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Brit's New Boytoy: What Team Is He On?

1/16/2007 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rumors have been swirling regarding Brit's new beau and his sexual orientation.

The sexy duo were spotted at some of L.A. and Vegas' hottest gay bars and clubs. Some think that the reason for the gay venue visits is because that's where Isaac Cohen likes to go. The truth is: it isn't so.

TMZ's inside sources say that the rumors are simply not true. Not only is this pairing not an act, but Britney and Isaac are actually holding back while in public. Our spy said that once the couple is out of camera view, the two can't keep their hands off each other, and that Britney hasn't looked this happy for a long time!


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Wow Brit you hit the jackpot this time. Maybe this scruffy looking guy will clean you out, which Kevin didn't get the chance to do. Of course, thinking about that she offered it all to Kevin and I'm sure she'll do the same for loser # 2. Someone should tell Britney that your not supposed to buy love.

2806 days ago


She should be happy spending time with her kids!

2806 days ago


Okay, what year will she be going home to take care of her kids?!

2806 days ago


Brit, you need to ditch the Kevin #2 you're hanging out with and spend some time by youself, on the treadmill. Also, throw that dress out and lose the roots. You look like sh*t.

2806 days ago


He's a very nice guy - you don't know him #1 post so don't call him a loser.
Maybe they're frequenting the gay clubs because her album is coming out and the boys love her. Let's try to have a little more positive way in which we look at Britney - she shoulders a lot (it's not all fun and games) - she just doesn't complain. Let's not forget how hard she has worked and how much she has accomplished - unlike us sitting on our butt voicing our opinions on the computer.

2806 days ago


Jarrid - your right I don't know him, do you? Silly me, obviously you do to say he is nice. Any man that dates Britney and parties with her is a loser. A real man wouldn't go near that piece of crap. Being a mother of two and never being with your kids is really not a turn on for respected men, just losers. On top of that, it's so fun to trash Brit. If I have to see her nasty face everywhere then I have a right to trash her.

2806 days ago


Oh, PLEASE! That girl is happy with ANYONE who gives her attention. Maybe she should buy him a Ferrari to keep him interested for awhile. All she wants is a MAN and could care less about her children.

2806 days ago

Agent D    

Ok, Nice MuMu Britney!!!

Spend time with you kids!!!!! I don't even have any kids, and I don't go out to the bar everyday!

2806 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

He looks like the kind of trash this miserable slut has a special liking for.

2806 days ago

Lady G    

The only thing I am begging for now is that someone fix her hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is a cross between a used mop and a cheap wig, i cant take it. where are the days of "im a slave 4 u?".....where? where? where? this is torture. if you have that much money, just pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the over-the-counter extensions are too dofficult to even look at. ken paves, help her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2806 days ago

Lady G    

Dear #2-

Youre clearly:

A) Part of Britney's camp. Try to be a little less obvious next time.
B) Please do not knock people who are on a computer all day. Some of us write for a living, possibly do some computer work, etc....we all dont have 50 million in the bank from shaking our ass around, though mine would be worth at least half that....well, actually, from the looks of Britney now, definitely equivalant.

So, as we have been doing all along, we will CONTINUE to voice our opinions, which is one of our rights as Americans.....

You didnt complain when people like us were praising her we will consequently speak up when we stop.

Toodles! =)

2806 days ago


Dear #8:

You are so right with rewgard to poster #2 - that one is totally in Twitney's camp.

And to #2: maybe you're just a loser sitting on your ass doing jack other than reading these postings, but you sure as hell cannot speak for the rest of us! The only thing the Twit has worked hard at recently is stuffing of her face, losing her dignity (which was minimal to begin with), and making an absolute ass of herself. To add insult to injury, Twitney had the nerve to flash the world her big ugly ass...I feel sorry for her baby boys, who will have to endure the spectacle the woman has made of herself.

2806 days ago

J Doe    

she’s bonkers, has manic-depression/postpartum out the yingyang, not to mention massively screwed up priorities, but she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.

Ladies and Gentlemen…she WANTS to lose her kids. K-fed is history, she realized that she fucked up, that children were way more of a responsibility than she bargained for (instant self-gratification much?)she misses her old life and wants to party like its 2001 all over again, like nothing has changed.

Her children are the only thing the stand in the way, and this KILLS her, not too mention that she now has living breathing reminders of her mistake. She wants to get rid of them in a way that won’t make her look like a total bitch and blow her cover for world adoration, so her logic is to live it up, look like “Hot Mama”, get popular again, hang out with younger, newer starlets to reach a new and improved fan base, and wean herself away from her babies and vice versa.

She goes to divorce court, loses custody, and BINGO. They are now K-feds total responsibility and headache, which leaves her free to slither around with pythons and film more greasy videos. Now she’s a edgy, controversial pop star, the sexy girl next store with a bad-girl streak. OOOH, she’s so WILD. She LOST HER KIDS.

Nice try Brit. You’re as transparent as your clothing.

2806 days ago


All I ask is that she finishes this new CD, it comes out and it crashes and burns so she will GO AWAY. The only things she had going for her before was that "I'm so hot (not to me, I could see her true self through the makeup) yet untouchable" act. That's done thanks to Kevin, two kids and showing something that I could have gone the rest of my life happy without seeing. Too bad she turned Playboy down, they don't even show what she's shown for free and no matter how "hot" she becomes again, they won't want it. Neither will anyone else.

Parents won't let their kids buy her stuff and the queens liked the glam Britney which is clearly gone. If you're Madonna or Cher, the homosexuals will stay with you. Britney is neither. Straight men have a short attention span, they have many other perpetually hot women to concentrate on.

2806 days ago


i am 22, my parents had me when they were my age. they wanted to go party and stuff. but they knew once you have kids, your priority is your kids, not to find some guy like Issac and go out and party ever night and not to even think about kids.
britney sure look like a sh*t what she is wearing and how she looks.
How come we see Sean priston, but how come we never see younger infant of britney?
in my opinion, she is having post traumatic stress disorder and this is the way she is taking out on her kids. if she does have PPT, then she need to go to rehab.
i hope somone can help her. i dont care about britney, but i just care about kids.
ive done to bar twice, since then ive never gone to bar and i dont even have kids. so i dont know what she is thinking.
when you are young its not about drinking and f***ing people always, it also about spending time with you family and friends and love once. If she have brain, she need to know drinking and smoking like this everyday, its not attractive. and its gonna kill her.
Brit your career is over..
She will never come back the way you were when your allbum "Hit me baby one more time" came out.
I just dont get it how can someobody move on so fast like that. She need to finalize the divorce, take care of your kids for long time, then put your new album out then maybe think about finding someone. I think she is attiention freak.

2806 days ago
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