evans    

Does this chick even care about her children? If so why does'nt she ever have them with her, don't you think they would like to enjoy time with their mother...oh well Brittney stop acting like a party slut and get yor head out of the gutter and take care (spend time) with your boys, they need you.

2809 days ago
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