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What Was in Paula's Cup?

1/17/2007 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Did Paula Abdul have a few -- or several -- to help her get through the endless agony of listening to screeching "American Idol" contestants?

Last week, the "Idol" judge appeared on FOX stations to promote the show, and there was enough slurring, giggling, and wackiness to satisfy affiliates from Alabama to Washington; a condition Paula described as being in her "own little world." Then, last night on the season premiere of "Idol," we noticed that there was plenty of attention paid to Paula and her liquid consumption, and in one exchange with her colleagues, she conspicuously weaved to and fro.

So, was Paula in her own, booze-soaked "little world" again? You decide.

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leslie white    

Leave Paula alone, without her there would be no idol

2733 days ago


Again the Rosie hater is at it again - how come you didn't b***ch when REBA had Kelly Clarkson on her show last week and they made fun of Paula by Cheyenne pretending to be her and acting all drunk and passed out? How come you all didn't bash OPRA H who berated Simon on her BIG SCREEN for millions to see, how come none of the radio station disc jockeys aren't being trrashed - My local DJ's were blasting Paula all morning from 5AM in the monring to about noon - way before Rosie even commented on Paul.

You just like to B***ch about Rosie because, either you are the Combover or one of his employees paid to go online to post, or perhaps you are PAT O'BRIEN, the slush and chainsmoking farce who loves to instigate the fued between the Combover and Rosie.

2733 days ago


She's a pill head... look at last year, pilled out again. We saw her on the FOX interviews, my daughter and I looked at each others and said PILLS... then laughed when we heard her people try to SPIN it.

2733 days ago


I had back surgery two months ago and I am on pain meds but I don't act like a drunk. Paula may be on pain killers, but she's also adding some booze to the mix. Back pain sucks, really sucks but then you see Paula the next day and she's in a different mood entirely. I heard she takes a weekly injection for her pain, but I think Rosie is right....she's tipping a few too. It's too bad and a bad example for the young children watching American Idol. I like Paula, but I think she has a drug and or alcohol problem and someone needs to help her.

2733 days ago


You know what? Paula is not hurting anyone else. What I want to know is why does Rosie feel that she can talk so ugly about Paula.....she is the one that first made fun of the Donald's comb-over and talked ugly about him. I think what Rosie said, insinuated strongly on The View, Rosies' new show, is way out of line and uncalled for.

2733 days ago


To #90 Oprah did not berate Simon yesterday on her big screen. They had a very nice, civil interview and he answered honestly. The problem with Rosie is that it is okay for her to say whatever she wants about anyone - but she can't take any criticism of her - therefore she should go home and do her artwork with her children. What does she tell them about the comments that she makes about others - mind you - they let Danny DeVito come on their show bombed out of his mind! and somehow that was okay?

2733 days ago


Let's give her the benefit of the doubt a little, Folks. Remember, as it has been pointed out before, Paula has severe back problems and is in pain constantly and probably has to take meds or SOMETHING just to get through normal days. Getting through some of these auditions sitting in one place for long periods of time and listening to some torturously bad singers must be harsh on her condition.

2733 days ago


ah shaddup! boy we are so judgemental...when did we all become experts, able to diagnose in a single clip...enough already.

have you seen the number of people auditioning...hell when they get to the to memphis there is a record breaking number of people waiting...maybe she is overwhelmed...whiped out after a long day and had you know that drink that gives you wings....who knows...but as we all walk around unblemished and with ability to trash others....whew!

...and correct me if i am wrong but she has always been goofy and animated. i chalk it up to being punch drunk and perhaps taking something that gives her energy.

but who cares about what i think...RIGHT?!?!?!

2733 days ago


Young people watch that show and fox is telling them its ok to be stoned. What is wrong with u people!!!!!! what happene to moral conduct!!!!!!!!!

Get Rid of Her shes a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2733 days ago


I Think Rosie Nailed It !!!!!

2732 days ago


Paula or Paula's people,

Please let her get things together so we can shut people up. I'm not a Paula fan but I don't dislike her. I just want Fat-ass Rosie and the likes to shut up. If she has a problem ... please let her come to the foreground with it and squash all the BS.

I'll continue to watch Idol because if people are that stupid to put themselves out there to be criticised then....they deserve whatever Simon, Randy, and Paula have to deal out.

2732 days ago


I Think Rosie Nailed It . !!!!!

2732 days ago


What's really pathetic and embarassing is how the geneal public can't find anything else constructive or productive to do with their time than to sit back and speculate on someone's addict or non-addictive state. SO What is she is on pills, booze, or just a natural dont feed, F, or finance what concern of it is yours? Jezz. I mean have you not scratched that hatred itch inside long enough. Let it rest and let the woman be who she is and wants to be and you go on about life and live yours....

2732 days ago


If she was fucked up, so what! Its not like she is endangering anybody but her own self. If I had to listen to all those wannabees and idiots who cant sing but want to see their sorry butts on national TV, I'd be poppin pills and getting stoned myself. Perhaps she should slip a few in Simons drink just to see if it mellows him out!

2732 days ago


Paula was HIGH!

2732 days ago
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