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Trump to Rosie:

Babwa Called You a 'Pig'

1/9/2007 3:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

trump_letter-2Donald Trump says that Barbara Walters called Rosie O'Donnell a "pig" in a phone conversation and that "she won't be [at "The View"] for long."

Trump sent a letter to Rosie O'Donnell this morning alleging that he and Babwa had a conversation about the Trump-Rosie hostilities while Babwa was on vacation. Trump says that, according to Walters, "working with [Rosie] is like living in hell" and, "Don't worry, she won't be here for long." What's more, Trump says that Walters advised him, "Donald, never get into the mud with pigs."

Donald also tells Rosie that she has "good reason to be angry" at Walters, anger that spilled over in a confrontation yesterday on "The View," prompting two items in New York tabloids this morning. A "View" rep tells TMZ, "Barbara refuses to get dragged into this."

The Donald was kind enough to convey his "warmest regards" to Rosie's partner Kelly, to whom he referred to as Rosie's "wife."


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I don't know why, but I am not getting sick of the schoolyard antics between two millionaires. This is much funnier to watch than other washed up pop starlets not wearing any unmentionables.

LOVING THIS!! Lets bring in his wife again with her fractured command of the English language to weigh in again!

2845 days ago


BLAH BLAH BLAHHHHHH..................................

2845 days ago


I've learned something from all this. Rich people are just as petty as the rest. I bet Barbara is peeing in her pants with this letter. The Donald was completely over the top with his responses towards Rosie, however, I do believe he's telling the truth about Barbara. Oh well, this is more entertainment than most TV shows currently on.

2845 days ago


To both of you: SHUT THE F**K UP!!!

2845 days ago


Rich people are more petty than anyone. The majority of people that have wealth stole it from someone else. All three of them are disgusting, physically and otherwise, and someone should throw them all in a lunatic asylum and toss the key. An old Jewish woman past her prime, a disgusting real estate trader who is a sexist pig, and Rosie-who has been given the second chance and belongs as a longshoreman on a doc somewhere shouting orders to the other Section 8 people like her.

2845 days ago


I love this! I am not a Donald Trump fan, however, I do believe him!! I believe that Barbara is lying and that Rosie was completely wrong to start any of this b.s. Rosie is behaving like an insane, big-mouthed loser. She started this, but I am sure Donald will finish it. I used to love Rosie-- but now I think she deserves whatever Donald gives her. If she treated her position on the view with more respect she would have never ended up in this situtation. And she still hasn't learned her lesson-- Shut up and let things cool down-- Dumbass!!

2845 days ago


Oh my god he is l a child! Poor Rosie! IF he is telling lies Barbara Walters should "SUE HIM"

2845 days ago


What is with Rosie,can't she be greatful for anything and why does she always feel she has to speak up about everything. She went from what would be considered a blue comic to Americas darling. She then attacked those who were making a living doing what she did in the beginning of her career. She fell off the radar and now she is back and more evil than the people she hates. I don't fault her for having and expressing an opinion but she has to be so damn venemous. The sad thing is after a long hard earned career that broke down the barriers for women in all industries Barbara Walters is the ringmaster of what has become a knuckleheaded circus. This is a woman who has interviewed royalty,president and the likes and now she owns a show that is without any real merit. Donald Trump is a showman and he knows how to work what some see as his arrogance to his advantage. Like him or hate him he knows what he is doing and both these gals would be better served to quit while they are still ahead. He will ruin them both and do it in a way that is fair. Rosie misses mommy and needs to go away. She has had much success and should be greatful for it. She has also had her share of failings and a lot of it is due to her mean nature getting the better of her.

2845 days ago


man, oh, man. its enough. no one cares about either of you

2845 days ago


I'm not getting tired of this either tvismysnack!

I think this whole thing is so funny! To watch two grown millionaires acting like school yard children is insanely amusing. I'm not on either side. I just think it's good entertainment.

2845 days ago


oh i bet Star jones is really in 7th heaven. Maybe next time when they are to pushy to get rid of someone, they will really think. Barbra Walters seems two-faced, but i believe Rosie will set both her and Tramp, er i mean Trump in their ways. Two thing i wish happens, #1 Trump and his ugly face and hair and transveite looking wife would simply disapear. @nd i hope Rosie knocks the crap out of baba wabba. Now thats must-see T.V

2845 days ago


LMAO #3...."fractured command of the English language". Melania did sound like a babbling idiot!!!

2845 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Donald Trump is not lying about Barbara Walters, he knows she would be able to sue him if he indeed is lying. Then again maybe he doesn't care whether he's sued or not. Rosie started this bull, and I don't care whether or not The Don calls her names from here to eternity... Just my opinion. I have come to stronlgy dislike Rosie O, and her pushing her values down everyone's throats. If someone doesn't agree with her program she bad mouths them, she has a right to her opinion and a right to express them but when she takes personal attacks on someone, then she should expect that they have the option to personally attack her. I do agree that this is a bit petty and childish, and that The Don is possibly using this for publicity, but like another poster stated, this is DONALD TRUMP, he is being who he is... Rosie brought all of this on herself, and to basically bite the hand that's feeding her (Barbara Walters) is a huge mistake.

2845 days ago


Yes, that reader was absolutely correct. Barbara Walters is a woman of dignity and respectability and she should not lower herself to the likes of a Rosie O'Donnell. I have seen Rosie in public at the theater and she has a nasty quality that says "stay away or else". She is very mean spirited and it has now become obvious that her persona on her own talk show was an act -- a very convincing one -- but she is the real "Queen of Mean". Barbara should can her and restore some quality to her show.

2845 days ago


Rosie is really the "Queen of Mean". She is mean spirited and not very bright. Her persona on her own show was an act. I have seen her in public at the theater and she definitely exudes a "stay away from me, or else" attitude. She does not deserve to be sitting at the same table as Barbara Walters who, while commercial, has had a very respected and dignified career as a journalist. Her "The View" is now sinking to the depraved levels of "Jerry Springer" tabloid television. You can tell from watching that Rosie just can't wait for the hour to get out of there and go home.

2845 days ago
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