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James Brown's 5-Year-Old Son Shut Out of Will

1/12/2007 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tomi Rae Hynie and sonPapa may have a brand new resting place, but James Brown's youngest son and his last partner, Tomi Rae Hynie, won't be getting any of the Godfather of Soul's money.

According to Brown's attorney, Strom Thurmond Jr., five-year-old James Jr. is not listed as one of Brown's six children in his will, which was read in Aiken, S.C. today. And his mother, Hynie, once a backup singer for Brown, was also disinherited. Another Brown attorney says that the will has been read, but not yet filed in probate court.

Shortly after Brown's death on Christmas Day at age 73, Hynie returned to the Atlanta home she said she shared with Brown -- only to find herself unceremoniously locked out. A lawyer for the late music legend said that Hynie and Brown weren't legally married. Hynie's attorney, Thornton Morris, says that his client has no idea when the will was executed.


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Typical black man not doing his job as a father/husband and letting the rest of us pick up the slack. I'm sure we will paying for this kids jail time or rehab in 10 years.

2839 days ago


People update their wills when they bring children into the
world, when they divorce and when they re-marry. It's a
simple addendum to the existing will. If the holder of the
will is too lazy or too stupid to update it, that's why they
have a business manager or an attorney to remind them.
There is a reason this child (unfortunately) was left out. If
this woman had the sense that God gave the goose, she
would have encourage her husband to update his papers
during the honeymoon period of their relationship. In other
n words, when they were getting along. If she had a brain,
she would have gotten James Brown to write it on toilet
paper if necessary. As long as it's in his own writing and
not written under duress, it would stand as a legal document.

2839 days ago

everybody's got an opinion...    

i googled "james borwn's son" and found this:

""Soul legend James Brown instructed attorneys before he died to carry out DNA tests to show if he was the father of his wife's son, his family lawyer has claimed.

Debra Opri said the singer never wanted five-year-old James Joseph Brown II tested when he was alive, but wanted it done for the rest of his family's sake once he was gone.

The boy is the son of Tomi Rae Hynie, 36, who after the star's death on Christmas Day said she was locked out of his South Carolina home after another lawyer alleged they had not been legally married.

Hynie insists that they were and that she has documentation to prove it, and that Brown was her son's father.

Ms Opri told CNN's Larry King: "James Brown intentionally did not do any DNA testing of that child during his life.

"And there was a reason for it. And he uttered comments to his attorneys before he died and he said, when I'm gone, get it done so my family knows."

She said she was not making any allegations, adding: "It's an issue that's going to be resolved very shortly."

Ms Hynie told King the little boy was "absolutely without a doubt" Brown's son and that she would welcome a test. "There is no doubt about it," she said. "No doubt to my husband, no doubt to me and I'd be willing to take any test that they'd like to take."

After his death Brown's lawyer Buddy Dallas said Ms Hynie was already married to a Texas man in 2001 when she tied the knot with the "Godfather of Soul", thus making their marriage null.

Although Ms Hynie later annulled the previous marriage, she and Brown never remarried, he claimed.""
Obviously she was in it for the money!!! Im sure JB got another trick up his sleeves. Once the paternity tests go through, maybe JB jr will have a little something after all

2839 days ago

Lenn K    

I make sure I read each post and remember all the support for James Brown and how great he was a artist. Now reading how dumb this lady was or calling her a white bitch and other names. Wow, is all I can say, James Brown was a real piece of dogsh*t and people should tell it like it is. This man was a wifebeater, a druggie and now we know the third worse father behind OJ Simpson and Scott Petersen. Blacks just overlooked his character because of his music and that not fair to the black community if you what honest and moral men to be the fathers. Not low class, immoral and lack of character individuals.

2839 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

Does anyone find it ironic Strom Thurmond's son was his lawyer?

2839 days ago


As I read through the comments I am so astonished at the number of people who have gone so low as to take shots a child, who has nothing to do with this. Leave the child out of it. Stop calling him names, stop talking about his looks. In Gods eye, all children are beautiful. This child did not ask to come into this world, therefore did not ask to be in the middle of this mess created by adults..

