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Is Britney Beyond Repair?

1/11/2007 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You know things are bad when even your own stylist throws up her hands in disgust.

That's what's happened to Britney Spears, who just can't seem to get a grip on anything, especially her own appearance. According to In Touch, a former stylist for the pop princess claims that Britney just can't be helped, at least when it comes to her look. "Don't blame me, okay? I make her up and she just takes everything off and does her own thing," said Britt Bardo, whose other, more pliant clients include J-Lo and Kate Hudson.

Britney's recent fashion disasters have included cavorting around town in a fluorescent bikini and a see-through top, and a continuing predilection for leaving her pants (though, thankfully, not her panties) at home.

Angelina Not Such a Saint, After All

Angelina Jolie has made plenty of hay for adopting kids from Asia and Africa, but it turns out that Jolie isn't such a role model for many adoption advocates. As Page Six reports, When she took in Maddox from Cambodia, Jolie used a Seattle-based agency that was then found guilty of fraud. "Angelina is not a hero in the adoption community," said one advocate, who suggested that the scandal caused Cambodia to shut the door on many other families waiting to bring children into their homes. Jolie was recently quoted in a French magazine as criticizing Madonna for her adoption of Malawian baby David. Angie later said she was misquoted. Still, in her defense, Jolie wasn't aware of the agency's woes when she adopted Maddox.

Richard Gere: Click to watchGere Tells Sex Workers to Double-Bag It

One of moviedom's most famous johns – Richard Gere – is stumping for prostitutes in India. Gere, who played a call girl's customer in "Pretty Woman," led a rally of 10,000 sex workers in Mumbai, getting them to chant, "No condoms, no sex!" to raise awareness for AIDS in the country. "Before, there was a total lack of knowledge among sex workers about HIV," said Gere. "Now there is a radical change. When sex workers speak of condoms as a norm, it is a powerful statement, it empowers them."

Party Favors: Verne Troyer in Mini-Rehab ... Pregnant Marcia Cross Ordered to Rest in Bed ... George Michael Nabs $3 Million for Russian Lumber Man's Party

Verne Troyer, aka Mini-Me from "Austin Powers," has checked into a rehab facility, according to Us Weekly, to deal with alcohol-related issues. Troyer's been in rehab before, and he recently peed in public on an episode of VH1's "The Surreal Life." ... Desperate housewife Marcia Cross, 44 and expecting twins in April, has been ordered to rest in bed as a "precautionary measure," according to the AP. ... George Michael played a New Year's Eve gig for a Russian lumber magnate that netted him a cool $3 million, says the L.A. Times, which runs down a host of other private performances that net big paydays for stars like Christina Aguilera and Robin Williams.


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Britney is white trash. Period. She didn't "marry down" when she hooked up with KFed. They are both one in the same.

I guess people now have to find something "wrong" with Angelina since Madonna is still in the news .........................

Adoption is a beautiful thing if done with the right motives. Back off, TMZ.

2840 days ago


Although I can't say I'm impressed with her recent wardrobe, at least she's her own person and likes to wear what she likes. I'm actually impressed by her attitude.

2840 days ago


I didn't know Angelina called her baby a blob-the pics I saw of her she was absolutly beautiful!! I did notice she is always photographed with the 2 adopted ones though & the newborn is never with them! Thats sad.

2840 days ago

J Doe    

britney is NOT!!! raising those kids nannies are,
she's too Fkd up in the head to deal with two screaming kids

2840 days ago

showers of Blessings    

As for the adoption agency thing,

could AJ be blamed for something fraudulent that the adoption agency committed, if that agency was operating legally in the US at the time.

Itâ%u20AC%u2122s like blaming someone for corporate scam because they own Enron stocks.

2840 days ago

Adoptive mom    

Get off Angelina's back -- she certainly didn't single-handedly cause the closing of adoptions in Cambodia, and she certainly isn't responsible for the agency's behavior. Adoptive parents have to wade through a maze of legalities and issues to adopt; anyone who is willing to face the scrutiny and still adopt is to be commended. As for the "adoption advocate" who wants to rag on her -- this person does NOT speak for me or anyone else I know in the adoption community. We all think Angelina has done a great job with her kids and, if she's done anything singlehandedly for adoption, it's to raise the profile of all the needy children in the world.

