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Pooped Donald Calls Babwa a "Puppet"

1/10/2007 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Trump thumps Babwa in a statement. Click to read.Like a fighter worn down by too many rounds in the ring, Donald Trump limply swatted back at Rosie and Babwa after their attack on him this morning.

In a statement, Trump again assailed Walters' truthiness, saying she "lied with Star Jones and now she has chosen to lie again." He also dubbed her a "sad figurehead dominated by a third-rate comedian." Moreover, Trump provided this brief review of this morning's "The View": "It was sad to see Barbara read her statement off a cue card. Rosie just pushed her out like a ("pathetic") puppet."

Trump also gave a dull spin to the ratings for "The Apprentice's" Sunday debut, saying that it was "#1 from 10:30 to 11:00 in all of television." (It finished a distant third in the ratings for its full 10 pm to 11 pm timeslot.)

On her blog at, O'Donnell posted a picture of herself and boss Walters (oddly, however, looking in different directions) and topped TMZ's analysis of her and Trump's ratings with the title, "Loving BW," an apparent reference to Barbara Walters.


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Allred Tree    

Does anyone else find it curious how Barbara told us all about refusing to interview O.J. Simpson or whatever is was to do with that book deal because of her PRINCIPLES? Maybe she used them all up over that and look at the publicity she got for herself on The View by telling about this offer of an "interview" and her principled refusal.

2844 days ago

Not A Fan    

Sorry to break it to you, Ambs, but Rosie is fat and Rosie does NOT wear a size 14. If you don't beileve me, ask her. Since she is the embodiement of truth, I'm sure she'll tell you she wears a size 22.

2844 days ago

South Florida    

AMBS......go have your vision checked immediately.....

Rosie a size 14....ROFLOL.....maybe in highschool.
she probally wears a size 24........she said she goes to lane bryant and i
think their clothes are for plus size women.

as donald would say ROSIE IS UUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE,
in the size of her body and mouth.

2844 days ago

Not A Fan    

Hey, The Dude, R#86, Rosie's blog is conveniently not accepting comments at this time and hasn't since Donald put her in her place the first time.

2844 days ago


Oh brother...again...can DT not say anything at all??? I, personally, watch the View and enjoy the different viewpoints of the ladies. Remember this all started because DT made himself the absolver of the undignified Tara (and now she may pose for playboy, and what about her kissing the Miss Teen person, it seems she and the story have a story...). DT cheated on his first wife with the second wife and then cheated on her for small starters, who in the heck is he to pass over judgement and God forbid someone else calling him out on it. I am tired of these whiney types of people with money who do whatever they want, when they want, well I have news for you, your "public" is getting tired of you too, take notice Donald, Lindsay, Paris, Brittney, Avril.....etc. Money is not everything, I know of very rich people who are not a**holes and I bet you do to.

2844 days ago

Not A Fan    

Natasha, if you're going to recommend that a foreigner take an ESL course to improve her English, you may want to proofread your entry before clicking send. It doesn't set a good example for people who are either inarticulate or for whom English is not their native tongue. Perhaps you may wish to take a remedial course in language arts at your local high school or GED program.

For future reference: "your" is a possessive pronoun. "you're" is the contraction of "you are" and is what you should have used in your sentence that stated:

Your an adulterer (didn't deny that comment from Rosie).

Don’t be like Rosie; instead rise to the standards you set for others.

2844 days ago

South Florida    


She proved that today on the view, ANY DECENT WOMAN......would have told rosie to not let the door hit her in the a_s on the way out.....after rosie, cursed her and called her a liar yesterday.

Barbara has NO pride or self-respect.

2844 days ago


Barbara Walters is a big girl, she can do what she wants, but if she did break the "girlfriend code", then shame on her.

2844 days ago


Are you kidding me? Rosie is offensive to EVERYONE who has a sense of decentcy. She has a extremely peculiar shape and I'm sure she has to be larger than a 14. I'm a female and she's offensive to me cause she's giving females a bad name. Donald may have cheated or done other things but she's the one that brought all this into play. She attacked him for giving someone another chance. I don't agree with the decision but it's HIS COMPANY HIS DECISION.That's one of the perks you get when you own a company. YOU GET TO DO WHAT YOU WANT. And that is what he and his partners decided what to do. Melania and Ivanka have the right to speak on the situation. Just because Rosie won't let her wench speak then that's her business. She brought all the personal attacks in. If she didn't agree with it she could've just stated that she didn't agree. Like I didn't agree. But it's his business not mine. I don't want him to come around and tell me how to conduct my business so I'll get out of his.

Move on Rosie .. go find your next victim to feed your need for ALL THE ATTENTION YOU CAN POSSIBLY ATTRACT.

2844 days ago


I just personally think it's a shame that a FORMER esteemed journalist like Barbara Walters is sitting at the helm of a BITCH FEST. You have lesbian Rosie dissing everybody and expousing her lesbianic agenda to the point of nauseum ( and I am gay myself). You then have Joy who used to make me more sick, but that was before Rosie came on to hate. Then there is Elizabeth Hazzelback. Nice to look out, but who the hell cares about her.

If I were in a room with BABS I'd ask her this. "Is this the way you really want to be remembered?"

2844 days ago

South Florida    


TMZ is very biased......its way too obivous.
The reason being TMZ [harvey levin] .....
barbara, joy behar and abc execs. are all jewish.

So their basically all in bed together.

ABC might even have harvey on their payroll.....

humm...someone at Donald's organization might want to check into that. ;-))))))

2844 days ago


it all comes down to ratings and trump lost, nuff said on that pathetic desperate attention seeking loser donald.

as I'm sure Barbara did say those thing about Rosie it's too bad that rosie and barbara couldnt have taken this opportunity to really REVEAL something true today on the view. it would have been nice if they had said something like, "people say things that they regret, but we are working it out, blah blah..." as the view has turned into a reality show, give us the truth ladies, sincerity would make fascinating TV.

2844 days ago

West Ham    

Why? Why? Why? Let it go.

2844 days ago


Josh, get the story straight, Rosie dragged Trump into it. She came out punching because he gave Miss. USA a second chance. Big freaking deal. She insulted him, she purposely brought up his past so his children could be embarassed, meanwhile, while she was on vacation her children were home watching t.v. as she said today. What were they watching, Jerry Springer, hoping to meet there daddy. Why weren't they on one of her cruises?

Rosie started it, she should finish it!!!

2844 days ago


Love Rosie...she says what none of us are in a position to say, and good for her! The Donald is the one who is on every entertainment show and who do you think published the letter he wrote, that would be Donald. And to the non-believers, Donald is a first class ass, he had employees and business partners who lost out big time when he did the bankruptcies (yes plural), make no mistake he gets away with this stuff because he has money, he has admitted it, and do not forget that he is the one who reminds us all who the billionaire is, because he thinks having money takes care of everything. What a joke!

2844 days ago
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