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Justin's Replacement?

1/19/2007 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cameron Diaz got a whole lot of personal attention from surf champion Kelly Slater during a private surf lesson in Hawaii this week. In fact, the surf god could barely take his eyes off Diaz as the pair shredded waves on the North Shore of Oahu.

As TMZ first reported, the two have been spending a lot of time together in the wake of Cameron's split from Justin Timberlake. We're told the duo hit various golf courses and restaurants on the island ... and that Diaz is shacking up at Slater's island home.

Cameron was often seen hangin' ten with former flame Justin Timberlake. A distant memory. Cowabunga dude.


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2826 days ago


Ok, I just have to say- Bunny, if you are going to post comments, then defend your comments, please re-read and make sure your sentences make sense and are complete. Really!

About Cameron- I love her. She is silly and totally cute. Justin was a little elf. He was kinda cute back in the day, but totally washed up. He DID NOT BRING SEXT BACK! Kelly is HOT... he may not be an actor/singer, but definitely a step up from JT!!!

By the way- for all those saying he should get back with Brit... even he is too good for that trash. She is the definition of disgusting!

2826 days ago


stupid ppl need to stop biotching about others and live there own life. age does not matter unless it's jail bait. so you all need to get a life....

2826 days ago


Kelly Slater is no prize. I watched him grow up in Cocoa Beach, and was good friends with his parents. His ego has officially grown so large it completely blocks his view of his roots. He shunned his own father because he was embarrassed by his alcoholism, rather than take all that money he earned surfing to get him some help. (by the way, his father encouraged and promoted his surfing, outfitting him with boards and wetsuits, etc. all of his life) When his father eventually died from his disease, Kelly wasn't even around. LOSER. BIG loser.

2823 days ago

Hula Honey    

It's sad when people have to get all riled over other peoples lieves...actors are human beings just like us...who cares who they are having fun with...can't a man and woman just be friends? Yes! I know they can...Hoorah for Cameron and Kelly...this picture is very cute of them...Live and let live...

2823 days ago


I have no earthly ide what that tirade was all about Camaron. C'mon girl. You are so much more than that!

Justin is a little boy. Not a man. You were good for when you were good and he obviously learned a lot from you. When you are good, they come back BEGGIN!

But TOO LATE! So you've had your time with him, move on to someone, who you've been waiting on. It will become so crystal clear when the real thing comes along. We all knew Justin was a baby. He needs to grow and experiment and continue to learn. You knew that all along. Justin will come into his own and you will be off onto your own journey by then. Do not wish him any ill will or be jealous. You're in HOLLY-WOOD BABE! There's always a killer babe to replace you, you know that and Jessica Biel is just that. She's hot. And Justin is just flirting.

So. get yourself together and keep on moving. It only sings for a short time, then you can laugh about it.

True Dat!

2821 days ago

L in SF    

Sure, he could be interested in Ms. Diaz, she's interesting, pretty, successful, blah-blah-blah',...but he's there to give her a surf lesson in the freaking ocean, of course, he couldn't take his eyes off her... Hey, go pay your $10. for a movie tickets, see the pre-show runway bits, look through the magazines at the dress, et al, but... leave the people alone in their personal time... Can't you / everyone else, be a little cooler then that, stalking...crazy like some demented 8 year old with no life... All the world seems hooked on the shiny worthless things in life, rather then substance...Gossip has replaced pornography !

2820 days ago


Cam's face looks like a pie and her nose is screwed up. Maybe she's an easy lay like most aging acctresses are...of course the younger Paris ho's are easy too. Id on't know dude, go for a HOT chick not some tomboy with no tits..

2818 days ago


Hey Great Dane - Slater is a bit more than a surf instructor. What do you live in a cave or just ignorant? Try 8 time WORLD CHAMP - he's also a musician who lays down some cool tunes with other surfers which they "actually write"- unlike your boy. I agree with the Wise Old Owl - JT is a bit of a homo. Look at his pop style.. no balls..I'd also like to see him even attempt to paddle out at PIPE or Sunset on an average to small day. Come out of the cave - Mallard..

2805 days ago
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