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Madonna's Got Rosie's Back

1/11/2007 2:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comMadonna has chimed in on the Donald Trump/Rosie O'Donnell war of words, and has come to the defense of her longtime gal pal.

The Material Mom, who co-starred with O'Donnell in "A League of Their Own," told "Today's" Meredith Vieira, "People are giving Rosie a hard time. I wish they'd stop. I don't think it's fair." Madge revealed she was on vacation when news of the public feud broke, and quickly emailed Rosie to get the real scoop. "I have to hear it from the horse's mouth." Those are her words, not ours!

Madonna believes that since O'Donnell is a standup comic, saying controversial things in monologues is par for the course. "I have a feeling that if every stand-up comic was penalized for saying politically incorrect or provocative things, I think they'd all be hung in the public square." Can you say Michael Richards?

Her Madgesty went on "Today" to plug her new animated film, "Arthur and the Invisibles," which opens Friday.


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How lame, hyprocritical, and self loathing is it to be on TMZ and also be constantly berateing and criticizing "those" losers on TMZ?

2810 days ago

Louise Carnes    

When did "The View" Become the Rosie show??? I quit watching one of my favorite programs one week after Rosie came on. She is an obnoxious, loud
mouth opinionated witch (yes, I cleaned that up!). I really thought Barbara
Walters was smarter than that-hiring Rosie. I think this is the beginning of the
end for "The View"...all thanks to Rosie O'donnell.

2810 days ago


Let's face it, "The View", since the hiring of Rosie O'Donnell has become more entertaining and risque'. The ratings prove it. Rosie has become more/less the female equate to Howard Stern for anaolog Tv. Lately, the show went from "The View" to "The Feud", however you have to admit the Trump comb-over was hilarious. Rosie's comments about Trump were of comedic value - and let us not forget that in the People vs Larry Flynt; Mr Flynt was exonerated in his trial because when you utilize publicity in the form of entertainment, that isnt liable or slander. If it be the latter, then there wouldn't be a David Letterman, Jay Leno, Kimmel or Conan et al etc not to forget Bill Maher who repeatedly 'tortures' President Bush. Sh*t is sh*t no matter how you frame it, and that goes for comedy.
Trump needs to 'get over it' not 'comb over it'. Kudo's to Baba Wawa & The View for standing up to Mr Moral Compass and Double Kudos for Rosie too- She may not be politically correct all the time, but then again who the heck is? You can't judge Rosie's rose til the bloom's worn off yours. Rosie rocks, not just because she is quick witted & funny, but because she didn't take Trumps tedious & childish comments about her person and reacted with dignity. There Donald, take that to the bank before you or your companies file another chapter 7, 11 or 13. Shmuck.

2810 days ago


A lot of people have no clue, and obviously didnt watch or listen from the beginning--------Donald did something controversial and the girl he defended made an idiot out of herself by acting,lying and crying on cue.
So on the View---VIEW get it, where people speak opinions,Rosie spoke her opinion, which was mostly correct, she also cracked a few jokes that were funny(the same jokes people have been saying for years about his hair ect.....----Donald knowing she was right got pissed and started this--------- If the stuff she said wasnt true you dont get so damn defensive, if he was confident you blow it off like a man, hes not!---Donald wanted publicity for his show and messed up big time by taking it way too far, going beyong rude and arrogant,being a bully, and getting his puppet family involved.------------- I personally don't like either one of them but Donald is in the wrong COMPLETELY!!!!!

2810 days ago


Wow, everybody is taking this way too far.

Rosie expressed her "Views" which are accurate about Donald and Donald saw an opportunity to get some free PR for his shows. What Donald said was very ugly. I applaud Rosie for bringing to attention how ugly the whole episode of Miss Boozing USA was. Donald then turned the attention away from an underage drinker "representing" the USA (what a joke). The real conversation should be about what Miss USA was doing, not about Rosie. Get back to the real conversation.

Why doesn't anyone get upset when David L or Conan O make fun of celebrities? Do we have a double standard for women that poke fun?

2810 days ago


In the real world-------- he who says less says more.

2810 days ago


64 Hatter There are links everywhere,all over Tmz clips,and TV ahows where these people are watched saying this stuff.I think you just like listening to yourself put big words in the wrong places hahahaha

2810 days ago


One degenerate defends Another--Right!!! Talk about hippocrites- Rosie WASNT acting as a comedian when she attact that ASS-HOLE Donald- Just being a BITCH-Witch that she is. Madonna is nothing but a rich, forgotten SPerm collector, trying to get back into the limelite for attention.

2809 days ago


Why is everybody so hateful? Friends should always support friends even if sometimes they are wrong.

2809 days ago

jessie rivera    

it's funny how people are quick to call rosie name for making comments but then again go and call madonna and rosie a hoe (get it right rich hoe's at that ). people stop the jeaously it won't get u nowhere.. am not for either one of them let them settle it..

2809 days ago


Rosie feels that she can say whatever she wants about whoever she wants, but when that person responds to her hateful words, they are in the wrong. I'm personally sick of Rosie spewing her hatred on national television and turning everyones comments around to suit her arguments. The View has become Rosie's View. Rosie needs to stop spouting her agendas on tv and let the View go back to the way it was. She has ruined the show.

2809 days ago


well i disagree. the view has never been more entertaining, interesting and thought provocative then it has since Rosie has been on. I think Donald is just jealous that Rosie has a great show, a wonderful partner, and is artiuclate and brave enough to give her opinion. Donald has given up way too much power by slamming Rosie in the media, and this just shows that he is not as strong as a man as he would like to be thought of. give it up, and get over it, Rosie is a real success.

2809 days ago


Finally, the truth comes out about BaBaWaaaaaa- A backstabing, lieing BITCH. She is a two-Faced A--Hole, along with her Money Hungry boss of NBC, ZUCKER--What Peas in Pod thesre two creeps are. She has been a sly bitch for a long time, and no one called her out like the BIGGER ASS-HOLE Donald did. But thats the way people like BaBa behave. She has been lieing and Kissing ASS for years-but, she is in Kohuts with the powers that be at NBC> Its a SCUM-BAG network!!!

2809 days ago


your all (most some are smart and speaking the truth) too funny your personal,predjudice,and stereotypical additudes are getting in the way of what really happened---a view was expressed and funny things were said about donald things people have been saying about him for years---------donald took it too far by being nasty and pretty much disgusting and he wont stop becasue he wants his show to do well.I dont like rosie but Donald Duck is Quackers!

2809 days ago


Puleezeeeeeeeeee skankdonna with that bogus accent. ugh!!

2809 days ago
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