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James Brown's 5-Year-Old Son Shut Out of Will

1/12/2007 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tomi Rae Hynie and sonPapa may have a brand new resting place, but James Brown's youngest son and his last partner, Tomi Rae Hynie, won't be getting any of the Godfather of Soul's money.

According to Brown's attorney, Strom Thurmond Jr., five-year-old James Jr. is not listed as one of Brown's six children in his will, which was read in Aiken, S.C. today. And his mother, Hynie, once a backup singer for Brown, was also disinherited. Another Brown attorney says that the will has been read, but not yet filed in probate court.

Shortly after Brown's death on Christmas Day at age 73, Hynie returned to the Atlanta home she said she shared with Brown -- only to find herself unceremoniously locked out. A lawyer for the late music legend said that Hynie and Brown weren't legally married. Hynie's attorney, Thornton Morris, says that his client has no idea when the will was executed.


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I am sickened by James Brown's actions (or lack thereof). That young son should have been taken care of FIRST!!!!!! The older children already got their chance in life. He did not owe them a dime. However, he DOES owe that Son of his a fighting chance in life. JAMES BROWN if you can hear me............I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR RECORDS OR LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!. If you were trying to hurt you wife and child and wanted the last laugh.....LISTEN UP------Your former fans will have the last laugh and BOYCOTT everything and anything that has your fingerprints on it!!!! Shame on you James Brown and shame on all of your puppett attorney's.

2809 days ago

Strom Thurman ???    

Ok, the best part of this story is that James Brown's lawyer is Strom Thurman Jr. Say What? That is classic. For those who dont know, Strom Thurman was a politician who died recently at the age of like 256, no joke, and he was still serving Congress. This dude actually ran for president AGAINST Franklin Delanoe Roosevelt. Who knew his son was James Browns lawyer??? How old is he, 125?

2809 days ago


You all are commenting like you have some inside information. James Brown probably left the child out of the will because HE MIGHT NOT BE HIS!!!!!

I look at that little boy and I definitely see that he resembles his mother. But I don't see James Brown AT ALL!!

IF the boy is James', then she should request a paternity test!!!!

And I agree with the person that said she was STUPID for not getting life insurance on the man!!!

James Brown is worth $100,000,000!!!!!!! Why didn't she have life insurance on him for her and her son!!!???

I have a feeling that when its all said and done, that little boy IS NOT James Browns son!!! Because she seems shady!!!!

2809 days ago


james brown

2809 days ago


I agree with you GA, I don't see ANY resemblance to James at all, so the boy's paternity could be in question. The kid looks part Samoan or something if you ask me! Just because the boy appears to be mixed doesn't mean he is the Godfather of Soul, Jr! I guess it's too late for a paternity test - so Ms. Hynie maight be SOL.

2809 days ago

My 2 Cents    

Just had to add my two cents on this issue. I agree with #25. First of all, I see no resemblance to James Brown in this child. Perhaps that's why he was not in the will. From all accounts, James Brown was a very astute business man and took care of his business. Second, his "wife" while she may have been locked out of his home, had her own home right down the street from him -- so she is not and has not been homeless. As #25 said, she seems very shady to me too.

2809 days ago


I agree with you GA - I don't see any resemblance to JB in this kid at all!! Actually the kid looks part Samoan or something!!! I'm sure that he would have provided for him if he felt he was his, but unless a DNA test can prove otherwise, Ms. Hynie should be shut out! THEY WERE NOT MARRIED - and in the south, that means a lot!

2809 days ago

Al Sharpton is a racist    

What do you expect from many black men. They don't take care of their family so this is nothing new

2809 days ago


So far we are on the Outside looking in, there has to be more to this story. Just because a child has dark eyebrows, does not prove to be James child. His mother has those. The father could be her first husband child. Where is he? I do not feel sorry for this woman, she should had gotten this taken care of years ago. Since their so called marriage was so tight.

2809 days ago


If its a question of paternity they can and should swab his mouth and find out...If it IS his child....hopefully Mr. Brown's other children will HAVE MORE SENSE THAN THE FATHER DID and will give the kid something. Its not the childs fault that the man was LAX IN HIS DUTIES TO FIND OUT paternity. The man obviously was to busy while he was alive to find out if the kid was his. Although Im sure he had time for other, drugs, music....SHAMEFUL...I guess those things were more important to him. THOU SHALT NOT WORRY LITTLE ONE, HE IS BEING JUDGED, AS WE SPEAK, BY A HIGHER POWER

2809 days ago


This kid is so ugly I just want to smack his face

2809 days ago

Pareja Young    

There is NO PROOF of whether Tomi Rae Hynie's "BASTARD SON" James Brown Jr. is really James Brown son or not.. For all we know Tomi Rae Hynie could have had SEX with another BLACK MAN and lied that the child belongs to James Brown just so she could get her SLIMY HANDS ON HIS MONEY !!!! After all she did commit BIGAMY when she was already MARRIED to another man in TEXAS when she wed James Brown. That shows HER LACK OF INTEGRITY. IF JAMES BROWN really WANTED to REMARRY MISS TOMI RAE HYNIE and ADD her BASTARD CHILD to his WILL, HE HAD PLENTY OF TIME to do so IF HE WANTED to BEFORE HIS UNTIMELY DEATH !!!! So I say RIght - On to MR. JAMES BROWN. You have shown the WORLD that you WASN'T NOBODY'S FOOL . MORE POWER TO YOU MY BROTHER, REST IN PEACE. SCREW MIISS HYNIE because the KID IS PROBABLY NOT HIS ANYWAY !!!!!!!!!!

2809 days ago


THE LAW IS ON THE BOY'S SIDE. The law recognizes him as James Brown son because he claimed he was his son. In Georgia that is all that is necessary. He filed for Social Secuirty for HIS son. Which HE had to fill out (James Brown) the paper work to do so. Therefore, it will not matter if he does not have James Brown's blood running through his veins, the law still recognizes him as his very own because James Brown claimed him in those Social Secuirty documents, PERIOD!!!. I have been through this situation before, trust me I know what they are up against and THE LAW WILL rule in that young boy's favor, I gurantee it!!

2809 days ago

Luther Lackey    

Look people,
We the public support support these TALENTED criminals, pedophiles,drug users,and generally ignorant people.We buy their CD's, go to their Movies,try to look and act like them and of course drive what they drive. It should be said that the Entertainment Industry Executives should be at fault for letting the worst examples of humanity and not the honest , moral right-living talented people get the spotlight.
So what are we left with? RICH Drug Addicts,Pedophiles,Criminals and generally ignorant people........

2809 days ago


Be real. How many people update their wills all the time? I mean ... I know a LOT of people who never think about dying. I'd be interested in knowing the date of the will. I'm sure it's before the young son was born.

2809 days ago
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