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Hottest Videos -- Week of 01/14

1/20/2007 2:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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From the looks of this video, Angelina Jolie would rather be getting a root canal then talking to Ryan Seacrest. Answering inane questions can really wear on a girl.
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Sometimes you need something to take the edge off. Which begs the question: What's Paula using to take the edge off?
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Dude, if you get in trouble for saying a bad word, the last thing you want to do is go on an internationally televised awards show and say it again. Is GLAAD mad at Isaiah for being homophobic or dumb? Answer: both.

Here's a piece of advice for the paparazzi: Don't photograph a celebrity's kids, especially Richard Gere's. In this video, Gere was so angry with photogs -- he was caught shoving one of them.

Party-mom Britney Spears was spotted in Las Vegas. She must have some crazy frequent flier miles to Sin City. Camera's rolled as the pop princess shook her groove thing and partied the night away. Her party never ends!

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Ryan seacrest has never seen a bitch if that's what he thinks she was being. Ryan sucks ! <

2834 days ago


This is round whatever (?) of trying to milk this: "Let's Get The Black Guy" story. I mean come on, doesn't the press tire of all these public lynchings of black people??? Isaiah said this...T.R. said that...but I'd love to see some kind of report from an internal ABC or Studio investigation to finally iron this situation out, rather than hearing, and seeing these continuous accusations absent of proof on either side, whether it be T.R. Knight's side of the matter, or the side of Isaiah Washington.

The bigot's have come out to use Isaiah Washington's ill advised Golden Globe comments, where he poorly defended himself, to not only bash him, but by implication, bash minorities in general. Just read the various racist post that have been left over and over again on this site and other similar gossip web sites like Perez Hilton. T.R. Knight was right when he self righteously proclaimed on Ellen that "This has become bigger than me". To that, we agree. However, instead of this thing becoming an affirming moment for standing up for Gay Rights, it has unfortunately spiraled into a series of mounting racial attacks, slurs and name calling toward Isaiah Washington, and against all minorities, not just Isaiah Washington.

T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigel (spelling?) seem more than comfortable with further instigating this situation, whatever the truth...which leads one to question their collective sincerety in terms of resolving this matter without further damage to the show, as well as the trust of the audience, and the damage to the public at large. In that regard, it appears that Mr. Washington isn't the only one mishandling this controversy. However, he, as a black man, has become the convenient excuse. The fall guy...for shared infighting on the set. But when things like this occur, it seems that it is always the black man who takes the brunt of the blame, from the public and the press. Add to the mix, sharply skewed public opinion polls which seek to sample the opinions of largely white audiences of shows like Extra and The Insider, which only worsen hatreds, seemingly by design. And if the court of public opinion is left in the hands solely of a largely biased jury, well, all you are going to get is a good old fashioned lynching 100 percent of the time, and this Grey's Anatomy mess is no exception. If a black man or woman is involved in most any least here in AmeriKKKa, they will be made the guilty party every time!!!

Don't believe me??? Paris Hilton was caught on video tape calling two of her black fans...who happened to be gay..."Dirty Niggers" after they complimented her and walked away. She spoke out of ear shot of these two men. So, how did this affect Paris Hilton??? Her fame only climbed!!! She gets product endorsement jobs, and event hosting jobs like Vegas Casinos get gambers' money...but there is no GLAAD or Ellen, or Rosie, or Perez Hilton (An advocate and friend of Paris Hilton), or how about TV Guide, who called for Isaiah Washington to be fired??? Where are these people and organizations to call names, and demand that she, Paris Hilton, be fired from her jobs. Well, they are nowhere to be found!!! Why??? Because Paris Hilton is white. It is a cold equation, but, it is the truth. If Isaiah Washington said the things he is accused of, clearly he is wrong, but the hypocrisy of those who would condemn him is even worse, because they don't evenly, and thus, fairly, practice what they preach...and that makes them what they are...racists!!!

