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No Makeup!

1/21/2007 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sorry ladies, but you can't all be Angelina Jolie.

You'll be pleased as punch to know that not all the stars are born beauties who look just as pretty sans makeup -- and these poor unpancaked pans are the unvarnished pimply proof.

Oh, Maybelline! Why can't you be true?! Here's why!


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Miss Ross will kick your ass if you talk about her bad; Diva's d on't take no Sh*t. Ha-Ha-Ha... I love me some Miss Ross, even without make-up. Met her after a show once, and she was delightful...subsequently met her children at an evernt (2 of them) and they had impreccable manners, and were funny.

2800 days ago


As a white person I must agree that most white people do not look good without makeup.

2800 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Sorry ladies, but you can't all be Angelina Jolie - In response to this statement i say....Thank Gawd!!.... i'd hate to be ruled by my vagina like AJ is

2800 days ago


I think that Jessica Simpson looks more beautiful without makeup than with does Britney Spears. I also do not think that Angelina is the epitome of beauty. All of these women look just fine to me.

2800 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Angelina Jolie is "beautiful" because the media has decided she's beautiful, and thus have crammed this down our throats, making us say, "oh, ok. You're right. She's beautiful." But If she wasn't "Angelina Jolie," and instead was just "Angie Voight" working at your local Star Bucks, we wouldn't give her a second glance.

Frankly, her actions make her ugly to me. I don't care how many kids she adopts from Cambodia; she needs to treat the adults in her life a little better, like her Dad.

And Jessica Simpson, Queen Latifah, and Jennifer Lopez look just fine, to name a few here.

2800 days ago


Umm. Britney DOES have makeup on in that picture. She just needs a lot more. And I dont see why Sharon osbourne is on there. She looks fine without makeup.

2800 days ago


What's wrong with Jessica Simpson? She looks fine!

2800 days ago


Make-up is a necessary evil in Hollywood. Babs,ms.ross,Pamela, et al, look like a gaggle of monkeys, without their Maybelline (or war paint). Kinda funny, too. We see them as they are. Chunky, wrinkly, pastey-faced...just downright ugly. These pictures are an eye-opener. Remember them next time you see the "hollywood makeover" results. Fake boobs, fake faces, ...fake everything. The truth hurts. Them...not us.

2800 days ago


HAs nothing to do with makeup. Seriously, I have noticed that the most beautiful people usually take the ugliest pics. I Always delete my bad pics before others see them. Must suck for celebs.. they can't just delete their bad pics/

2800 days ago


Hey for those of you who voted for Jessica Simpson for "Who looks the BEST without makeup" - you should re-evaluate:

Scroll through the posts and you'll find no-makeup pictures of Simpson with and without makeup so you can compare.

Re-cast your votes? ;) LOL.

2800 days ago


TMZ: YOU ARE DISGUSTING!!! All of this bullsh*t all over the media about the IDOL judges being cruel -- you are nasty, childish, and downright sick!

It's no secret that when see celebs when they are SUPPOSED to be seen that they wear make-up. They are HUMAN beings, and that's a lot more than I can say for you. You have become SO de-sensitized and you have forgotten that you're actually hurting people's feelings. But it's all rationalized with "that's the price of celebrity." THIS is gratuitous cruelty and you oughta remember that karma is a bitch! DISGUSTING!!

2800 days ago


Bet Harvey Levin doesn't look pretty in the morning either lol! The prettiest girl that no one hardly mentions is Evangeline Lily of Lost. She is absolutely gorgeous without makeup. Don't you guys agree?

2800 days ago


Lets pick on the men in Hollywood. why do the woman always get the most sh*t dumped on them? not fair.

2800 days ago


this is very mean. as a tmz reader, i do not want to see people at their worst, thanls, but no thanks.

2800 days ago


It's amazing...most are all we have to do is find ourselves a good makeup artist!


2800 days ago
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