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This Week's Biggest Losers 1/13/07

1/12/2007 8:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After a week during which both Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore saw their longstanding relationships officially come to an end, fellow angel Lucy Liu might not want to check her text messages for a while. And then there's the Zone, where we find that bad luck generally comes in fives.

barbara waltersBarbara Walters: In her recent two-part TV special "30 Mistakes in 30 Years," Walters expressed real regret at turning down a dinner date invitation from interview subject Clint Eastwood, back in his "Dirty Harry" days. But now, that probably pales in comparison to how she must feel about getting so awkwardly caught in the middle of the five shots -- or is it six? -- exchanged between The Donald and The Rosie. The latter apparently laid into Walters on Monday for not phoning her over the holidays, and for choosing to temper her public comments about Trump. Meanwhile, the beauty pageant gatekeeper is insisting that Babs is not telling the truth. Over the years, Walters has tap danced around heads of state, weepy celebrities and a gaggle of intriguing people. But her handling of this fracas has none of that finesse, and to add insult to injury, Oprah has now eclipsed her with a celeb-interviewing-celeb Oscar special.

robert shayeBob Shaye: What a difference a couple of weeks make. Last month, at the prestigious PEN West Awards gala in downtown Los Angeles, the New Line Cinema Co-Chairman was presented with the Award of Honor for his stellar movie career. This week, he took a hard left from that sentiment by souring on the studio's royalties dispute with "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson. Shaye's trash talk was most likely an inadvertent off-the-cuff detour during an otherwise standard-operating-procedure interview with the website But his condemnation of New Line's Kiwi meal ticket seemed even more foolish after Jackson responded with nothing but professionalism. There was no call to "Larry King Live" from an airborne private jet. Instead, Jackson stated that he regretted that Shaye had chosen to make their dispute "personal." All that was missing really was a teary-eyed Miss New Zealand.

heather locklearHeather Locklear: So blondes have more fun, huh? Reports said that Locklear's ex, Richie Sambora may be planning to tie the knot with Bond girl Denise Richards this summer, possibly in the city of Milan. Well, sources tell TMZ that this is positively not true. In order to put the best PR spin on this, the recent star of the ABC-TV movie "Women of a Certain Age" has two basic options in the face of her ten-years-younger replacement: 1) Convince David Spade to say "I do" at the Malibu home of his pal Adam Sandler; or, 2) Show up at the front door of Charlie Sheen's place dressed in a cheerleader outfit.

tomi raye hynie Tomi Rae Hynie
: When the will of late soul singer James Brown was read this past Thursday, the former back-up singer and mother of five-year-old James Jr. was further thrust into a Hex Machine. Locked out of the house, and now locked out of the estate, Hynie appears headed for that sad fraternity of rock and soul folks who have suddenly been left holding a brand new bag. Shades of Jimi Hendrix Jr., who had to beg, borrow and steal money to buy a suit and new shoes when he traveled from Sweden to the USA to fight for his share. Hynie better prepare herself now for the prospect of paying for two admissions to Brown's Beech Island, SC residence, which the family hopes to turn into a Graceland-style shrine. Yeah, we know; life can be a Beech.

gail berman Gail Berman, Allison Shearmur
: On the west side of town, Amy Pascal is solidly ensconced as Chairman of Sony Pictures, in the frothy wake of a year during which her studio bested its own industry-best domestic box office mark of 2002, with a record haul of $1,573 billion. But further east, in the shadow of the Hollywood sign, Paramount Pictures President Berman and Co-President Shearmur were treated this week like chump change, with not even the benefit of a session with Dr. Phil on the way out -- to figure out where it all went wrong. Thanks to "Dreamgirls" and "Babel," Paramount boss Brad Grey is having a pretty good run at awards season. Although he was denied a producer credit on "The Departed," there's no doubt that these two gals have no quarrel as to who is ultimately responsible for their departure.

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First! Yeah, she's such a liar!

2840 days ago


Why is TMZ so slanted on this story? Why the swipes at Rosie? She's a comedian, she did comedy, she's on The View, she had one. It's okay. Barbarba has a history of being a diplomatic type. It is her personality. Let it go, it does seem to be over - quit trying to stir up trouble and milk it - it must be a slow gossip day.

2840 days ago


agree with #2

so tired of this "celebrity fight" Donald needs to just face the facts that his show is no longer desired.

2840 days ago


i love donald trump and his show,back off rosie get a life you are the one who started this,you are obsessed with Donald Trump.I really liked you but not are the one who first made fun of how he loked his hair bla bla bla and you got ofended when he told you fat give me a you tmz

2840 days ago


#2 -- If Rosie is just a comedian, she ought to act like one. She wasn't being the LEAST bit funny when she lashed out and VERY unfairly called Kelly Ripa "homophobic."

