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Miss Nevada to be Queen

1/13/2007 5:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Rees, stripped of her Miss Nevada USA title by the Miss Universe organization after racy photos surfaced on the web, will soon have a new title: Miss JET Las Vegas.

The dethroned Miss Rees is being given a hero's welcome in Las Vegas. Says Rees, "I'm really excited about the party at JET. I haven't been able to go out and spend time with my friends at all since the ordeal. It will be a relief from all the stress." Nothing like a little stress relief.

The campy "coronation" is being billed as "Hail to the Queen," and her majesty will be crowned on Monday, January 29 at JET nightclub at The Mirage.


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Mad Balls    

Shes' had a Boob job so -- no . Unless they are inflatable then this could something other than stock photos . Keep your d*ck in your pants , sailor . Dickhead . 2 . 4 million for 16 shows . I correct myself . Why wait for Idiot jeff to give you 2 million plus ? Take that money , hump that donkey , frye that little person ( midget is not PC ) and hope you arn't a french Queen . Remember she lost her head ? Oh yeah ... thats why you were hired . Dickhead .

2840 days ago

West Ham    

She'll be doing porn movies by 2009.

2839 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I would like to be the first to provide her majesty with a pearl necklace at no (ahem) charge!

2839 days ago


Her expressions of pure joy when she commits her sins shows how much she enjoys being a whore.I've dated girls similar to her and most of the time they're prick teases,when you do finally get the p***y it's sloppier than a motherf***er.

2839 days ago

Lenn K    

I got to agree with you #3, along the way Playboy or Penthouse, and maybe a few sexual b-movies.

2839 days ago


It's sad she's being given $2million for being a slut. I know hundreds of hard working people who bust their asses every day just to make enough money to support their family, yet this girl licks some boobs, flashes herself and acts like a whore and she's given millions in a heartbeat. I hate what our world has come to.

2839 days ago


Maybe Rosie and the crew can go there and personally comfort her? Wee doggies!

2839 days ago


You people will believe anything. Katie is not getting 2 million from Jeff Beacher. She also doesn't have fake boobs. She won't be doing porn---ever. She deserves the publicity after what was done to her. I bet there are plenty of you out there who have done a lot worse. There just aren't pictures to prove it. It's pathetic. Don't believe everything you read, hear, or even see. Besides, you all condemn her, but here you are reading about her, taking the time to comment, and thirsting for more info. Vanessa Williams was hired by DISNEY to sing on a major motion picture soundtrack and has a significant role on a primetime television show and she POSED AND WAS PAID FOR those pictures that were released of her. As for Tara Conner, it's apparently okay to do illegal drugs, shove her tongue down Miss Teen USA's throat, and drink like a sailor (even though she was under 21) as long as there aren't any photos. You're all hypocrites with little knowledge of the real deal and jealous because the only exposure you'll ever get is seeing your stupid comments in print.

2839 days ago


I agree with Kristen, the world is xxxxed up.
What they pay celebrities and sports players is outrageous.

2839 days ago


Huh... so, the little tramp does some stupid sh!t back when she was "younger" (you don't get much younger than 22), but is dumb enough to enter a major pageant not thinking that what she did a couple of years ago, which is documented by pictures, may come back to haunt her. Then when it does, she's all surprised by it. She gets her title taken away (Miss Nevada?!?!?!? She's not even FROM Nevada!!!) but as a reward for being a slut, gets $2million. She's not even that pretty, she kinda looks like a 40 year old who gets plastic surgery and wears too much makeup to try to make herself look younger. I guess the moral of the story is, act right, and you go unnoticed. Be a whore, show your siliconebags to the world, make out with other siliconebagged whores, and get couple million bucks. Where so I sign up? Oh wait, I have something she doesn't have, yep, here it is... my dignity!!!

2839 days ago


Well, at least the flyer was printed on recycled paper.

2839 days ago

My two cents    

When the first photos of Katie first surfaced I thought it was sad that "one" night of fun for her was coming back to bite her in the butt. I mean, come on, we all do something stupid here and there, HOWEVER, every time we turned around, more and more photos of the same type of behavior continued to come to the surface and I just could not feel sorry for her any longer and soon started to disgust me that her tongue is all over so very many body parts of so many people. Talk about gross!! I am surprised Jet has not named her, Her Magesty, The Tongue. This will all end up a tragic little tale for this young lady in the end. She will be lured down a most disgusting road the rest of her life by people who want to capitalize on her stupidty. As for Apryls comment above, I cannot understand why she thinks Katie deserves this publicity for what was done to her. It was Katies own doing to lick every bodys body parts knowing she was be photographed a hundred times or better. Face it Apryl, Katie is a little skank who is just monopolizing.

2839 days ago


haha this is so funny

flash forward 5 years . . . she'll look like a 40year old 3pack a day bitter needy women. Too much partying is bad for the skin. Too much drinking makes ya fat and bloated. She'll either be in playboy or an alcoholic within 2 years. The bags (that are already starting) will make her look like a crack head.

Kinda feel sorry for her more than anything, because she is just so clueless about life. . . oh well.

2839 days ago

He's Boring now    

#11 April with a said:

"Don't believe everything you read, hear, or even see"

Could you please tell us than what should be following to believe? Please dont say Faith for when it comes to this dingbat surely you cant have Faith in knowing shes really a good girl.

2839 days ago


Shocking.. I thought once a whore, never whore again.. WRONG - WHORE! She certainly does look like most average woman that would simpy do something for the money.... I hope the monkey gets out of the cage and sticks his a**hole right on her face and cums all over that average look of hers.

2839 days ago
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