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Miss Nevada: The Hostess With the Mostess

1/12/2007 2:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She may not officially represent Nevada anymore, but that doesn't mean Katie Rees is abandoning her constituents. The ousted Miss Nevada has been hired to host the return of Beacher's Madhouse at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.
Composite of Katie Rees and Las Vegas

Rees, dethroned after sexy photos of her and some female friends emerged on the Internet, will co-host the opening night on March 31 alongside Pete Giovine and Jeff Beacher, recently named "Best Showman on the Strip" by Rolling Stone. "Miss Nevada is going to push the envelope, even for Beacher's Madhouse," Beacher told TMZ.

So what, exactly, does that entail? According to Beacher, Rees will be hosting a female orgasm contest during the opening of the show. They had us at "female orgasm."

The night also promises "half-naked girls, midgets, and monkeys." Sounds like just an average night in Vegas.


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I do not think this girl is pretty. Sure she has a great body (amazing what a pair of fake boobs will do) but you would have to put an American Flag over her head and F*ck her for Glory. Haha

2839 days ago


she's still not a celebrity . . . so, again pulled for straws to find something to report about . . .moving on.

2839 days ago

Mad Balls    

Are the midgets and monkeys included in the female orgasm contest ? 'Cause those guys when they howl can bust an eardrum . Dickhead . This is a girl who I might take to bed , with three condoms on over each other , but I wouldn't be seen with . She should take that " Girls gone Wild " offer . Too bad she can't do math or read or she would have figured out she'll make way less at playboy and she does'n t have the bongo tits ..... anyways . Dickhead .

2839 days ago


I'm sure her parents are SO proud. What a piece of sh*t this girl is. And I don't think she is representative of Las Vegas. Millions of people live and/or work in Las Vegas and still manage to conduct themselves with grace and class. But of course there is the seedy underbelly of Vegas and obviously she's part of it. I hope she ends up doing hard core porn. She'll get used up and tossed out of that industry by the time she's 35. It'll be perfect for her.

2839 days ago

Mad Balls    

I wonder how much she'll charge to do the monkey and the midget tag team . Dickhead .

2839 days ago


Daddy must be so proud!!!!!!!! She's not that attractive and anybody can BUY those boobs.

2839 days ago


Getting all she can out of her 15 minutes of whore fame.

2839 days ago


As a former contestant, let me just say I am thrilled this pig got axed. She is not representative of the wonderful young women who compete annually in pageants. Most are hard working, good students, and have good morals. This girl is just representative of everything that is bad in this country.

2839 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Half nekkid girls?
Oh momma, I'm turning to stone...down there!

2839 days ago



Believe it is unfair to the NEW Miss Nevada to still have this troll being advertised on your web site as Miss Nevada. She is no longer. She can never use that title again for any purposes, so why do you?

2839 days ago

george vieto    

The judges of the MIss Nevada contest must have blindfolded or drunk to elect this joker their beauty queen and then she loses her title now she works at a sleaze joint. At least Vanessa Williams went to Broadway and Hollywood and made a name for herself the right way.

2839 days ago


This is not true. There will not be an orgasm contest, midgets, or monkeys. TMZ is full of sh*t. You people will buy anything. How pathetic.

2839 days ago


Let's be fair here. Over 3 million girls/women compete in pageant competitions in America alone each and every year. We hear about the two or three that behave badly. How about the pageant winner that is going to Africa to teach at Oprah Winfrey's school, or the young woman who saved the lives of three people in New York? The media as usual would rather concentrate on bad apples, rather than the wonderful young women I have met and participate in pageants each and every year. They are on the most part very good students, super achievers, and contributors to their communities. Let's not lose site of this as we concentrate on he dregs who slip through the cracks.

2839 days ago


This just goes to show you how easy it is to get these titles.....and said lead us to believe it's their brains they looked at !!!!

2838 days ago

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