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Paula's On... TV

1/12/2007 4:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul's press tour to promote the new season of "American Idol" spun out of control today when she landed in the Pacific Northwest.

Paula's curious "appearance" on Seattle's Q13 FOX Morning News took a fast nose dive as the pint-sized Idol judge slurred and giggled her way through the interview.

Anchors Lily Jang and Carmen Ainsworth kept it together as Abdul bobbed and weaved for the camera.

For what it's worth, Paula's rep tells TMZ that it is "much ado about nothing." He says the station had "technical problems with the satellite and her sound was dropped not once but twice. Paula was in a small room by herself with only a cameraman. Paula was distracted and confused by the station dropping the sound. She did not know what was going on."



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Paula is DRUNK or stoned. This is the 3rd time I have seen her on TV recently and she has been "out there" every other time too. Quit making excuses for her. She's stoned.

2839 days ago

Lenn K    

I watch American Idol for the new talent, to see what Simon says and to see if Paula is drunk and throwing herself at the young men.

2838 days ago


Ok! So what she was not herself, Paula I'll join you for a drink anyday still classy in my books.

2838 days ago


What kwap...ask yourself - do you weave around and slur your words when you're "tired"? Paula better make sure she has an iron-clad contract with Idol - or is that part of the problem - does she think she can do whatever she wants and NOT get canned? Some people spin out of control when their lives are going TOO well. Very strange.

2838 days ago


Paula has to take meds for her back...hence, why she acts like that. Watch any of the other has nothing to do with her being drunk or on drugs.

2838 days ago


Listen friends, paula has rsd it a terrible disease look it up at or paula abdoul rsd you cant not be on drugs for this disease its the number one cronic pain disease in the world i know i live with this monster in my body everyday. i give her credit for trying to get into life and live it. i speak and move l
just like her everyday. i understand please inform yourselves about this disease you wont jump to conclusions so fast.

2838 days ago


folks, any one with rsd must be on heavy duty drugs or any cronic pain condition. Its easy for all of us to joke and laugh and want to mock people but sometimes behind the laugh its no jokeing matter. i encourage all persons commenting to look up rsd before you make a joke of this clip. living in pain is like living in hell. i have a friend with rsd who acts simular to paula at times i understand the slured speach and uncontrolable movement read up you wont be laughing so hard

2838 days ago


She was about as sober as some alcoholic judges that I know. And was obviously under the influnce of SOMETHING. At least Danny DeVito admitted he was crocked! I respect and admire him. He does have some talent. She is an over rated bich and on an over rated ( no brain) show. Neither she or her show has talent. Love it when they have others attempt to cover their asses. What a snow job. Have a child hood friend who is a counselor at Betty Ford, wonder if she can help.

2838 days ago


Paula...I am just made yourself look like a fool again! suppose be someone that people would just lost me as a fan. Sorry!!!!!!

2838 days ago


Paula,Paula Paula you are still a beautiful lady too bad for all the haters out there Good Luck in all you do

2838 days ago

Jumbo Sausage    

Whats amazing is that she thinks shes being cool. Isnt this the same way Whitney got her drug fame? I mean celebrity fame? Hurry... before you end up like her!

2838 days ago

Jumbo Sausage    

She acts like Whitney but looks like Paula. OHHH NO, not another mess to cover up!

2838 days ago

Jumbo Sausage    

After reading some of these comments, it sounds like many of you are wasted yourselves. I mean.. "WHHOOAAA"

2838 days ago


I had an aunt (whom I loved dearly) who used to REALLY like her pain killers, and I can tell you, it was like deja vu. Paula was high as shit. She wasn't drunk, stoned on weed, tired, exhausted, or cloned by aliens. She was ripped to the gills on some kind of prescription.

And the worst part about it, she didn't even have the decency to

2838 days ago
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