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Halle Warns the Help: Don't Speak to Me!

1/19/2007 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Money is no object to Halle Berry, but meaningless chatter, on the other hand, pisses her off.

TMZ has learned that an Orange County painting company has been called to spruce up cabinets in Halle Berry's Los Angeles home, which the Oscar winner has been remodeling for over a year. The company has been asked to merely stain the existing wood cabinets in the kitchen ... with a staggering $57,000 price tag!

The contract between the actress and all those doing work on her property has a few interesting clauses: First, any worker is prohibited to approach Berry while in the home or on the premises. Second, no one is allowed to speak to the A-list Miss B at any time. Finally, the only approved interaction is if Halle speaks to you, then you may answer Her Fineness.

When you're getting 57 large to stain kitchen cabinets, one keeps one's mouth shut.


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Hey #25

Sounds like you have bad judgement. Are you sure YOU don't shop at Wal-Mart? The only companies that I know that behave that way are the CHEAP ones! I bet you picked the contractors you did on price alone! You wouldn't even say even if you did..but between me and know you did! That is why I have at least 2 guys working on EVERY JOB so bitches like you can't come back and say my guys were harrassing you....and I'm a woman myself...I know your type not to mention people are always looking for something for nothing and THEN HAVE THE BALLS TO COMPLAIN when they get degenerate help!

2837 days ago


It's understandable why she would act this way -- too many people who work for celebrities use any opportunity as an opening to scam them. Many celebrities are stalked, all it takes is a smile and polite conversation for some stalker types to get started. Security consultants insist on these type of contracts. The workers are there to work, there is no need to chat. Anyone who has had remodeling done, and dealt with the money and time going over written estimates (like always!), takes a tougher line the next time and is more business like toward the workers.

2837 days ago


If Her Majesty is so bothered by the little people speaking to her, why does't she just arrange to be out when they are there, or just in another part of that huge house.

There's no justification for this, and I would be willing to bet the people defending her would be verbally bitchslapping Paris Hilton if this story was about her.

2837 days ago


You totally had me until the end of your post. Then you had and go trash other women unnecessarily. Why? Who the hell do you think YOU are? No one has a clue what any poster looks like, what their finances are, etc. If you feel you are "above' other female posters, what are you doing here?

Maybe you have a problem with workers because you are so bloody conceited.

2837 days ago


Listen, I understand perfectly. I HATE having people inside my residence doing work that needs to be done. I want them in and out. It's horribly incovenent and the less they have to say to me the better. HALLE I'M WITH YOU ON THIS.

2837 days ago


@ #32

I never hire the cheapest which is probably the company you work for. Trust me, I hire the best which tends to be the more expensive.

Yep, just as I mentioned. You're the fat, Walmart shopping, man looking woMAN who has never experienced this and never will. Face it - some men (NOT ALL) are just unprofessional. If they're in the presences of a beautiful woman they'll act inappropriate. I know you've never experienced this and never will.

Quick Walmart is closing in a few, don't you have some shopping to do. Don't forget to pick up an application. (Pray, they won't ask you to take a drug test though...)

2837 days ago


Hey Team Halle, Ms. Berry is calling you to clean her toilet. Go admire yourself in the reflection of the basin...oh by the way, don't be offended when her hired help doesn't talk to you...

2837 days ago


I believe it. She acts the same way with fans. Only nice to them when the cameras are rolling. Not a nice lady.

2837 days ago

Cory Roberson    

You folks will believe the worst any anyone very quickly. DON'T be so guillible. You don't know if this story is ACCURATE or if it is you DON'T know the reasoning behind it. There could be a reason for this, which is not explained in this story. The story is skewed to make her look like a VILLIAN, and people buy it up.

2837 days ago



2837 days ago


Ok it porbably is for situations like this:

average joe: Good mornig miss Berry

Haley:Good Morning (starts to do what she has come down to do to get prepared for her busy day)

average joe: Say, you wouldn't have a moment to sign the back of my burrito lunch wrapper for my nephew would you?

Haley: No not at all, in fact I have a picture I will sign and bring out to you.

Average Joe: WHy thanks Miss Ber....Hey you wouldn't mind if I called you Haley would you?

Haley: I guess know what I will go get that picture.

Average Joe gets his cell phone and call best buddy

Average Joe:DUDE! never believe it I am in Haley Berrys house right now and she is getting me an autographed picture and she even let me call her Haley. Guess what I think I am gonna ask her out. Yeah! really why not.
She seems really nice and down to earth.

Haley walks in

Haley:Here's your picture and tell your nephew thank you for being a fan.
Hey look I have to get going on my day I have many things to do and lot of places to be. You have a good day.

Now this all seems relativley harmless right. Picture happening everytime though with every job you have done and everyone wanting to talk to her and maybe hand her a script from a friend or ask her the "How do I break into acting question?" May seem harmless but if that happened everytime to you too you might have your people draw up a clause like that too.

People have no manners and I would not doubt she is put on the spot like that all the time.

2837 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

It sounds like she's screwed no matter what she does. If she puts these specific clauses in the contract, then everyone calls her a bitch. If she rebukes the advances or chit-chat of a worker on a personal, case-by-case basis, then that worker goes to the media claiming that Halle Berry is a cold bitch.

Maybe we should cut her some slack. I bet other celebs do this all the time.

2837 days ago


UM.....sounds to me like she's just trying to cover her ass and avoid the ineveitable stalkers. You've seen the paps chasing her around. I'm sure some guy in a painters suit would find SOME way to ask some stupid question...and then another and another.

And way back there poster #4...what planet are YOU on. She's not that hot...please!!

2837 days ago


I would imagine any reputable contractors in Hollywood know the rules. When celebs hire a contractor, it's probably by word of mouth. I really doubt these workers are asking for autographs and tips on how to get into the business. This contract seems extreme to me. Walmart ROCKS!

2837 days ago


Ho! That's why everybody saw you getting banged doggystyle by Billy Bob Thornton!

2837 days ago
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