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Zach Braff Crashes & Burns With Chick

1/18/2007 2:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zach BraffWhen you're a funny, charming and handsome star like Zach Braff, there aren't many women out of your reach, right? Not so much.

A TMZ spy spotted Zach at a party in Hollywood where the "Scrubs" star was trying to sweet-talk one of the female caterers.

He pulled every card he had up his sleeve -- but to no avail. After telling the server how beautiful she was and informing her that he would have her added to the guest list at Hyde, she still kindly refused. Although Braff didn't show any signs of a bruised ego, it had to hurt.


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Poor Zach. Unfortunately, although he is kind cute, it is cute like David Schwimmer. a one noter and basically a geek, and that appealing of a geek, either. so sad

2833 days ago


what a dork! Garden State was completely over rated....He's half a fag.

2833 days ago


If this is true, I feel for the caterer, and not for Zach. The gal was there for working purposes, possible otherwised engaged (to another individual), and therefore not interested.

Although some attention loving women enjoy it, some of us don't like to be ogled as if we are steak and every fool that approaches has the steak sauce (Oh, aren't they always so f-ng surprised; Go flatter poutyposh, she truly digs that). Good for you, girl. Tell them to go and don't come back!

2833 days ago


Damn that 's kinda bad. A Hollywood waitress turns down a B list tv star. Most women in her position, not all , would have jumped at the chance. Dude you need a new rap!!

2833 days ago


lol he is a Scrub in real life !

2833 days ago


Awww, he's so cute! I'd let him put me on the guest list at Hyde. Well actually I wouldn't 'cause I'm married but 3 years ago I would've! :o)

2833 days ago


To Poster# 4
B list ? I think you have been too kind, lol

2833 days ago


oops ! typo on my previous post, I mean poster# 5, silly me.

2833 days ago


Poor Zach!
I would date him in a second, he's adorable! Who can set up a meeting? I live in the Los Angeles area!

2833 days ago


live his character on scrubs, but he tends to use the one phrase celebs use to get what they want . . .

"don't you know who I am?" heard it from his mouth . . . the person he said it to didn't nor did they care.

2833 days ago

Laurie R    

that gal must either be gay or seriously in love w/someone else to turn down ZB. he is incredibly attractive because of his sense of humor! who wants a pretty boy anyway (w/the exception of brad pitt)?? he is head and shoulders above david schwimmer. to be honest i had to google that name because i couldn't recall where'd i heard it. he's sharp, talented and funny. hey ZB, I'M available :-)

2833 days ago


This guy is considered handsome? Who writes this stuff?

2833 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

I applaud this girl. Like another poster said already, there are so many women who would have jumped at the chance to carouse with a celebrity, just because he's a celebrity.

Can't blame a guy for trying, but, "I'll put you on the guest list at Hyde??" That's kinda lame.

2833 days ago


That's a shame. He's a nice guy too.

Keep trying buddy

2833 days ago


Seriously, who writes this stuff? This guy isn't handsome or funny. Id rather do Greasy Bear.

2833 days ago
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