There are a lot of people who have not amended their wills in years. They put things off until another day, and that day never comer around. And then its too late. In my opinion I think this is the case here. I do not think that James Brown deliberately left his child out of his will, I think time just ran out.

And why is everyone tripping. Tami Rae did not just pop up the day after he passed away and start making claims on his estate or claiming to have a child by James Brown. She and James Brown had been together for at least six years. And it does not matter if she white, she is who He chose to be with. He chose to strut around Hollywood, New YorK, Atlanta, Augusta, etc. with Tami Rae on his arm (as seen in many video clips). So who are we to judge and name call.
And why would she take insurance out on him? Maybe if she was a golddigger she would have done that.

My hope is that Tami Rae goes ahead with a DNA test, contest the will on behalf of her son, and get a fair share of the reported $100mill. There's without doubt enough to go around.

Why keep Tami Rae from getting personal belongings and that of her son's, including toys from the home they shared with James brown. When all this happened, at Christmas time, it was a very heartless person who made that decission, to padlock the gates. What was the puporse? Why not let a sheriff or marshall escourt her onto the property to get the things that belong to her and her son . The property of James Brown can be protedted, if that is real issue.

And to the Brown family, please bury this man. A climate control room in your house is a bit over the top, unless you are going to create the James Brown Museum. There is no logic to this.

2839 days ago


she'll end up with a settlement for HIS KID hell, the kid has a long way to go before he's 18 and you can't just die with a load of money and not support your own sperm f***ing bastard

2839 days ago


That's what the white broad gets and to think she probably thought she was taking a black man from somebody....only to find out that he was really being given away and she was doing the other woman a favor. It's funny how some of these white girls think, little do they know that when he leaves for a white girl she's taking all of the troubles that come with him. Have fun. I personnally date other race dudes away way so I don't care. I'll set a white girl up with any black dude she wants. No hatin here. Take as many black dudes as you want.

I feel sorry for the little one though.

2839 days ago


The baby is 5 years old. If you doubted your paternity, you should have spoken long ago. Perhaps you did not care about another child. Or, it could be, you wanted some kind of control over someone. Perhaps the other "children" should be tested.

2839 days ago


Man he looks just like the old fart!

2839 days ago


That's stupid, Stevie Wonder could look at that little boy and tell that he looks just like James Brown. And for those who can't see it what picture are you looking at?

2839 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

The way James Brown neglected his youngest son is downright obscene. I hope he rots in hell for the suffering he's causing his little image. And his paramour, Tomi was right when she said if they want to do a paternity test on James Brown Jr, fine! ~ but do one on ALL his supposed kids. Let the chips fall where they may then....Sorry family to go along with matter what the will says, the heirs can agree to spit the money with the youngest son too. What is it...GREED? or simply NO MORALS

2839 days ago

Amy Sanders    

James Brown is a dirt bag for doing what he did TO HIS WIFE!!!!! I don't care what you people say....THEY WERE MARRIED!!!!! I saw it in the pictures and so did all of his legal low lives got to him and had him sign some papers after that really does not matter.....he was with her UNTIL HE DIED!!!!!!!!PERIOD!!!!!!!

WHAT I BELIEVE REALLY HAPPENED WAS THIS......He signed a will in 2000 before that child was born and after he had that precious little boy and married her he then signed a new WILL...BUT GUESS WHAT???? That greazy lawyer of his burned it when James Brown it is only him that would know the difference....he totally trashed the latest will and is going by the old one because it better benefits him and his other children...

James Brown loved her or he would have not wasted the last year of his life with her....Come on some respect....he loved her and that's the shady attorney's that I doubt....

2838 days ago


SO he didn't leave any money !! He will make it just by the fact he is his son, that's enough. He is not the first and won't be the last to have to make his way in this world. JAMES DID IT.

2838 days ago


Shame on James Brown older children. this is what happened when a man is not honest. "two tongues" they disrespect their Dad, if they really love their Dad they should have not done this to this poor little kid, the stupid people are saying that James Brown was questioning the kid. excuse me, if all of the children will go for test then Tammy will do so too. give us a brake, all of these people are sick. who do you think is going to take care of that child? you all need to think twice and do something for the little kid and the woman. Drugs are not good for nobody in this world this is my advice .

2838 days ago
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