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Spelling Shleps Around WeHo

1/9/2007 3:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tori Spelling's got the baby blues!

While moms-to-be are usually glowing, Tori has a sullen look not seen since Donna Martin was threatened with not graduating!

In an outfit reminiscent of 1991, the poppingly preggers pouty-faced TV heiress walked the streets of West Hollywood on Monday, sporting suspenders, nerd specs, and a shirt that said "WHATEVER." Indeed!

Apparently, Tori's "90210" wardrobe is one of the few things she didn't sell in her highly publicized yard sale.


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Great Dane    

Awe poor Tori, brighten up.....:)

2841 days ago


You know, not everyone gets to have a heavenly pregnancy. In real life, pregnancy sucks. I'm glad to see a celebrity look like a real mom-to-be.

2841 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

This is one ugly puppy, pregnant or not,

2841 days ago

J Doe    

she was really counting on daddies millions to carry her through life &
the reality of being POOR is sinking in deep
poor little rich girl...not

he would be drowing in MILLIONS when her geriatric daddy pealed over, he got bitch slapped by marrying a barbie stripped of her riches.

go back to your 1st wife and the kids you ABANDENED for that piece of trash.

KARMA'S A BITCH ISNT IT DEAN...cry cry cry in secrecy over the milllions you'l never see in your lifetime and waking up to that horseface, planning your escape from horseface?..candy has you by the balls

2841 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Poor thing, she probably feels like crap. My Lord pregnacy is rough on the body, your feet hurt, your back hurts you cry at the drop of a hat... I feel sorry for her. Everyone is entitled to a crappy day once in a while.

2841 days ago


Uh. I am so glad I am not pregnant anymore.

2841 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Leave the poor girl alone...she's expecting her first child, and her beloved daddy won't be here to see it; her mother's a freak, and no one in her family stands up for her, BUT, she doesn't complain, just keeps on keeping go Tori

2841 days ago

Teal Tiki    

Quite frankly, I think Tori is not getting the respect she deserves. She has handled the entire situation with her inheritance with dignity and grace. I can't swear that I would have handled it nearly as well, and I only wish that I were as mature as she has proven herself to be. On the other hand, her step mom has proven to the world what she REALLY loved.
Tori, you have shown how real class acts! Your Father was right to be so proud of you. I can only hope you find the happiness you deserve.

2841 days ago


Isn't it a little early for post-partum depression?

2841 days ago

Ginger Gargoyle    

I wish the reporter could experience gaining at least 30lbs in 9months time in the California heat and see how "glowing" he would be!!!
Love being pregnant until the last month when they are really squashed in there and start giving shots to the lungs & rolling their head on the bladder every 5 minutes.

2841 days ago


Oh for God's sake, TMZ, the woman is heavily pregnant. I wouldn't expect her to be frolicking around with a big grin on her face. Her feet are probably swollen, her back is hurting and she probably hasn't slept well lately. Give her a break!

2841 days ago


Tori has never been known for her tasteful fashion. She looks like any number of pregnant women who don't have very much money to spend on clothing! It is kinda stupid to spend a lot of money on clothing that you will grow to hate by the end of your pregnancy.

2841 days ago


For crying out loud, who wrote this piece? Had to be a male. Just because someone has earned a living as a actress, doesn't mean they have to dress in designer clothes and run around like a prima donna with a smile plastered on their face 24/7. She is very pregnant and probably could care less what label she is wearing. Isn't Tori paying off TMZ to be nice to her? Guess not you morons.

2840 days ago


In response to comment number 8: First, it's not her Step-Mom it's her Mom. Secondly, are you forgetting that she broke up a family? And she should be proud of what exactly? For taking a husband and father away from his family? I don't believe for one minute that her Dad was or would be proud of her! The fact that she saw him once in the months leading up to his death showed there wasn't just tension between mother and daughter... there was tension with her Dad too. Maybe because he didn't approve of her breaking up a marriage? Oh and let us not forget that she was married too! And she doesn't speak to her Mother because she thought her Mom was having an inappropriate relationship with another man? PLEASE! She makes me sick!

2840 days ago


You guys, pregnancy is difficult!!!! Stupid male reporters!

2840 days ago
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