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Halle Warns the Help: Don't Speak to Me!

1/19/2007 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Money is no object to Halle Berry, but meaningless chatter, on the other hand, pisses her off.

TMZ has learned that an Orange County painting company has been called to spruce up cabinets in Halle Berry's Los Angeles home, which the Oscar winner has been remodeling for over a year. The company has been asked to merely stain the existing wood cabinets in the kitchen ... with a staggering $57,000 price tag!

The contract between the actress and all those doing work on her property has a few interesting clauses: First, any worker is prohibited to approach Berry while in the home or on the premises. Second, no one is allowed to speak to the A-list Miss B at any time. Finally, the only approved interaction is if Halle speaks to you, then you may answer Her Fineness.

When you're getting 57 large to stain kitchen cabinets, one keeps one's mouth shut.


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i do not like Halle Berry she is a tramp

2837 days ago

Peaches & Cream    

Chill out! This is standard language in Hollwoody service contracts! Other than telling a designer what she wants done to her cabinetsa nd the designer getting a contract with a company she (Halle) probably didn't even see the contract. Most likely the designer signed the contract AND robably checked the box saying 'no contact please'.

2832 days ago


halle needs to remember WHERE she came from.. bedford ohio is hardly the glam capital of the world. she is a regular person with an overinflated ego. She puts her pants on ( or off) like the rest of us.She could still be at a 7/11 on the night shift. Good fortune goes as quickly as it is gained girlfriend.. you need a reality check. There was NO silver spoonin your mouth at birth, more like plastic. Get over give REAL people in ohio a bad name.

2832 days ago


WOW think much of does she know they would even want to talk to her.......she just lost some respect in my book if this is true

2831 days ago


If I were famous like Halle Berry, I wouldn't want the hired help speaking to me either. You think you are being nice, and then your personal things are stolen and someone has given a false story to the National Enquirer. Workers are there to work, not socialize. Right now, Halle has too many racist, jealous people hating on her because she is dating this white man. The last thing she needs is someone telling the world that their relationship is a publicity stunt or that they are not in love, don't look in love, fight a lot, the man is gay... You get the point.

Halle Berry, you are doing the right thing, girl!!! Keep your head up. Keep your love strong and be true to yourself. Do not allow other people to dictate to you how you should live your life or what color your man has to be. You do that and you will have a lovely life.

2827 days ago


another B-I-T-C-H

2790 days ago


she aint all her on the street with no makeup on AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you wouldnt recognize her old ass

2790 days ago


I doubt seriously that Halle knows whats in the contract. I'm sure her assistant or handles things like this. People jump to conclusions just to dog people.

2790 days ago


I can appreciate the fact that Berry wants to remain private, but to forbid workers in her home from approaching her is rather ridiculous and smacks of snobbery and arrogance.

2790 days ago


Comment #69 authored by JUST ME. I am delighted that you are doing so well, but you sound rather condescending, if not arrogant and pretentious. Forgive me if I underestimate you.

2790 days ago

what'd I say?    

people people people...
Whatever your opinion of Halle Berry may be. The woman has random people walking up to her on a daily basis invading her personal time on a daily basis.
Not everyone has the sense to be understanding or professional when they encounter a celeb and so simple things like "don't talk the clients ear off or try to become their new best friend in the hopes of becoming famous while you have access in their home" need to be outlined in a work contract.

it's the same as any overly chatty cable guy, or maintenance person.
sometime boundaries aren't respected in those kind of situations and it's uncomfortable when you don't want your carpenter(cableguy, cabbie, whatever)'s life story, you just want your shit repaired and the strangers out of your home.
I wish we could all have such specific contracts with stuff like that.

Lay off.

2789 days ago


Well, I suspect that Halle's had some trouble in the past with folks who find themselves in her presence and go a little crazy. Her mistake was to put her concerns in writing when a few private words with the contractor would probably have covered it....but then, if she had done that, what would we have to talk about?

p.s. The comments about her "not being that hot" and "washed up" are very mean. Can't you disagree with her without being so cruel and petty?

2768 days ago
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