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Bend It Like Bindi

1/12/2007 4:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham isn't the only foreign star taking over the States. America's favorite crocodile hunter in-training, eight-year-old Bindi Irwin (with mom Terri and brother Bob in tow) brought her brand of adorable animal husbandry to "Larry King Live" on Thursday.

Bindi's whirlwind tour has already seen her grace the couches of Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres, with a stop on David Letterman's to follow next week. This little gal gets around!

On Sunday, Bindi will make her U.S. stage debut in a concert at L.A.'s Ahmanson Theatre, along with her backup dancers, The Crocmen, and children's music supergroup The Wiggles. With Britney Spears' career having gone down under, it looks like we may have found a new Pop Princess!


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Awww...they're sooooo cute! I know we don't know what goes on behind closed doors....but this family seems to really have things together and really be handling the death of a husband and father with true grace! Team Irwin!!!

2841 days ago

We, are not amused.    

You have got to be kidding me!
A Stage show! Say it ain't so Steve...say it ain't SO!
Why doesn't the mom just have her dress up like a little whore and stand out on Hollywood Blvd.? Shamless self promotion for what? Animals? Conservation?? "Momma need's a new addition to the zoo, luv! Come on make your Pa proud! He's looking down from heaven luv...him and all those BAD Stingrays that those good blokes killed in his name!"

2841 days ago

blah blah blah    

Well Well Well
I see MR> corvette stingray brought his FOAM OUT THE MOUTH OF THE SOUTH back to comment on a Irwin family member.
Only thing is..........looks like he likes to pick on one as young as Bindi because he knows she is not here to defend herself.
So my point is........................
You must like hiding behind that computer of yours and talk smack like you had iron balls
And then to demean ones culture just because you see fit.
NEWS FLASH.........................

Enough said and no more of my wasting effort and energy with sad people like you

2841 days ago


Oh, please .... now I feel like this family is taking advantage of the poor Croc Hunter's death. Let the little girl go off to school and be a normal child. Personally, I'm not at all interested in her new programs. I actually think she looks monkey-like. Go back to OZ!

2841 days ago


OMG, bless this little girl. You can tell she's an old soul and a wonderful spirit. I'm so proud of that whole family - they know the world embraced them after Steve died......with exceptions like Corvette who's just an ugly, small waste of space.

Bindi....Terri....and Robert.....God Bless you all......Steve is with you everyday!

2841 days ago

get well soon    

Bindi is such a sweetheart and Im sure Steve set this whole thing up so Bindi could always pursue what she loves. Im sure the mother wouldnt let her do this if she didnt want to. As long as she has a smile on her face, I say go for it...and quite frankly, kids need more shows and role models like this. She could teach us ALL something. It makes me sick when I go to the zoo or a park and children and adults throw garbage on the ground.

2841 days ago


Did anyone see her on Larry King Last night? She is the cutest thing EVER! So polite and always positive. Gives incredibly straightforward answers to hard questions. I really wish her all the best. What a little sweetheart!

2841 days ago


What? I hope Terry knows how to call the shots on her kids' careers. Maybe this "concert" thing is just a one-time event and not some kind of tour. Jeeesh! Let the kids be kids.

On the other hand, it is kinda funny how little Bindi Irwin has a concert gig and Brit's career is rather stagnant. Ha!

2841 days ago


I think little Bindi is adorable, but I am puzzled by the idea of a "concert." I saw a clip of her performing with her backup dancers, and it looks kind of like an exercise video. Cute, but not really entertaining, and why would you take something like that on tour? I am not slamming this little girl, just unclear as to why this is supposed to be entertainment.

2841 days ago


This woman should be ashamed of herself! She should be morning her husband not shoving her annoying daughter in our face.

2841 days ago


No. 1 you went too far a whore? no but Bindi will flip out, be on drugs and in rehab by the age of 11. too much pressure on her, she doesn't even realize how long death is it is for all eternity, you is this mom doing this $$$$$ or she likes the limelight all the time, this is a shame, plus bindi is home schooled, she doesnt like regular school, sure why she has to be with the animals all the time, these adults are crazy steve was experienced will the mom have her near an aligator so he can eat bindi, this is too much for the kid, leave her alone, its like a beauty contest and this kid is going to go over the edge, when i see pics of the olsen twins they have gone off the deep end and never look happy they look unhappy and eccentic

2841 days ago


How could anyone hate on this family? I honestly don't understand you people. It has been several months since Steve died. Just because the family is on a little USA tour doesn't mean they are not still in mourning. This mom is being so strong for her kids. Would it be better for her to sleep all day and cry all day so that her kids are depressed too. They are showing their love for Steve by pursuing his dreams of animal conservation. He would be so proud of them. Bindi loves telling people about animals and dancing and singing. I have seen her little show on tv and it is cute and fun for kids. She is not singing pop songs and dressed like a whore or anything. Very age appropriate. These people have more morals and goodness in their little pinkies than all hollywood celebrities do put together. Just leave them alone, they are working for a good cause and doing what they love!

2841 days ago

West Ham    

The Aussie parent dies and the Yankie parent steps into the sptolight.

This is shite.

2841 days ago


As I understand it, Bindi has been doing a version of this show at their zoo for quite some time. These concerts in the US are part of the annual G'Day USA: Australia Week 2007 festivities being staged in Los Angeles and New York to promote Australia to Americans. For example, The Wiggles are also performing. It’s an event her father was very involved in and supportive of. I recall reading some time ago that these appearances were all planned before Steve’s death and that Steve was supposed to be the one here now with Bindi. But of course now Terri is stepping into that role. It’s only been 4 months. I can’t imagine anyone would have blamed her if she’d chosen to back out. I admire her courage – this certainly can’t be easy for her.

“Hippo”, Terri mentioned on Larry King last night that Bindi also has a little exercise video for kids that’s out in Australia. That may be where the clip you saw came from.

Terri also said that Bindi has been home schooled for years by a professional, accredited teacher who travels with them. It seemed pretty clear that the teacher, who was with Terri and the kids in Tazmania when Steve was killed, has become like another member of the extended family. Terri and Bindi were obviously very fond of her.

2841 days ago

Nice try anyway    

Bindi is a beautiful and talented child. She has confidence and intelligence well beyond her years. People have to remember Steve and Terri lived this way long before the cameras were around. Even if Bindi wasn't on on tv she would be still performing with the same enthausiasm at the crocoseum.

2841 days ago
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