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Britney Full of Bull

1/22/2007 1:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears must be low on energy, because the pop star pumps the Red Bull non-stop. Maybe it's because she starts work at 7:30 PM?

The extension-stressed pop mom was spotted heading into Hollywood's Record Plant Recording Studios in the early evening hours on Friday.

Hopefully, she still has a voice; clearly her sense of style has vanished.


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you mean she pumped the coke as in cocaine, right? freaking whore

2798 days ago


A spoonful of red bull makes the herpes go down..the herpes go down..the herpes go down..

--Mr. DB

2798 days ago

J Doe    

the album is the make or of course jive went for some top notch producers, ferrel, kanye etc....

this album determines her future in the music biz...will it break the camels back is the answer

its so obvious she resents her her they represent a marriage that was a lie and a failed marriage...when she looks at them all she sees is the lie she was living

2798 days ago


Hey, have some Red Bull with that peanut butter, Twitney.

2798 days ago


SOMEONE, PLEASE, get that "girl" some mascara remover!!! What HAPPENED to her? She looks middle age and so haggard. For being 25, she looks 45 years old. PLEASE BRITTANY, BUY SOME MAKEUP REMOVER. Don't wear last night's make up today!!!! MOM, where are YOU???

2798 days ago


I just hope she fails....I'm so sick of her wah, wah, wah!

2798 days ago


Brit had better slow the f*ck down! She's starting to look aged-worned and haggared. Her face is puffy and she has circles under her eyes. Too much boozing and partying.

Hey Brit---That image will look real convencing to a judge when you're up against Kevin (I can call him by his real name now) and his attorney trying to win sole custody of your two kids.

2798 days ago

J Doe    

we have more power over her!! ....

WE the consumers determine if she fails or wins, something she clearly doenst thing twice about.

WE! have the power to bankrupt her, WE! have the power to completly destroy her

2798 days ago


TMZ what do you mean hopefully she still has a voice. She never did!

2798 days ago


Please give us a reprieve from Britney news; she is such a disaster and there is nothing new happening with her. Until she decides to go into hiding on some private island to get to know her children better or joins the Peace Corps or adopts an inner city school just leave her out of our collective conciousness....

2798 days ago


Twitney: I am growing concerned. The shower's broken, or what??? And what are you wearing??? Lost your make-up?? Tredmill broke down??

Oh, and the whole throwing up on your new boyfriend thing: NOT HOT.........but damn funny.


2798 days ago

in the know    

I think Britney has lost it like the rest of them, but enough bashing already. I didn't think is was possible to to actually feel bad for her but I do. I know she makes mistakes, but she is human and we all make mistakes, give it up already!!!!!! If she was starving herself you would call her names, if she eats like an ordinary person she is called fat and a pig. If she goes to the studio and does what she should be doing, you bash her clothes just to get hits on the website. It is very easy to talk negative about someone but it shows your true character not theirs.

2798 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Red Bull--- It gives you wiiiiings,,, not a platinum selling album.

2798 days ago


All of you need to get a life, why do you bash on KFED, in the hood we recognize what really happened and that is, SHE GOT TURNED OUT, NUTTIN BUT A TRICK! Before him, she was straight laced, but after him, just look at the results. She is a mess and not even a HOT MESS! The trick got turned out and for all of you hatin on kfed, dont hate the playa, hate the game! Kfed will be aiiright, but BRITSKANK, is another matter. Call it what it is, the girl got played and turned out! PERIOD!
P.S. U folks kill me, always mad at the man, rather than being mad at the trick!

2798 days ago


My question is this.For someone who spends all this money on her hair. Dying and cutting adding extensions. Why doesn't she ever do her hair? She always looks like she rolled out of bed. I hope from all the processing it all falls out. Then she could wear a wig. At least it would look kept. Does she have no hygene skills? Someone needs to teach her about style,motherhood,men,hygene,and attitude.I'm sure there's more. Anyone else got any?

2798 days ago
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