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Jennifer Garner in "When Paparazzi Collide"

1/11/2007 12:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A stoic and purposeful Jennifer Garner was nearly swallowed whole by a group of photogs yesterday.

The former "Alias" star got herself into a nasty crush when paparazzi swarmed her outside John Frieda salon on Melrose. As she weaved through the flashing mass, shutterbugs began pushing each other into cars, leaving Garner visibly annoyed. Still, as she neared her SUV, she managed a terse "Get off my car please," as paps parted like the Red Sea to let her pass.

Where's Sydney Bristow when you need her?


No Avatar


atleast she said please. lol

2807 days ago


Does anyone care about this homely dweeb??!! She's one example of how an average nobody makes it into hollywood. I'm no J.Lo fan but at least she was semi-interesting compared to this Kansas housewife - what does Ben Affleck see in her??

2807 days ago


she and her husband are both boring beyond belief....

2807 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Where is Jack Bauer when you need him?

2807 days ago


See you flipping LAME BRAINED IDIOT PAPARAZZI, you dont know when to quit, I REALLY wish the shoe was on the other foot. You are going to hurt someone and some magazine, newspaper or whoever you work for is going to get sued up the ass. You idiots, just wait, its just a matter of time now before ALL paparazzi gets banned withint 100 feet. This is unsafe and ridiculous and really intruseive, these movie stars dont deserve this after what they do for us. F....OFF !! all of you!

2807 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Wow the papparazzi seem to be multiplying like cockroaches. Somebody needs to create an anti-razzi spray that coats all the lenses so that the pics are worthless.

That might work!

2807 days ago


Jennifer Garner is as humble as they come, she is down to earth and isn't all snobby and egotistical. I really enjoy her movies and I loved Alias. This kind of treatment by the paparazzi is RIDICULOUS!! How is this legal?? This should be considered some form of stalking!! When did this become OK? Didn't anyone learn anything from Princess Diana's death. My God that is horrible that she can't even get her hair done without be swarmed by those greasy, no good stalkers!! I hope a law is enforced saying 200ft from them!!

2807 days ago


Jen is nice a breath of fresh air. She seems so down to earth and a nice person compared to a lot of the other publicity hungry celebs. She is a natural beauty unlike Jlow who looks and acts fake.
Sydney Bristow would have kicked some ass. Jack Bauer(Keifer) looks like he couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag!

2807 days ago

Black Sheep    

Why are the photogs even bothering? And swarming?! Must've been a boring day in Hollywood yesterday.

2807 days ago

Black Sheep    

Can't blame the paparazzi! If people would stop buying US and People and the Enquirer and all this other junk the pictures wouldn't command such high prices! I'm thinking of becoming one myself!

2807 days ago


Hey Cynic, what the hell have these people done for us? Am I missing something. Don't feel sorry for any of them, they love all the publicity, acutally they crave it!

2807 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Personally i never buy gossip magazines so I don't contribute to the glut of paparazzi.

I wouldn't come here if it wasn't free (and I ignore all advertising suckas).

I don't care if I ever see another ugly asses story or another "who was outside hyde today" story again.

I'd much rather see stars on the red carpet looking their best - who cares about everyday photos - i see people doing the same things (walking dogs, eating lunch, shopping) every day so whats the big effing deal?

Being here is just an amusing way to kill some time. Paparazzi are way over the top.

2807 days ago


DISBELIEF....thank you, I couldn't have said it any better :)
She is gorgeous! Just b/c she doesn't have hidious fake breast and botox doesn't mean anything. It just means that she is a REAL woman.
ANNIE RIVO....stop being jealous! I hate people like you, you are probably some fat douche bag sitting at home eating chocolate wishing you could have one minute with Ben but instead you are sitting there just dreaming about it. Women like you give the rest of us good women a bad name. All you do is hate....GET A FREAKIN LIFE!

2807 days ago


and to you TOMATO.....Ben probably sees a good woman with good values that doesn't act like a whore. Please, stop being a stupid douche bag!

2807 days ago


I love Jennifer Garner! She is beautiful and seems really sweet too! :)

2807 days ago
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