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Manson: I Won't Give Dita a Dime

1/19/2007 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Manson & Von TeeseJust two weeks after Dita Von Teese filed for divorce from Marilyn Manson, the goth rocker is trying to make luscious Dita's financial life a living hell.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Manson asked the courts to block any future claim by Von Teese for spousal support. Marilyn also wants her to pay for her own lawyers.

The former lovers aren't seeing eye-to-mascara-covered-eye on the date of their breakup either. Manson claims they split on Halloween, while Von Teese claims they broke up two months later on Christmas Eve. They are both blaming the split on "irreconcilable differences."

Manson and Von Teese had a star-studded wedding ceremony in Ireland in December of 2005. Keanu Reeves, Lisa Maria Presley and Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were among the guests.

The couple has no children.


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I agree #19 she is a beautiful , stylish woman and not a skank like the paris, britney, lindsey snatchs!

2834 days ago


She was the one who reportedly served him divorce papers (on his birthday), and she makes plenty of money. Is there any reason why he should pay for her lawyer and spousal support? I am curious how Marilyn is “trying to make luscious Dita's financial life a living hell” as the article reads.
Actually I am not, because I am sure he isn’t!

2834 days ago

chi chi    

Rose McGowan said it all, I guess Dita wasnt listening.

2834 days ago


If I were her I'd be paying him to stay out of my life.

2834 days ago


are you people retarded- maybe i read something wrong- but she's asking for NOTHING- she makes very good money on her own - and filed the papers asking for no money. She has also made it clear that she didn't want kids right away. They were together for 7 years before the marriage so- she could have hatched that supposed evil plan ages ago.

2834 days ago


They got together in 2001, so they haven't even been together a total of 7 years though a lot of media is reporting they spent that long together. they're wrong.
Anyway, Marilyn is no gentleman.
Yes, Dita is better than Blowhan, but it's sad that that's all we have to go by to call someone a lady.
I appreciate her style. They both earn less than you would think, but Dita can make her own living. When she bought the Chrysler, she was working at a strip club. I think it's afe to say she earns about 2 - 3 times the amount of a stripper on a good night.
Manson, ugh. He must be big in Japan or Jordan, there's no excuse for why he still would have ANY money at all. Isn't that why he left the music biz tmporarily? Of course, he says it's for other reasons. He's not as "intelliegnt" as he would want us to beleive either. Anyone who thinks so has never read a book without pictures.

2834 days ago


They were together for many years before they got married. And now he leaves her for a 19 year old after one year of marriage. Can anyone say MIDLIFE CRISIS?! Hell, for having to actually have sex with that man(thing, it) she deserves all the spousal support she can ring out of the prick!

2834 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I don't see Marilyn 'QUOTED' here as EVER SAYING he won't give Dita a dime.
It's YOUR headline, TMZ. He's just asked to block spousal support from the date of the split, which everyone would do, and he wants her to pay for her own lawyers. Duh. Having been married, I'm sure Marilyn expects shared profits from the duration of the legal marriage to be divided with Dita in some way. A false, scurrilous headline such as this ruins Marilyn's name, and is unethical. What you twisted was, 'Marilyn won't give Dita a dime from the split on'. Misleading, midleading, misleading.

2833 days ago

Gossip Hog    

Marilyn Manson is bigger than the Virgin Mary. lolz

2833 days ago

Mad Balls    

Harvey asks that you do not send emails asking us " If the Nasty is Boiling " . We don't know . Here at TMZ we have a strict employee payment plan . You guys write for free -- it makes us look like a magazine --works fine for us ! Until Mr. Boil gives up and realizes he has no life , enjoy this " BEST OF NASTY BOIL " thank you !
this one dated june 21 2004

WOW ! Mr . I'm so gross you love me-- MArilyn Manson -- just rubbed his crotch on the head of a security guard at a concert here in Detroit . Dickhead . Can't the guy reach his Wanker with his mouth anymore ? Wasn't that the idea of taking out a rib ? I think the doctors might have taken his brain out instead . Dickhead .

Oh yes . that gives us hear at TMZ a willy . And please if you wish to send emails to TMZ concerning mr. Boil do not address them to " Mr. dickhead " as we confuse that with Harveys mail . Thank you !

2833 days ago


"And please if you wish to send emails to TMZ concerning mr. Boil do not address them to " Mr. dickhead " as we confuse that with Harveys mail . Thank you ! "

OMG, that is the funniest thing I have read in ages! LOL Thank you, Mr. Dickhead!

2833 days ago


What does she expect after getting married to a FREAK like that? He'd spend more time with his make-up than her.

2831 days ago

David Mitchell    

Manson, you've got money. At least be courteous. Does she deserve half of everything you own? No. But at least pay for lawyers.

Also, on a side note, I must mention...

Manson is not a goth. And he does not (and never has) made goth-rock.

2829 days ago

Joe Scholwin    

personally if it only laster a year well then... he doesn't owe her s***. i mean common a year people? thats just messed up it only lasted that long, Manson's not a freak and just because you think he is and shouldn't have children. his children could end up way different from the way he is. thats what most parents would hope anyway. i have to go with what 47 says but a little differently. you only think we are freaks because of the way we look, you don't know anything about us we could be the nicest people you ever met, or your worst enemies.

2782 days ago


I dont care wat Manson does, he's got his problems yes. Everyone does, so did his ex wife of a yr. He shouldnt owe her anything cuz he would never get anything in return for it even IF im saying IF he took it all back to court. The best thig to do is take their seperate ways now. Take his stuff and move out or vice versa,They are two completely different ppl, and it can make a difference. And MM has a drinking and a drug problem, thats why he trys to cover his face as much as possible, look him up on yahoo or google and look in the pictures. I found one where he was pulled over for DUI. And he had no makeup on, he looked old, he uses the makeup to cover his real identity from the world. And thats ok too. Just remember dont always believe on what you read or hear, But when i found out that he was going to get a divorce i did some major looking around, and im not telling you ppl to do the same but consider looking into further than just the surface of his face and the makeup.:-)

2815 days ago
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