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Paris Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

1/9/2007 3:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonTMZ has learned that Paris Hilton has pleaded not guilty to a charge of driving under the influence in Hollywood on September 7.

The heiress was not present at today's hearing in a Los Angeles County courtroom, but an attorney representing Hilton entered the plea.

TMZ first reported that LAPD officers noticed Paris driving her Mercedes McLaren SLR erratically at 12:31 AM and stopped her. They believed she exhibited signs of intoxication. We're told they administered a field sobriety test, and Paris blew a .08. In California, driving with a .08 blood alcohol level is the minimum level for DUI.

Paris was arrested and taken to the LAPD Hollywood division, where she was booked.

Hilton is due back in court January 23.


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Big Jim Smiley    

.08 is based on madd hysteria not science. Also, it's NOT drunk driving it's driving under the influence-there is a big difference. Even tho' the laws are skewed it's too bad she'll get off. How can she drive when you license is yanked 30 days after being cited for dui?

2814 days ago


I doubt that she'll do any time because anyone with a decent lawyer can get out of these things with the first offense. Don't hate on Paris, hate on our justice system.

2814 days ago


Not guilty? This tw*t wouldn't know the truth if it hit her on the head. She's damn lucky she didn't kill anyone.

2814 days ago


People are getting all worked up over nothing as usual. First offenders aren't treated harshly,, so Paris Hilton is no exception. They should have let her go in the first place.

Posted at 2:13PM on Jan 9th 2007 by Dorii

Dori, 1st offenders aren't treated harshly? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? My friend was pulled over for a tail light and blew a .08 lost his license for 6months and had to go to AA and a drunk driving program, plus pay huge fines and increase his insurance which will stay that way for 10yrs... SORRY DORI, but your out of your f***ing mind if you don't that harsh.

That whore Paris can afford whatever is thrown her way. I bet she'll never attend AA or any classes, or lose her driving rights.

2814 days ago


Why is it that celebs always send their "people" to represent them in court? I'm betting that she won't be there on the 23rd, either. Insane.

2814 days ago

duh...totally !    

Wigs are sooooo HOT !

2814 days ago

C. Overgaard    

If she is found guilty, I would like to suggest a suitable punishment.

I miss a "simple life" episode: The two girls in Brat camp.

Send them court-ordered into the wilderness for 3-6 weeks, so they can eat healthy food and carry some backpacks. They need to gain weight! Rather today than tomorrow.

Either of them would benefit from jail. But a little isolation (if you dont count the cameras in) would do them good, so they can relax and find time to reflect over their lives.

2814 days ago


It's not just celebrities that don't show up at court to enter a plea us regular folk do it all the time as well. Your lawyer can enter a plea for you. And a .08 on a breathlyzer does not mean you are hammered it means you had 1 drink and got right up and left. If you had a glass of wine at dinner and left you would be at about a .08

2814 days ago


OK, here's the real deal on the reason why the West Hollywood Sheriff's Dept. stopped "heir-head" Hilton in the first place and it has less to do with her driving under the influenece, but rather, the fact that she has no business driving around in such a fine masterpiece of an automobile such as the Merc/McLaren SLR, regardless of whether or not she can afford to. This is WAY too much car for her to handle based on her obvious, previously displayed substandard driving skills. C'mon, didn't she, just the other day, completely run of gas in the middle of a busy L.A. street driving her spanking brand new Bentley Continental GTC? That b*tch also really needs to "splurge" on a wireless Bluetooth headset for her mobile phone considering that she has that thing literally glued to her ear 24/7 when in public. Now how simply "common" is that? Paris, you should be ashamed of yourself for acting like a mere motral, it's ruining your image! LOL

2814 days ago


It's just too bad she didn't die in a fiery crash.... Ya then she could say "I'm HOT"

2814 days ago



Check it's news! Ofcourse TMZ would never report this because their news is always slanted in her favor..probably a political move.

2814 days ago


Some of you are commenting on things you obviously know nothing about. That's ok because, before I was given an assignment to study the effects of DUI in society, I believed many of the same things most of you do. Lets gid rid of some of this incorrect information. First, anyone who is arrested for DUI can have their lawyer plead for them without having to be present in court. A first offence typically involves a loss of licence, dui school, 3 months of alcoholics anonymous, fines and court costs, increased insurance rates, and a victim impact panel. Some states also include an ignition interlock as well as an SR22. The person convicted bears the cost for all of this. Other factors often arise such as loss of job. I leave it to your definition as to whether this is a "slap on the wrist". Most of the incorrect information people believe comes directly from MADD. I know, I believed all of their propaganda before investigating the issue for myself. The fact is, it is very rare for anyone with a .08 BAC to be involved in a traffic fatality. MADD fought for the .08 BAC, just as they will fight for a .05 BAC, using false and misleading statistics. They have been called the "beast that will not die" because they use "fuzzy math" to further their agenda, which coincidentally allows them to continue to rake in tens of millions of dollars a year in tax free contributions. As a result, all of you hear and believe such nonscence as "nearly half of all traffic fatalities are caused by drunk drivers". The truth is nearly half of all traffic fatalities are alcohol RELATED. This means a pedestrian, who has a beer (doesnt have to be anywhere near drunk), and is hit by a sober driver will be included in the NHTSA's "alcohol related deaths" or for a very common scenario, a driver well under the legal limit is involved in an accident where a death is reported. Remember, the NHTSA doesnt investigate who caused an accident. MADD takes these death and spins it into a "drunk driver caused" fatalities. Moving on, refusing to take a breathalyser test in the field in hopes that your BAC will drop in the time it takes to get to the station is not a good idea. A BAC tends to increase for about 2 hours after the last drink (this depends on the person). .08 is the current law, so Paris shouldnt have been driving, but her lawyer is pleading not guilty to protect her rights (whether you believe she should have rights or not). To plead guilty would allow the prosecution the freedom to make an example out of her. DUI is very politically incorrect and the courts love to show they are politically correct by slamming anyone accussed of DUI. This makes MADD happy and helps to ensure the judge is re-elected and makes the District Attorney's job more secure. This post is not a defence of drunk driving. It is simply a call for people to educate themselves.

2814 days ago

Paris Has A Penis Nose    

I heard that the cops pulled Paris over because they thought they saw a naked man in her car. When they pulled her over, they realized it was her nose because it looks and is shaped like a penis.

2814 days ago


LOL. Paris Hitlon was invited to participate in this year's Gumball Rally and she has accepted.

FYI, this is a madcap auto race for rich people with very expensive cars, involving plenty of alcohol and antics, going through several EU countries.

Usually, it goes from castle to castle, and I think this year it starts in France and will end in some eastern country.

So, perhaps Paris will run her Bently on the German Autobahn which has no speed limits. Woooosh. What fun!


2814 days ago


Paris you are aliving joke!
face it if you'r grandaddy hadn't started the Hilton hotels you would probably be living in a trailor park somewhere sh*tty doing your own laundry and cooing your owns meals and PUMPING YOUR OWN GAS YOU STUPID MORON!
Your gradnfather would be so ashamed of you if he could see you now you are trash and every one hates your guts. The only people who say they like you have their heads shoved so far up your ass they can barely see dayligh.

You are the most uninteligent person I have ever seen, you have never done anything remotely talented. Your singing is atrocious and yor acting is nothing short of sh*tfull.

The only thing you are any good at is getting maggeted and acting like a f***ing loser, you drunk skank. You think your sooo hot but everyone knows your just a big fat sad joke and in ten years time you will be!


2814 days ago
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