And let's not forget -- she is the one to step out and trash Trump for giving Miss U.S.A. a second chance. But she didn't just comment on disagreeing with his decision, she brought HIS personal life into it and basically called him immoral.

Who can blame him for attacking her? If she's going to JUST be a comedian -- she ought to stick to comedy. But she's become a militant dictator of who should do and say what!

And she's NOT a nice person to work with -- never has been. She's a raging bitch. I'm NOT laughing. Nothing funny about the very angry Rosie!

2840 days ago


totally agree with #2 Deb.... it's comedy and Walters was put in a bad position and handled with the most dignity as possible considering how slimy it all became.

2840 days ago

Allred Tree    

Barbara made one of the biggest mistakes in her life by hiring Rosie. Then she proceeds to pussy foot around and allow Ramrod Rosie to ruin the show. Then SHE LIES. I am so glad Barbara has revealed her true nature to the world and I hope she NO LONGER GETS to "sit down" with anyone famous, ie. Fidel Castro!

2840 days ago

Toni in TN    

Hey, Rosie has it all wrong!!!!! The comb-over and mouth imitation of Donald was funny, but in my opinion a toad frog in whiteface with a bad toupee looks a lot more like Donald Trump. Bye-the-way, does Donald actually delude himself into thinking that if he had no money, he would actually be married to any beautiful woman??? Geez.....

2840 days ago


Re #6 - JackieTX

did you actually watch the episode where Rosie spoke of Trump that started this whole mess?

If you did then your first statement is 100% inaccurate.

She didn't even comment on Miss USA getting a second chance. She commented on how Trump is the last person who should be giving moral advice.

She sympathized with Miss USA if anything and felt bad she got caught up in whirlwind of media.

Try going to YouTube and watching the actually clip since apparently you haven't.

2840 days ago

He's Boring now    

#6---right on target.

Rosie uses her chosen profession, Comdey/Acting to be used as a Platform, not to entertain but to dictate. Too bad not all of us are falling in line with that dictation. I'm no Trump lover, but I commend any person who stands up to a bully as he has. No one else has dared to because it hasnt been PC to take on a person who operates on the fringe of violating Rights. Shes just a bully and Trump is giving her what she has given so many others. She isnt used to it but I sense she better get used to it, for Trump has cracked the code for others on how to go deal when a Bully attacks---even if that Bully is a Lesbian or Anti Bush or any other excuse they use to hide under while attacking.

Walters has turned out to be totally ineffective in a human situation, while fooling us all these years that she could get close to and inside World Leaders and Champions of Righteous Causes. She must have skipped Junior High when growing up on how to deal with these types of disagreements. Take the Retirement Package Barbara.

2840 days ago

Toni in TN    

Also, Donald Trump is a prime example that just because you have money doesn't mean you have class. A true gentleman would have never done a friend the way he did Barbara Walters..

2840 days ago

Caroline Schmidt    

Barbara Walters tarnished her once prestigious reputation, by calling Trump pathetic, as she said the words that would merely please her puppetmaster Rosie. She wasn't able to look directly into the camera when she uttered those words, and merely read off a cue card. Rosie must have written the card herself!
The fact that Walters would stoop to such a low level and become so defensive proves that she HAS something to HIDE!
Her decision to ever add Rose to the show was so misguided.
But at least now the quality of The View can be compared to Jerry Springer's, but in all fairness to Jerry, he is MORE gracious in character than ALL OF the VIEW LADIES!
But thank GOD we still have Oprah who outshines The View as well with her class and dignity!
Her show would never fall into the gutter of crudeness!

2840 days ago

WOW !!    

I don't know why everyone calls Rosie, "Quenn of Nice" Rosie should be called, " Queen of you better agree with me!" or I will bash your brains in and claim you are a racist, bigot or Republican. (listening to Rosie, you don't know which is worse)
The funniest part about this war and the biggest question still reamins, Who has the bigger EGO? - Rosie, Donald, Barbara or is it a 3-way tie?

2840 days ago


The Donald always preaches, "It's not personal, it's business." Guess he broke his own rule by getting very personal and very insulting. Most at his level of achievement/income would not even lower themselves to bother ... that shows his level of insecurity. Donald, sorry: you're fired!

2840 days ago


Barbara Walters is a poor excuse for a journalist she proved it once again by interviewing Terri Irwin and asking her stupid questions after the death of Steve. She's lied at least twice on national television, looking straight into the camera as if she's the one in the right. Maybe now people will see her for the two faced bitch that she is.

2839 days ago
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