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Pooped Donald Calls Babwa a "Puppet"

1/10/2007 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Trump thumps Babwa in a statement. Click to read.Like a fighter worn down by too many rounds in the ring, Donald Trump limply swatted back at Rosie and Babwa after their attack on him this morning.

In a statement, Trump again assailed Walters' truthiness, saying she "lied with Star Jones and now she has chosen to lie again." He also dubbed her a "sad figurehead dominated by a third-rate comedian." Moreover, Trump provided this brief review of this morning's "The View": "It was sad to see Barbara read her statement off a cue card. Rosie just pushed her out like a ("pathetic") puppet."

Trump also gave a dull spin to the ratings for "The Apprentice's" Sunday debut, saying that it was "#1 from 10:30 to 11:00 in all of television." (It finished a distant third in the ratings for its full 10 pm to 11 pm timeslot.)

On her blog at, O'Donnell posted a picture of herself and boss Walters (oddly, however, looking in different directions) and topped TMZ's analysis of her and Trump's ratings with the title, "Loving BW," an apparent reference to Barbara Walters.


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m tired of Rosie who started this acting like Donald was wrong. Miss USA is his and his partners venture. It's none of her business who he fires or does not fire. If he didn't give her a second chance some other blow hard would be spouting out against him. How come she isn't woman enough, though physically she's MORE THAN ENOUGH, and don't slam me cause I have curves too so I'm allowed to call her names. Why don't she just crawl back under the joke of a hairstyle she had when she FINALLY came out. That lopsided mess of a hairdo. And she wanted chances again when her magazine failed She's always attacking someone blindsidedly. She attacked Tom Selleck the same way that Conan jumped on Trump the other nite. Let's just face it ... Barbara probably said to Trump these things and since she can't say it outloud cause she'd get people tuning away from her show she has to back up her lie. Why would Donald alienate Barbara if it wasn't true. Rosie just face it once again you opened your HUGE UNEDUCATED BIG MOUTH and started something totally unnecessary. PLEASE go back to kissing Barbra Streisand's butt and worshipping her and leave us alone and out of your narrow minded opinion of someone that was just trying to give someone a second chance. If you are woman enough also turn your comments back on your website. Are you afraid of what you'll read?
Donald, there are women out there with curves such as myself that don't take offense to you calling a spade a spade. You have to support people cause they are right not just cause you have like figures or race or gender or religion or sexual preferences. Stand up for a person who did the right thing and gave someone a second chance than a loud mouth who just barks withouth thinking. I personally think Tara should have been let go. She knew the rules when she joined pagent. I commend Donald on sticking by his decision and maybe saving this girl from becoming the next Britney, Lindsay or who knows what else.

Philly got your back Donald!!

2844 days ago


i ilke the comparison. Tyson would knock him out though.

2844 days ago

Luke skywalker    


2844 days ago


Actually, though I am on Donald Trumps side, I think Rosie is a good actress. I especially enjoyed her in Stakeout. She was hilarious. I do NOT enjoy what she has done since. She was wrong to make the comments she made about the Miss USA issue and stupid to think Trump wasn't going to come back at her, as he should have. Enough is enough. This will only end when one of them decides the other can have the last word. Shame on Barbara Walters but she is putting her career above everything else. Like all of us, she has bosses to and ABC is telling her exactly what she has to do. I thought she was above that and would have walked, should have walked and still can.

2844 days ago

South Florida    

Hey Donald,

I have a head for business.....SO, I HAVE A GREAT IDEA FOR will absolutely make you ratings for the APPRENTICE SKY ROCKET.

First of all, the majority of people believie you [THAT BW IS A LIAR}.

My idea is......why not bring Star Jones onto your show as one of the judges.
She's is extremely intelligent, has class and a brilliant legal mind.
She and Ivanka can join you at the'll be great.

You and I both know Star Jones was too good to be on that daytime show anyway,
she would be great on primetime. She looks incredible, and can handle herself with class and integrity in any given situation.

AND if that isn't enough......wouldn't it be AN ADDED BONUS to rub it in barbara & rosie's faces...........

ROCK ON DONALD.........BW is beginning to smell like shes been in the muddy pigpen

2844 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

First of all, Donna, you have no idea what you are talking about. You act like you know these two people personally. Who told YOU Rosie put people out of work? What do you think happened to the people whose company went bankrupt under Trump? Get your facts straight before you sling accusations around. And no, not everything she touches has turned to failurel Look at the ratings for The View since she came on, no place but up. It was BORING before.
As for N..WHO has O'Donnel brought into this saga? TRUMP was the one who dragged Rosie into it, NOT ROSIE. Trump also dragged his own wife and daughter into it too. I can't recall Rosie dragging one other person. Barbara was forced to talk after TRUMP opened his big yap.

And as for NOT A FAN...where do YOU get off correcting someone else's grammar? Get a life and stop showing off, jerk. Nobody gives a sh*t what you think!

2844 days ago


I look at it like this..

Rosie is a blunt and open person. Too many people are PC in the world today and it is very sad. No one says what they mean or means what they say and when someone does they are pegged a bad person.

