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Enters Rehab

1/17/2007 8:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay LohanTMZ has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan has checked herself into rehab.

In a statement issued through her rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, Lindsay says "I have made a proactive decision to take care of my personal health. I appreciate your well wishes and ask that you please respect my privacy at this time."

Lindsay's mom, Dina, revealed last month that Lindsay had been attending AA meetings.

It's been a tumultuous few weeks for the "Mean Girls" star. Just two weeks ago, 20-year-old Lindsay underwent an operation to remove her appendix.


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Dear Friends of Bills, post #62

For your information, we are not at an AA meeting.. you have entered the wrong room.. this is TMZ not AA.

You might be in recovery, but you are a hypocrite. Read your first sentence.... like YOU know her. And you call her, Linds.. like she is actually reading TMZ and suggesting that you KNOW her.

If you do, I would suggest you get right over to rehab, become her sponsor, and work with her on the "being honest" part of AA. Leave your comments to yourself.

I am so sick of people like yourself that always have a "reason" or some sort of "excuse" for things that you do. Not all of us believe that alcholism is a disease. Some of us actually believe that it is a cop out for bad behavior.

"Mommy sat me on the toilet backwards so therefore, I drink," bullsh*t.

The next time you see someone with either MS or diabetes, try telling them that their illness is simiiar to being a drunk/drug/gambler, etc. Watch their rage.

And for the record, the bullsh*t about how we are to feel sorry for alkeys with their low self esteems and that is why they drink..... they have low self esteem because of what they have done to their families, to society, and to their own self. The REAL truth is that they think too highly of themselves and then feel remorse when they realize they have NO self control.

Linds, Brit, Paris, Nic, Anna, the list goes on and on.

Cry me a river!!!

2745 days ago


Dear #68 GUCanReallyTellUm,

You are a bitch.

You are trying to insult #64, but for your information (and I realize that this will be way over your head) she was making a "play on words."

I got it.. I am certain many others 'got it."

Blohan.... blow as in Cocaine/drugs

She didn't need a dictionary.. but, you do need to head to bed.

2745 days ago


Big suprise here. Dumb Bitch. Who want's to make bets this drama queen will be back at it by next week.
How about it's only news if she stays in and doesn't have some skeez on her arm.That would be news.
Who hasn't she fought with in Hollywood? Role model for kids? NO WAY!
She's just as bad as Brit.

2745 days ago


I remember 2 years ago on the early show when Lindsay was being interviewed for her role in Freaky Friday. The question was asked well where do you go from here? Her answer was well I have a younger sister so I need to be a roll model for her. I was so impressed with a young women who wanted to be a good influence on younger girls looking up to her,
What happened? Good Roll model Lindsay.

2745 days ago


Excuse me but I am #64 and I didn't spell one word wrong. You are a dipsh*t! Lindsay BLOHAN is what I MEANT to say - as in she likes to do BLOW! I am laughing my ass off at you right now. Dipsh*t!

2745 days ago

searching for truth    

Hello #72 - I believe a sequence change must have happened here, as I finally put together that #68 more likely meant to reference post #65 - check it out.

2745 days ago


Good Luck Linds, get yourself better girlie.

2745 days ago


Does anyone really care anymore? Can she just go away now!

2745 days ago


How do these clubs get away with serving these under age skanks ?
Sorry I have no empathy for Brit Beaver , Paris Anythingoranybodyinmyp***y , or Lindsay Firewater/coke/vicodan/crotch.

2745 days ago


Is she really in Rehab? Remember she was also having an operation according to the press release. Is this all a lie to get her out of some contract we don't know about? A bad movie deal perhap? Be interesting to see what developed over the next thirty days or so. Bet ya there is a contract dispute we don't know about and they will use this to get her out of paying damages.

2745 days ago


#43 Lucky One- God Bless you

2745 days ago


Truly talented stars that have made names for theirselves in hollywood do not reside there. This media whore deserves every negative comment that is thrown her way.

2745 days ago


who gives a BM?!?!?!?! just patiently awaiting the video footage of her autopsy to be splashed all over net. :)

2745 days ago

be nice    

good luck, lindsay. good for you for being smart enough to get help. you can do it!

2745 days ago


Dear lucky one,Anyone who drinks a gallon of rot-gut a day hence the name rot-gut and doesn't expect to have health issues at some point is mentally challenged.You must have had good insurance,otherwise you would surely be worm food.

2744 days ago
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