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J.Lo Ambushed by PETA

1/22/2007 2:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

J.Lo's auditions for her new "Glow After Dark" reality show were derailed Friday night when two members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took the stage, pretending to audition, and launched into a tirade against the singer/actress.

TMZ obtained video of the confrontation, secretly shot by PETA at the event, which was held at Macy's in Downey, California. "J.Lo, fur ho!" screamed one of the ladies, who began by saying, "I think the most important thing about being a not only being sexy and being stylish, but is not wearing real f***ing fur!"

The shocked M.C. scooped up one of the infiltrators and strong-armed her off the stage.

J.Lo was not present during the outburst.


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J Lo's clothing line is awful, I don't know anyone who wants to wear that ugly crap, and I'm not a member of PETA. I just think J Lo is a no-talent bitch. If you think she doesn't know or care what people say about her you're either naive or stupid. Which is it?

2839 days ago


That's why you think animals were put here on earth? You are one scary f***. News flash Einstein, when an animal is skinned alive it feels the same pain a person feels should the same be done to them. Is that O.K. with you? If so it appears you are a sociopath. Better a useless piece of sh*t like YOU be skinned alive than a defenseless animal. Do the rest of us a favor and drop dead. Moron

2839 days ago


nika, you are in way over your head here if your post is any indication. May I suggest as a more appropriate site for one of your limited intellectual capacity?

P.S. Something tells me you are intimately familiar with pigsh*t

2839 days ago


This is a free freaken country, if Jennifer wants to wear fur so be it! We eat animals, what's the difference?She's not the one skinning them alive. Ya'll just jealous because she has it going on. Go ma wear that fur. the hell with these jealous haters and peta!

2839 days ago


Marilyn you sound like the kind of stupid bitch that would wear fur. Maybe I'll see you one day and throw red paint all over your fat ugly ass. Got that, "ya'll"?

2838 days ago


PETA just causes more harm than good. If they want so badly to get their message across, I think maybe they should choose a more effective way than acting like a bunch of whiny brats who just don't get their way. Last I checked this was still a free country, and we can still eat and wear what we want.

I don't know why anyone would want to wear fur anyway.
I'm not agreeing with PETA or anything, I just think it's ugly.

I think there is more important things to care about than whether or not some has been wears fur or not.

I agree with the Anonymous post concerning global warming, oil spills, and the war.

2838 days ago


People wearing fur after knowing how its made are just heartless greedy selfish people. I think Beyonce and J Lo both only love themselves.

2838 days ago


I don't agree with how they are trying to get the message out but I don't understand either why people wear fur. I don't get the big fashion craze with it, its not cute or fashionable to me.

2838 days ago

Ryana Rogers    

I don't always agree with Peta but you know what pisses me off is when people say well I'm going to go buy more fur and leather just to piss Peta off so you jerks are going ot take it out on the animals to get back at Peta Humm sounds so mature at least they are doint something they stand for .well guess what i don't have kids I may? or may not have any? but if some child was being torutred you would all have your panties in a bunch .sorry but I feel that it's extremly cruel to skin animals alive and trap them so so some whore LIke ho bag can wear it. I'm against all the natzi anti abortion people standing out wanting to bomb abortion clinics so maybe I will go get knocked up several times then go kill a bunch of babies . so if your going ot be pissed off at Petqa fine but don't take it out on the animals. and another thing for whomoever said to donate to shelters who said we didn't . you just asssume that like most people do not all of us animal lovers are vegeterians . or even for Peta but damn you all if Peta was for children instead of animals youw ould all be about the terror acts. and you tell them to get a life why don't all of you perfect angels who donate to the shelter and bla bla blka getr off your asses instead of worrying what the other people are doing Peta may have alot of faults and in fact I don't support them at all but damn all of you for thinkiing that animals are sh*t and that we ar the superior being the only reason we is is because we pay taxes . what do the homeless do? nothing sit on their damn asses and beg for food so in conclusion all of my money will only go to animals .

