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1/13/2007 5:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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The Beckhams are setting up shop here in L.A. --does that mean we have to start watching soccer?
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Bindi "Wild Child" Irwin unleashed her charms on Ellen this week. The pint-of-Fosters-sized Aussie told Ellen re dad, "I wants him to be proud of me."
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Babwa and Rosie are tag-teaming The Donald. Babwa called Trump a "poor pathetic man." Sucks to be Donald right now... at least he's still got Melania... for now.

Suzanne Somers may have lost a house in the Malibu fire, but she didn't lose her positive outlook. "My nature is to look at the glass half full. I don't have a son or daughter in Iraq." That's our Chrissy!

Oh, Paris you wacky girl. Everyone's favorite ditzy blonde didn't realize she needed to put gas in her new Bentley. "Dude, I've never put gas in this car -- I forgot." I wonder how her pets are doing.

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the beckmans shouldnt have leave uk!!!

Legit get paid to surf

2819 days ago


Who wants Melania, anyway? Ugly old Tranny.

2819 days ago


Bendi is the strongest little girl I have ever seen - Thanks Steve! We all love you. -Waukisha

2819 days ago


Omg Bindi is the cutest. She is just so cute and so charming. She truly loves animals. I expect wonderful things for that little girl. Her dad would have been so proud.

2819 days ago


Bindi is absolutely precious. Beckham's voice doesn't match his cuteness. He sounds like he hasn't quite passed on to the next stage from puberty.

2819 days ago


Bindi...posh...BeckWreck...has the invasion begun? Have we run out of North America ego-maniacs/losers/wannabes/neverwas's? Age doesn't matter (i.e tomkat kitten) so everyone is fair game. Wake me up when wacko jacko dangles his kid over a balconey to retrieve the kid's allowance, to help pay his own bills. How I yearn for the good old days...when life was... so simple.

2819 days ago

Lucky T.    

Bindi is a real firecracker, but am I not the only person slightly disturbed that this little girl is being paraded out and set up as a franchising property so soon after her father's passing.? It's hard enough to cope with the loss of any loved one and though she puts on an amazing face with the public, this surely can't be without any sort of consequence somewhere down the line.

I wish the Irwin family nothing but the best, but I hope they give themselves time to heal.

2819 days ago


That Bindi interview on Ellen gave me the creeps. Something feels very wrong there. I hope I'm mistaken, they seem like a sweet family.

2819 days ago

my opinion    

In my opinon, this is probably what REALLY went on BEHIND the scenes prior to the Bindi interview:

Terri Irwin: "Dammit, Bindi get it right! You're supposed to say, 'My dad MADE me who I am!', 'Got it, you stupid bloke?' "OK,.....let's try it again for the 100th know I TOLD you we need this money to keep comin' in for that damn zoo to keep on running!'

Bindi Irwin: [crying]: "OK mummy, I'm sorry. I got it now. When Ellen asks me if I really like animals, I say [insert an Austrailian version of the Polyanna voice], 'Uh-huh. My daddy MADE me who I am today. I LOVE animals. They NEVER bite--NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER. NEVER. I DO love animals. I DO love animals. I DO love animals."

"Does this sound better, mummy?"

Terri Irwin: "Much better! And remember, when they call you out on stage, don't forget how John and I taught you how to hippity-hop out carrying your little yellow lizard, swinging your head side to side and SMILE, Bindi, don't forget to SMILE......oh yeah, and flip your hair around as you swing your head side to side......people like that."

Bindi Irwin: "OK, mummy, whatever you say." [Meanwhile, Bindi walks away talking to herself the whole time, "I DO love animals, I DO love animals, I DO love animals......."

The end.

2819 days ago


That little girl Bindi is absolutely adorable. She presents herself with the eloquence and wisdom of someone beyond her years. In fact some adults are never blessed with such poise and knowledge, case in point the adults that are reduced to hiding behind their computers to belittle an innocent 8 year old child. Just remember, what goes around comes around.

2818 days ago

Message In A Bottle    

Lucky T, your not the only one slightly disturbed...Don't get me wrong, Bimbi is so cute!!! Its just I hope no one, especially her family, pushes her into the limelight and she ends up crashing and burning like some other child stars. I hope they will give her a chance to be a kid.

And I gotta admit, the Rosie/Babwa video was amusing, LOL!

2818 days ago


Thanks #7, this is what I have been said for long. The father haven't been "burried" yet and TERRI has not yet find time to mourn her husband and there we go pushing this adorable little Bindi out into that world of money making and attention pretending this is the father wish of his little one to carry on what he left off? Please. Hope this does not backfire later.

2818 days ago


I also think something is wrong with Bindi. Seriously. There's a psychological name for a person when they are TOO happy. Her father just died. She seems way too joyous and happy. It's very unnerving. It almost seems like she is hiding her greif or something and putting on this brave happy face to the world.

Personally I question the wisdom of Bindi's mother allowing her daughter to start filming this new TV show so soon after her father's death. That's a lot of pressure for an 8 year old.

2818 days ago


you critics please leave that little girl alone. her Dad is gone for ever, so what? she is doing her Dad's legacy. these people loves animals that's their passion. Do you all read the Bible? I guess not. well the death is no mystery to Jehovah, the Creator of the brain. He knows the truth, and in his Words, the Bible explains the condition of the dead. His teaching is this"When a person dies, he ceases to exist. Death is the opposite of life. The dead do not see or hear or think. Solomon said " As for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all." He then said the basic truth by saying that the dead can neither love nor hate and that "there is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in the grave." ( Ecclesiaste 9:5, 6, and 10). In the book of Psalm 146:4 says that when a man dies, his thoughts do perish." We are mortal and do not survive the death of our body. The life we enjoy is like the flame of a candle. when the flame is put out, it does not go anywhere. It is simply gone. that Man has gone to rest., as Jesus said about Lazarus, a man whom he knew well and who had died. God didn't made mankind to die, Adam and Eve dishonesty lead us to this deep sleep. God loves his children and created us with the desire to live forever. Please pray for these family instead of you people talking bad about them. Life is too short to mourn forever, they have a lot of faith in God.

2818 days ago


Bindi is adorable. Her presentation cannot be taught or coached. She is a natural. And, appearing with (and now for) Dad is her way of life. She seems comforted by it. Please don't take that away from her. Her Mom is so torn up, she would never encourage Bindi to do something she didn't want to do. These are truly genuine people. Something that Hollywood would know NOTHING about!

David Beckham is welcome to America, the hot guy he is. Hollywood will be very fertile landscape for his roving eye. Posh will leave the stick in her ass, and kiss up to the Cruise's, and probably become a Scientologidiot. She lacks the brains necessary to fulfill the role. I just can't see her out begging other people to convert to the cult. Just so they keep her too busy to notice David's roving eye!

All the rest are old news!

2818 days ago
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