There's too many PC worthless people in the world and really having guts is a crime now a days..

Good for Rosie for not caring about what happens when she says what she says. Trump isn't a true billionaire.. he's an Heir..

Like I said in the past.. he plays Roulette with his dads money.. if he loses it there's no worry because he never earned it. There's a chance to win and then he makes himself look like a guru.

Let me give any person who is literate in the world several billion dollars and i'm sure they'll find investments that will earn them profits..

Rosie hits Trump where it hurts most.. His Ego and his Ratings

2844 days ago

Luke skywalker    

I think we should start to call this "war of the ro" She is sucha bullley. I will never forget when she attacked Tom Seleck on her show. In Ro' world she can open her big mouth lecture people about their lives, but god help the person that responds to one of her attacks. I not a big fan of Ms.Veira, but atleast she held her self with 'class' and never used her position to on the "view" to attack people she did not like on a pesonel level. Lets see Ro' has gone to war with: Kelly Rippa,Whittney Houston, and of course when she insulted every Asian American with her mocking of the way they speak English. I wounder what Ro' sounds like say in pick any Asian Langauge. FYI if you want to voice your thought about Ro' write her at her blog..


2844 days ago


I have to admit this is getting old, but let us not forget had Rosie just shut her mouth and not commented on Trumps decision on one of his business ventures, this whole ridiculous thing wouldn't have started. I don't know who the hell Rosie thinks she is to criticize Donald's decision making when it had nothing to do with her and then to furthermore criticize him for firing back. He has a right to rebut on a verbal attack against him. If she's so into protecting America's virtue against the evil teenage antics of Tara, she needs to spin around and look at her own valueless, moral lacking, pathetic life. She's a bitch. P.S., Barbara didn't have to choose sides and get into this up to her knees. That was a personal choice jumpstarted w/statements and trying to cover her own ass.

2844 days ago


I think Barbara Walters is fear based. It is unfortunate but she is not a strong woman. She is weak. She is doing her best with that show but I would like to see some balls. To be honest the show in general lacks balls.

Rosie is NOT fat. She is like a size 14....that is the average woman. She is just offensive to men because she is a lesbian and men are threatened by this because most men know deep down they are sexist pigs and they like the power they have over women.

The real issue with Trump is sexism, discrimination (weight) and abuse of power. Rosie is the FIRST woman to really take the dude on.

GO ROSIE!!!!!!

2844 days ago


First of all we know this is a war of publicity for both TV shows. Second of all, Page Six of the New York Post is not a good source of info. It's known as a rag paper in NY where I live. Third of all. DT claims to be a fair man. Well, he started this by allowing one "beauty queen" to keep her crown and taking the crown away from another. That's not fair to me and that is all Rosie said in the first place. Yes, she is comic and did do the comb over thing making fun of DT. However, he has to know that his hair does ridiculous. If we can't laugh at ourselves, you see what happens. DT obviously was unable to laugh at himself, so he started this all out war saying horribe, discusting things about Rosie. Barbara Walters is an accomplished journalist and doens't need the approval of DT or Rosie to get along in her career. Donald was upset because most of what Rosie said about him was seemingly true, in my opinion.
He went on every talk show that would have him , including QVC and continued to say those horribe, mean spirited things about Rosie and now he is trying to cause friction between Rosie and Barbara and The View.
I was an Apprentice watcher for the past few seasons, but I will NEVER be one again.
Donald Trump says things a 2nd grader would say to be hurtful and mean to another child on the playground. GROW UP! They are both, DT and Rosie, showing terrible morals to their children as well as the children of our country.
Last but not least, I blame the MEDIA for acting like this story is the end of world. They are covering it as if it was something that really matters in life.
Thanks for your time,
Nancy, Elmont New York

2844 days ago


I think that DT should shut up, I am so tired of his arrogance that it really is annoying,.This man would not have the woman that he has had,but he has money.
As for Rosie being on the show for long I think that she does not want to stay I only watch the show because of Rosie, she may have things that have failed in the future but so does everyone. And if the Apprentice is such a hot show why was it not up for THE PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD? because eveyone cannot stand that boring show with this person that needs his hair styled or just a decent wig put on.

Rosie, hang in their, they are all just jealous of you because you came back from taking time off and made a hit with the view, and the view would be stupid to let you go.

2844 days ago


It is interesting how stupid the Trump supporters are compared to the more intelligent Rosie supporters.

Seriously - you Trump lovers sound like idiots.

2844 days ago

Luke skywalker    

I think roise hates straight men. Everyone want to know what this fight is about? Well remember Martha Stewart are good "friends" ( I have doubt Marthat thiks that) well last year recall Martha and DT got into their own spat. This was Ro way of sticking up for Martha...Whose next Ro' ? Regis ? Katie? WHO WHO WHO!

2844 days ago


Rosie is not funny, not talented and not liked by anyone she has ever worked with or done business with. She started this deal and when Trump responded she couldn't take it. Period. Just like always with her. Vince McMahon hit her right on the head. A little more culture intake and a lot less calorie intake would be a good thing for Rosie the family pig.

2844 days ago
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