2840 days ago

Lenn K    

This truly maybe the year that one of these four young out-of-control gals either dies or something bad happens. We are talking about Britney, Lindsay, Nicole and Paris. I know the media has a jones for these ladies and boy you heard the term train coming off the train, but this train is leaking oil, wheels are shaking and smoke is coming from the engine. Britney did not married down, hell I think she married up.

2840 days ago


Ophra helped Africians by educating their women, although the diamonds where a bit tacky. the tabloids keep them in the public eye, the weirder the better.

2840 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

I am the parent of an internationally adopted child. I am very familiar with Angelina Jolie using Lauren Galindo for the adoption of her son, Maddox. I know people who used Lauren Galindo and are not famous therefore, when Ms. Galindo's means of operating were exposed, Ms. Jolie was an 'easy target'.

As for her calling her baby a 'blob', I didn't take her comments to mean she didn't love her daughter. Her daughter is about 4 - 5 months old? Babies at that age are pretty much bound to sleeping and pooping. I'm not sure a baby that age can hold their head up steadily. There's not much you can do with a baby that age but take care of it and love it. And I'm sure that is happening with this child, as well.

Not seeing pictures of Ms. Jolie holding her infant daughter doesn't mean she doesn't love her. Perhaps she feels that, since this is such a young baby, she did enough by posing for the pictures (with money donated to a charity) early on. I certinaly wouldn't be taking a young baby out and about. They can very easily get sick. They are very vulnerable.

To 'Audrey Rose', you make it sound like adoption is a bad thing if these two people chose to enlarge their family by adopting a child. For some people it's not all a desire to 'give birth'. It's about the desire to become a parent or continue to parent more children. And, while it's none of my business, I am betting that my previous statement has a lot to say about why Mr. Pitt is no longer married.

The only 'beef' I have with Ms. Jolie is a picture I saw of her son. I could be wrong but it looked like he had his hair streaked blonde. I think children are a little young for that. But, that's me!

2840 days ago


To Wendy--

I think the issue with AJ has to do with the fact that in "critcizing" Madonna's method of adopting for the first time, she never mentioned the problems with the agency she used vis a vis Cambodia. She made herself seem like the "authority" on international adoption.

I personally didn't think calling her baby a "blob" was offensive. I'm sure she meant it affectionately. On the other hand, her comments on "feeling more for her adopted children" than her biological daughter was off-putting. I don't think it's possible to love all your children the same way (esp. in her case), but to make conscious decisions about your emotions (publicly!) so early in their development is odd.. To me anyway!

2840 days ago


The reason people are pissed off is that Angelina slams Madonna when the agency she used was not on the "right side of the law". Shouldn't she be using her "humanitarian" streak to make legal adoptions more accessible to ordinary citizens instead of running around the world for photo ops? She is always up for a photo with her adoptive kids and saying how wonderful her life is since adopting them - I guess as long as she is the only celebrity getting attention for it. She is a self-righteous, attention-seeking, hypocritical, lying phony who is now trying to take back her words.

2839 days ago


When my daughter was 5 months old she was crawling, she was walking at 9 months, and I have never referred toher as a blob as she has never been a "blob". Even when she was totally helpless I would never refer to her as a blob. A blob implies something that is just there, that you don't care about. An "infant" is the word I would use to describe a helpless human being, whether they came from an impoverished family or not.

2839 days ago


how can one repair american trash ? by putting them where they belong
in a trailer

2838 days ago


Can the media puh-LEEZE stop referring to Britney Spears as a "Pop Princess" ?!?? For Kripes Sake, she's 25 years old ... not 15. Spears is a woman, not a kid. She's a mother with two young children. It's about time she started acting like it. She's a little long in the tooth for the "Pop Princess" title. She's turning into some sort of Pop Rock version of "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane." Hey Britney ... put on your underwear and start acting your age. Your mindset maybe 16 .... but your face looks 35.

2838 days ago


This is a new year. The year of the magician. Is it possible that he could just make Brittney, Paris and Madona (and the rest of those trashy ditzes that makes Hollywood seem like some smelly back street alley,) just go away. Back before computers, and trashy t.v. you never heard the trashy things about Doris Day, Shirley Temple, and the rest. The slut in those days was Liz Taylor, and most of us hated her, but didn't have to hear about her on a daily basis.
Britney has the looks, morals and the talent of a sick alley cat. Madona came out a while back telling she had found God, but she seems to have misplaced him again, Paris make me want to barf, and so on.
Lets find some one with talent, morals, and acting ability, and make them the talk of internet. Would't that be a breath of fresh air?

2838 days ago
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