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James Brown's 5-Year-Old Son Shut Out of Will

1/12/2007 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tomi Rae Hynie and sonPapa may have a brand new resting place, but James Brown's youngest son and his last partner, Tomi Rae Hynie, won't be getting any of the Godfather of Soul's money.

According to Brown's attorney, Strom Thurmond Jr., five-year-old James Jr. is not listed as one of Brown's six children in his will, which was read in Aiken, S.C. today. And his mother, Hynie, once a backup singer for Brown, was also disinherited. Another Brown attorney says that the will has been read, but not yet filed in probate court.

Shortly after Brown's death on Christmas Day at age 73, Hynie returned to the Atlanta home she said she shared with Brown -- only to find herself unceremoniously locked out. A lawyer for the late music legend said that Hynie and Brown weren't legally married. Hynie's attorney, Thornton Morris, says that his client has no idea when the will was executed.


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there are actually some questions as to the child's paterninty but I'm not sure about what anyone else thinks...but i can definitely see a miniature and lighter James Brown in the kid's face...

2777 days ago


James Brown's death means there is one less piece of sh*t in this world. What a pathetic human being. I don't give a rat's ass what his contribution to musica was, this man was a pig. The fact that he left nothing for that little boy is sick and wrong. I hope James Brown's other kids realize the mistake that was made and make sure their younger brother is taken care of.

2777 days ago


just takes a quick law suit if they weren't given anything or mentioned in the will.....if the child is his he will get a cut...and if she was really married to him she will get a cut too...they just have to suel.....

2777 days ago


Aww now the poor kid will have to live like 89% of the world ...
maybe he will have a chanch and not end up on drugs and crazy the way alot of rich kids end up having eveything ever wanted and no one saying NO ...

Maybe it might not be such a bad thing ... but i do agree it was his child he should have made something for him in the will .. even if not for the mother ..

2777 days ago


I agree with KSheri, his family should have taken steps to make sure she was not locked out of the home...why did they do that?? That is so sad, and poor little James Jr.!! No one deserves to be homeless. Ok, they don't like her, fine, but at least give her some time to get her own place!

They sound like horrible human beings!!!

2777 days ago


Awwwwe 2 BAD for the lil Bastard!
His Skank LEECH of a Mother can maybe find another Celebrity to Hook up with!
Bitches like HER & Anna Nicole only hookup with old farts like James brown for their $$ Anywayz..This time He got the last Laugh!..i Know I AM..hehehehehe
Hope The Whore does'nt get a DIME, not even to Feed the lil Bastard!

2777 days ago


You are jumping to conclusions. Do you have a DNA test in hand? Maybe that kid is NOT his son. I'm sure he had a good reason and anyone can do what they want with their money, Anyone waiting for someone to die to get money is a fool. You never know what is in a will and only your will is your business, not soneone elses.

2777 days ago


Dumb bitch should have gotten some life insurance on him.

2777 days ago


What do you expect? She is white. Of course the so called "family" will want her out. I hope she contestests the will so she can at least get something for her boy.

2777 days ago

Biotch Please!    

Ya'll are assuming that this child is his "flesh and blood".

2777 days ago


That little boy looks just like James Brown. James Brown should have made sure he knew before he died. Irresponsible and it is horrible he isn't providing for him in his will.

2777 days ago


the kid looks just like him.

2777 days ago


This shows the real James Brown. He was not as great as Al Sharpton and others made him out to be.

2777 days ago


IF that is his son, he deserves better.
What the hell kind of name is HYNIE??

2777 days ago

Marie Bass-Gregory    

Yes he was wrong for leaving out his son but maybe next time these young girls will think before trying to have children by these old men trying to get paid for life.

2777 days ago
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