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What Was in Paula's Cup?

1/17/2007 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Did Paula Abdul have a few -- or several -- to help her get through the endless agony of listening to screeching "American Idol" contestants?

Last week, the "Idol" judge appeared on FOX stations to promote the show, and there was enough slurring, giggling, and wackiness to satisfy affiliates from Alabama to Washington; a condition Paula described as being in her "own little world." Then, last night on the season premiere of "Idol," we noticed that there was plenty of attention paid to Paula and her liquid consumption, and in one exchange with her colleagues, she conspicuously weaved to and fro.

So, was Paula in her own, booze-soaked "little world" again? You decide.

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Paula was tore up!!!! Alcohol?Prescription drugs? your guess is as good as mine,
I was waiting for her to fall off her chair!! She has been trying to damage control for the interviews she's had, when all she is doing is adding fuel to the fire!! I kept looking at her instead of paying attention to the auditions!! I mean it is funny to watch, WE ALL LOVE A TRAIN WRECK!!! MY GIRL WAS GOING CHOOOO CHOOO!!! LAST NIGHT, LOL, FUNNY AS HELL, I HOPE SHE IS PUTTING HER MONEY AWAY.... FROM THE LOOKS OF THINGS SHE JUST MIGHT GET THE BOOT!!!

2838 days ago

Land Shark    

I think a better question is: when ISN'T Paula drunk?

2838 days ago


Let Paula call it whatever she wants but she must go. How do you spell "professionaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll" whoops, must be the pain pills.

2838 days ago


I agree with lily (# 11). Hope Paula is fine and just enjoying herself along with good ratings.

2838 days ago


It probaly hit her that had she been a contestant on Idol in her prime she would have been laughed off stage.hence the need to booze it up occassionally,live on tv.

2838 days ago


It won't be long before Simon loses all of his patience with this obviously intoxicated broad. She looks like sh*t and is incoherent 99.99% of the time while on camera (and 100% while off camera).

Com'on, Simon, spare us her bullsh*t and fire her ass. She apparently doesn't give a sh*t about her gig or about what America thinks. Lose her and please please do it fast!!! Trump can then let her run in one his pageants (as the red carpet, where she'd be sprawled). We all know he has a sweet spot for wasted floozies, so be done with it - JUST GET RID OF THE DRUNK LOSER!.

2838 days ago


Did you all notice that the other judges didn't really even noitce Paula's behavior? They are so used to it I'm they probably all have a little something in their coke cups.

2838 days ago


She was absolutely booze-housed last night. Total mess! I almost felt sorry for her, but then not so much.

2838 days ago


i dont think paula is drugged it lookes like what michal j. fox has sorta

2838 days ago

Laurie R    

i am probably one of three people in the whole world who don't get into AI. never have, it's no biggie. but even I will admit i watched it the other night SOLELY to watch PA make an @$$ of herself! it was hilarious!! she was wasted on something and i'm willing to bet it's probably prescription drugs. what a hoot! i'll keep watching it just to see if she falls out of her chair at some point and then to read some LUDICROUS statement from her publicist about how she was distracted by voices in her head or something........

2838 days ago


I find it very strange that Paula can get away with this behavior over and over, And especially on a show targeted at young viewers. This is ridiculous. If this is how Paula will act once again this year, my daughter will not be watching.

Surely they could get another judge who hasn't made a record in years, to come in and fight with Simon and give better answers than "I Pass". What is wrong with the producers? I think having guest judges is great, except that Jewell had no clue how to "judge"...obviously she didn't like anyone really, and wanted to say so, but was constantly waiting to hear from Randy. I think the guest judges should disagree when they want to.

I guess that having people talk about Paula helps Idol's publicity---tthe producers think. But it doesn't really...the fact that so many people who interview her notice her being incoherant is sad, really sad.
She needs help and they need a different woman judge...

2838 days ago


15. i dont think paula is drugged it lookes like what michal j. fox has sorta
Posted at 1:33PM on Jan 17th 2007 by ok dave

I agree, I wish she would come out and tell us what is going on with her health.

2838 days ago


She was sniffing and wiping her nose as well in that clip.........

2838 days ago


I agree with both #! and #14. She has had long term pain issues, and is probably on long term pain medications, which can be pretty heavy duty. I am also on them. Now, I wouldn't be on TV talking a lot, I just might fall asleep right in the middle of a sentence. Just after taking multiple sips of water for my dry mouth.

Either way, I don't think I would be on TV. Perhaps they didn't think about this preliminary performances being televised, and let her stay, in preparation for the "real thing" during the coming months.

Maybe we should see what she looks like during regular season.

It really isn't fair to Paula to have her on the show, with this type of behavior. She is sick, and needs to be treated accordingly. That doesn't mean to fire her butt.

AI would seriously be missing something vital without Paula.

2838 days ago


We went through this last season with her & obviously she hasn't changed.......

2838 days ago
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