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Angelina Cheers Up -- For a Minute

1/16/2007 6:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After making her way through the Golden Globes red carpet in a huff, Angelina Jolie managed to lighten up and enjoy a kiss with her lover Brad Pitt. Lucky b***h!

While the supercouple didn't show too many signs of affection throughout the telecast, once the cocktails were flowing, Brad planted a big wet one on Angie. Mama needs her some lovin'!

Although Brad lost out to Eddie Murphy for Best Supporting Actor, going home with Angelina is more than enough prize for any man.


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Towlie is a home wrecker. I know her personally and could tell you a few things. My gosh, an adulterer, gay on the side, and bashing Angelina for stealing someone else's husband? Total skank.

2839 days ago

beth c    

I just wonder how Ang will feel when Mad and Zee and Shiloh are old enough to judge her actions and if by chance they decide that Mum took up with a married man, had a wild past, had children out of wedlock or anything else she has done..and they decide they don't want to talk to her because of it?Would this not be karma for the way she's treated her father?

2839 days ago


yuck, i hate her. and he is kissing her on the cheek with his eyes open - is that all the passion these two phonies can muster for the cameras? i am LOVING that they are not happy together, they have nothing to say to each other and no chemistry. he left a warm and loving wife for a hot piece of ass that's already gotten cold and stale. nice one losers.

2839 days ago


Angelina is so full of herself that she cannot see the truth beyond her boney hand. I am just disgusted at her behavior last night. I have always admired her care and so on for kids, but my gosh, please give a little credit to those who gave her the "money" to have all the opportunities in the world to go and adopt and fly here and there at a whims notice. Has she forgotten her own roots.

I never really had much to say about her, but after seeing her interview with Ryan Seacrest, she was just A BITCH. And I am really turned off.

Many of us would love an opportunity to be loved and admired on the so called "glamorous red carpet" - but guess the tattooed, blood drinking, cutting, brother kissing glamour woman is above all of us.

Also, what's up really with her resentment with her father? I still to this day find it rather interesting.

I think she holds many dark secrets and doesn't want the public to find out how WEIRD she really is.

Or, God forbid, someone like social services to take away her kids. I think she is not right.

2839 days ago


A drink can do wonders for someone's mood. Then again, maybe she just feels like an ass for being such a bitch earlier... She owes him some love.

2839 days ago


Sorta off topic but....just saw on "The Insider" talking about the GG's after party scene and Tom, Katie AND Posh, and, as the announcer stated, their new BFF Eva Longoria partied together!

Forget big boobs, Posh and Eva's collar bones were way out there!! Gross!!

2839 days ago


You guys are so funny.. You and your opinons, nothing but negativity. Any subject, any celebrity, its just post after post of vile and venom. Grow up people.

The picture here is a typical picture snapped in two secs capturing them in a awkward moment, its called a photograph. how many times has someone snapped a bad picture of you but if taken a few seconds earlier or before would've shown another view. Please not a topic at all to even make comments on. They look fine.

As for Angelina, how she will feel when her kids will grow up. proud as hell, she single handedly brought attention to africa and other countries that had nothing, she donates more then ten percent of her earnings for Every film she does. She travels to these places and stays in bad conditions, she receives no special treatment when she's there and puts herself in danger everytime she goes. She not only found her soul mate in Brad she's turned him into a man more interested in helping our world, then wondering how big his next pay checks going to be.
As long as millions of poor starving people are getting the money and attention they need now thanks to her and others, who gives a ratts ass what you all think..
You all really need to start treating people with a little more respect, bad charma comes around.

As for Brad "leaving" Jen that is something NOONE will ever know the truth to, you have no right to judge them or anyone else. Being with someone you no longer love is wrong, life is short and if they found love with each other then too damn bad. Jenn will get over it.

2839 days ago

Message In A Bottle    

I honestly don't know what the freaking big deal is about Angelina...sure I applaud her for her humanitarian work, but I honestly don't see anything THAT special about her.

2839 days ago


Go back to lickin' p***y, by the view. Bet your mama's proud of you. NOT!!!

2839 days ago


Why the hell do people say power couple? What power do they have? Are they working the doors at the awards like at Hyde? If I don't want to see someone's stupid movie, I change the channel. I have the power. And I am pretty sure I could kick Brad's ass. I wish there was a real fight club, so I could prove it.

2839 days ago


You know what they say- the one who's doing the accusing is usually the guilty one. HAAAAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAA

2839 days ago


I love Brad and Angie! I don’t think Angelina was mad at all, I watch the runways shows and she was smiling and laughing as she walked down the red carpet. It seem to me that it was Brads day and she wanted people to focus on his work (hint her gesturing to Brad to answer the questions) and not ask the same stupid questions they always do every time they stop to be interviewed. Now if she had taking over the interview people would have had something to say about her controlling the relationship. I guess perception really is reality to some people and just because she wasn’t gushing over some of the t.v. personality now she has a attitude. Get real she was doing what a good mate should do and she still gets S*** for just letting him have his day, poor girl can’t win for losing!

2839 days ago


Brad seemed really open and happy, the way Angie used to be. Angie needs to lighten up and be her " I don't care what people say about me" self again. she was much more interesting and free back then. this new "I'd rather not be bothered" Angie sucks.

2839 days ago


that looks like a real uncomfortable kiss...and they 2 of the hottest looking people in hollywood. that is sad.

2839 days ago

showers of Blessings    

I love the Jolie Pitt family.

What I dont understand is why are there so much hate in this world?

Why are so many people writing derogatory remarks about them?

They are good people, good parents, and strong people.

I have much much respect for them. I believe in them and I know this family is growing stronger every day. I pray that God will shower them with much blessings.

I guess haters are just pathetic and will find fault in anything.

I do strongly believe those haters are lonely people who has a dark soul.

2839 days ago
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