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Enters Rehab

1/17/2007 8:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay LohanTMZ has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan has checked herself into rehab.

In a statement issued through her rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, Lindsay says "I have made a proactive decision to take care of my personal health. I appreciate your well wishes and ask that you please respect my privacy at this time."

Lindsay's mom, Dina, revealed last month that Lindsay had been attending AA meetings.

It's been a tumultuous few weeks for the "Mean Girls" star. Just two weeks ago, 20-year-old Lindsay underwent an operation to remove her appendix.


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george m    

what kind of mother gives an interview to media same day daughter enters rehab. That is one major part of her troubles, a mother who sees her daughter as a cash cow.

2833 days ago


If she can't stand the heat, get out of Hollywood.
The story is the same....some young stars can not handle the fame. How come there some celebrities who don't abuse drugs or booze like Madonna, Ted Nugent, Gene Simmons and Frank Zappa. The media does not focus their attention on their drug-free lifestyles because people like us (the common masses) rather read about stoned celebrities in magazines. Stop buying the hype.

2833 days ago

Little Titty    

Oh sh*t! What will Paris think?

2833 days ago

Lenn K    

I like Lindsay and hopes she get her life together. Godspeed!

2833 days ago


Finally! Everyone in her circle can finally get their heads out their asses and stop denying.

Best Wishes, Ms. Lohan.

2833 days ago

He's Boring now    

Her Mother needs to be educated as well on what her daughter is going through.
those pictures of her Mom with younger party goers after it was announced LL was attending AA meetings just isnt how a Program of Recovery gets worked. Nor was the fact LL was still hanging out at clubs, drinking water the right way for a person to start a program of recovery.

Maybe now with Professional in resident treatment LL can get the real scoop on how one stays sober, and her Mother also becomes part of the Education of how to help keep a loved one sober and clean.

Saw this coming a month ago cause it takes one to know one. I have been there...I hope she comes to find being sober and clean is truly a better way to live than how it has been for her. She has a chance of a lifetime now.

2833 days ago


When I started reading all of the entries from page one, it made me so sad to see all of these ignorant and crude comments about a girl they've never even met. If Linds is an alcoholic and/or drug addict then she is sick - just like having diabetes or MS. She never chose to have this disease, but it chose her. She *does* have a responsibility to *do* something about it now that she is aware and I pray that she's so sick of being sick and tired that she will finally surrender to it and turn it over to a power greater than herself. This is no question of will power and certainly *not* a question of mind over matter. It's so frustrating sometimes to see how very few people have any accurate knowledge on the subject of addiction, but yet that still doesn't prevent them from running their mouths with myths or lies. AA teaches you patience and tolerance and my guess is that we need it to deal with the people who have no clue. As for her Mom - she's most likely sick with this disease too and I pray for her recovery. Linds may be the rock to save her family and I'm sure when the time comes, she will rise to the occasion with dignity, honor and grace.

Best wishes to you Linds and keep coming back!

2833 days ago


Oh yeah, she'll be drunk off her butt by Superbowl Sunday, if not before. Very sad because while alot of her problems can be traced to her jailbird, loser father and low-life, sucking Lindsay dry mother she may not have turned out the way she did. She'll either be dead at a very young age, or washed up with no hopes of a career left.

2833 days ago


Been there. Done that. Good luck Ms. Lindsay. I bet you were terrific in the sack high on drugs!!! Now try life sober like the rest of us...

2833 days ago


She's the new Cory Haim. Pathetic little girls that think theyre grown up by the age of 20. Honestly is there any actuall fans of this looser?

2833 days ago


Don't be comparing Drew Barrymore to Lindsay Blohan! First of all, Drew Barrymore never had the sense of entitlement that Blohan displays! Nor did Drew Barrymore make up 101 excuses and repeatedly LIE! Drew Barrymore admitted she had a problem from the beginning. Blohan will NEVER be Drew! Not in a million years.

2833 days ago


Good Luck Lindsay! Hope you get well!

2833 days ago

Sad know it's even more pathetic when the person who is trying so hard to make an insult can't even spell the words correctly and ends up looking like more of a fool than the person they are trying to!

Nothing like sweet justice - or maybe you would call it sweat!

Maybe try spell check before sending out any more brilliant thoughts of yours. A dictionary might work well too, but I doubt you have one.

Now who is the real actuall looser..err actual loser I mean?

Go take a look in the mirror, I mean meeeerrerr!

2833 days ago

sheltie mom    

So, what did she do? Go right from Prince's party to the rehab clinic? You would think somebody who had made a sincere decision to seek real help for a real alcohol/drug abuse problem would spend their last night with their family and loved ones to gain strength and love for the rough time ahead. Not whooping it up for all the world to see. She is a terrible example for young women and girls.

2833 days ago


Good luck and god bless!

2833 days ago
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