2834 days ago


Zip it up..I read the first three sentences of your book!

2834 days ago

Clover Thomas    

What is the big deal with these people? everytime someone make a remarks about their lifestyle they complain. That's who you are-- a homosexual and you know your are different. Have we lost the power of freedom of speech or just only when it comes to homosexual? Would you like to visit a homosexual doctor to examine you? The big question is--do you think that the cast is trying to get rid of the only African American on the show? That question is for you Ms Katherine.

2834 days ago


Zip it up, YAWWWWWWWWWWN Only got through one sentence

2834 days ago


I don't think Britney wants her children. That's why she is acting the way she is. She had those children to upset Kevin's ex. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

2834 days ago


I love the Angie Pitt video. It just makes it terribly aparent that she has the personality of a ROCK!!!!! it is no wonder she loves third world countries? one talks to her, or cares about what she has to say. I just do not understand why Brad was hooked up with that clown?? now they have procreated. --- she has taken his stock down BY THE DROVES!!!!

Paula Abdul is receiving too much press about what's in her cup. If you had to sit through 1 interview in Minnesota -- you would have a fifth of vodka in your cup too! and probably crack on the side! - she has been on prescripts at some point after her divorce, she may still be taking them, or not. Who knows, everyone loves let her be!

This Isiah punk needs to just go away. Usually, when a black person says or does ANYTHING to compromise the ratings (good or bad) of a major television show - THEY CAN THEM! but in his case he gets to stay, making me and everyone else who wants news to move on, feeling utterly annoyed. THANK YOU!!! YA "GREY" BASTARD!

Hey that's my 2 cents -- can get some change?

2833 days ago


@zip, I cosign,

unfortunately, when you type the truth no one wants to read it especially if the truth is painting certain "people" in a negative way. what i am saying will be verified through people responses to you. Okay people, and "Action"!...

2833 days ago


Ok the Brad and Angie thing still cracks me up. I love that people can't see that she's just not at the awards show to talk about herself, her relationship, he role in the world, she's there to support BRAD'S award nominations, and as such, she wishes to remain at his side and let HIM answer questions about HIS award and when she sees that it's clearly not going to happen because the douche that is Ryan Seacrest can't fathom such an idea, she responds accordingly just to get it over with faster. It's such a shame that he didn't focus on Brad's award, which is the reason they were there that night. If neither had been nominated they wouldn't have attended, unlike other celebs who accept any attention they can get, and if they had attended they would have been MORE than happy to answer any questions the Douche had because it wouldn't have mattered whether they were relevant to the occasion or not.

2833 days ago


Angelina again couldn't stand being around seacrap. Who can blame her? The guy is an annoying little fly you just want to swat with your shoe.

2833 days ago


Zip ...Sorry to burst your bubble. I read the first paragraph in each of your long ass posts. Tiresome

2833 days ago


Number #2 you forgot to mention the most racist person in the USA. George W. Bush. I have visited New Orleans and it is shocking and disgraceful how the government has ignored all those people! If they were a bunch of rich white Texans that got hit by Katrina instead the help would have shown up in a new york minute and they would have bilked millions in to get everyone's houses back up.

2833 days ago


To: Sue

You may find my post tiresome, but racism is tiresome, isn't it??? Nevertheless...what I said is truthful!!!

2833 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Who should expect Angelina to smile? She's carrying one big guilt trip on her arm.

2833 days ago


Ya know, I find the comments about Angelina very odd. Even odder after I just saw ET Weekend. They had plenty of pics of Angelina SMILING on the red carpet. Sure, she didn't join Brad for the interview with their host, but that was because BRAD WAS THE ONE NOMINATED! It just goes to show that people show whatever they want to sell their rags or push their tv ratings. Can we say biased reporting?

Also I really don't think I'd want to be interviewed by Seacrust. He's American Idol leftovers. ICK! Not only that, but his questions were NOT ABOUT the awards or preparing to for them. He's a real dumba$$!

2833 days ago
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