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It's the People's Choice

To Be Wild

1/10/2007 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Depp and his swashbuckling cast swam away with top honors at the 33rd Annual People's Choice Awards, but some of the most memorable moments were caught on the red carpet.

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While one "Hero" saves her mother from a red carpet disaster, a daytime talk show host is caught staring below eye level.

TMZ has the wackiest moments in our People's Choice gallery.


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tired of cry baby    

did anyone else notice johnny deep tweaking?or maybe he hugged Paris Hilton and the infection is setting in.he had no reason to be nervous so i wonder

2809 days ago


johnny depp is the hottest guy on the planet

2809 days ago


What the hell is she wearing?!?

2809 days ago

West Ham    

Who has an awards ceremony with Jessica Alba?

Make up an award for her in necessary.

The peopleâ%u20AC%u2122s choice for Best Jessica Alba goes toâ%u20AC¦

2809 days ago

West Ham    

oops should say "without Jessica Alba"


2809 days ago


all the pics look like crap.

2809 days ago


Depp's the only one that deserved any award. The rest were a joke..

2809 days ago

H L C Van Layden    

I watched {the very boring} People's choice Awards, Last night.....I must say that Halle Berry & Eva Longloria Looked SUPER !!!!! While Jennifer Aniston Looked Like a DISH RAG !!! Yeesh can't she even wash and comb her hair, Looked Like she just rolled out of Bed !!! No wonder Brad Left her for someone with Style and Class {Angelina} !!!!! And as much as I Love Queen "L" she Looks better with Straight hair !!!!
The Donald --vs--The LOUD Mouth !!!!!!
Does Rosie O'Donnell have "MAD COW DISEASE???" Her Latest actions from bombasting Kelly Ripa--to mocking Chinese making fun of Mr. Trump....Someone must stop her as she is REALLY getting on everyones nerves !!!! She is NOT Funny and B. Walters was STUPID in hiring her to be on the VIEW..................................{and "The Donald IS RIGHT....she is a FAT, IGNORANT SLOB} !!!!!!
Good Bye To THE GODFATHER of Soul ~~~~~I may be a NEW WAVE -- Punk Rock fan of the 80's---But JAMES BROWN will always be my Favourite (Solo} Male Singer--cuz Baby HE ROCKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2809 days ago

H L C Van Layden    


2809 days ago


Jennifer looks as beautiful as always. And the only thing Brad got after "she" divorced him was a major case of STD's and a skank whore that says she got "knocked up." Wow, now there's class....not!

2809 days ago


Love, love, love, Jennifer Aniston. Glad she won and Vince said some very nice things when he was up there. I thought it was sweet. Oh don't be jealous, Holie will win something one day, probably the biggest slut award and won't that be nice to show to the kids she had to go to another country to adopt because she's too low-life to be allowed to adopt in the states.

2809 days ago


The PEOPLES CHOICE award show was soo sad...Queen Latifah is not the best MC. She does not have the quick repartee
that some of the veteran comics who do this sort of job have.
The only remarkable thing was the dress Halle Berry wore..was it a dress or a skimp? It clung to her body like skin.
she has the figure for it but it was really too short.
This would be the C of award shows...cannot wait til the
Other shows for awards are least they have a more
sophisticated MC and more notables in the audience.
I could not even stay to the end. Boring is not enough to say

about it. I think we could do without this award show.

2809 days ago


The People's Choice Awards were quite good, A few boring spots, but they built the energy back up in the second hour. Queen Latifah interacted quite well with the audience. But I oppose Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn's wins for Favorite Actress and Actor in The Break-Up. I hated that film--too much arguing and screaming among their characters! One special moment on that awards was when the audience stood up and applauded to remember James Brown the Godfather of Soul. And Latifah was right--many of today's R&B, rap and pop artists wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Brown's musical influence.

2809 days ago


Look it's raining diamonds,what a stupid looking picture of this twit.

2809 days ago


Look an elephant dick now I can accomplish those stretch marks around my mouth that I have always wanted.

2809 days ago
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