Matt Dillon Fires Endeavor; CAA-bound?

1/9/2007 2:22 AM PST

Matt Dillon Fires Endeavor; CAA-bound?

Breaking News: Matt Dillon discharged the Endeavor agency today, and sources tell TMZ that he appears to be headed towards Creative Artists Agency.

(Then again, he might take a meeting or two; whatever the case, Endeavor is in his rear-view mirror.)

Regardless of where Dillon winds up, his departure elicited the funniest agency remark of the day: Said one rival agency wag, "Why'd he leave Endeavor? Well, when Kevin Dillon is hotter than Matt Dillon, it's 'Houston, we have a problem.'"

All kidding aside, Dillon tried the 'make interesting pictures at cut-rate prices' route: "Crash" won Best Picture last year largely because of his performance as a lecherously racist L.A. cop. Now it might be time to do better than execrable stuff like "You, Me and Dupree" and make some watchable studio movies at a new shop.