2838 days ago


I totally agree with PETA. just look at the videos before you form an opinion. I'm sure most of you will be horrified, at least people with a heart will be horrified. Keep up the great work PETA. You have a lot of people behind you. Get all the Jlos!!!

2838 days ago

Mad Balls    

My dad says jennifer loppez is boooooring . he says she is dull because of Marc anothony who my dad says is easy to make fun of 'cause he looks goofy and never eats . Kinda like Nichole richy . anyway , Mr. levine got mad at me today . He said my hits for my article are nice and better than most of the crap but nowherre nears what ny dads threads yoused to hit . I suck . I know it . sh*t . Oh I'm cursing my dad wouldn't like that , he' says thats for his web persona and not for real life . whatever that mean s ?? fart . HAHHAHHA anyway heres my NASTY BOIL jr. I missed gonning to the JV game for this . They suck but I'm ho t for one cheerleader Kathy M. as in I'm kissing her .

J. Lo says she never be naked in a movie . NEVER ??!??? what ????? is she an idiot ??/ Not NAKED ?????badass . i hope she changes her mind cusase she ha s a big butt . I'd like to see NAKED . AHHAHHAHHHAHHHAHHAHAHH. fert , bADASA+S

I kknow its' bad . MAn my dad could poop these out blindfolded . anyway , i love you guys . And my dad love s you even though his brain isn't functioning enough for him to realize and remember all your emails like he used too . I know its sad . Thats OK 'cause MAdonna already called dibbs on me .shes naked all the time ...naked ..NAKED >>hehehhhAHHHHAH HA HA . fart . I'll see you guys !

2838 days ago


#92.., I think #91 is hilarious..........If only vegetable had never know sceintist may find this out in teh near future, then y'all will have to go naked..ahhahah
#97 Ryana..glad there is someone who stands up for animals and actually loves them more than her fellow humans....Animals are wild things and some were domesticated for other uses as well as food...we can have a great ecological balance simply by eating some of them...there are several countries that need to eat whatever they can get their hand on to survive and this includes Bambi, snoopy and p***y......Your preveiledge upbringing in this country has entitled you to leave certain things out of your diet as well as defend animals...there are people who are still struggling to find food in this world, and in this case it comes down to the survival of the animal with the higher brain power, and this is man...

Try climbing into a cage with a hungry lion and then a cage with a hungry baby and let us know which one is safer...

Your fur hating leather wearing Canivore in moderation.M

2838 days ago


#94...Please get it through your thick skull..its illegal to harass people for making a choice in clothing. So far as its legal to sell and wear fur, a few tasteless people will buy them. PETA tactic like you indulge in are so should be workign with poloicy makers to make it illegal for companies to produce fur, not attack those who may actually make an ally in those who wear fur but approaching them in a decent manner......When I encoutnered PETA i wa snto wearign fur, just minding my own busines when thier stupid harrasment spilled over...I for one will have them arrested and work with coporations to sue them should they ever touch a hair on my skin.

Learn the law, work amicably with people, harrasment is crime and this kind of tatics are for stupid people or rather animal behaviour, I could expect no better from PETA and its supporters.

Marilyn i sfree t express her opinion , however she should also note that PETA or others are not jeaous of JLo ..they just dont like peopel wearing fur so they have to behave like idiots to ge their point across.

Are there any lawyers on here, can JLo sue these people?/////

2838 days ago


Until someone decides to make the use and sale of FUR from CREATURES illegal it is still LEGAL to use and wear fur.
These PETA members are harrassing people.
They are forcing their beliefs on other people.
Their main message is a correct one but they look ridiculous and creepy with the tactics they use.
They should concentrate their considerable efforts on making the
FUR INDUSTRY OBSOLETE. Leave individuals alone.
The PETA people are out numbered and they will never stop the slaughter and cruelty by stalking one celebrity at a time.
J Lo may be a ho (for many different reasons)....but it is with in her legal right to wear/sell fur.

2838 days ago

Richard Liriano    

I wonder what Jennifer has to say....

2838 days ago
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