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J.Lo Ambushed by PETA

1/22/2007 2:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

J.Lo's auditions for her new "Glow After Dark" reality show were derailed Friday night when two members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took the stage, pretending to audition, and launched into a tirade against the singer/actress.

TMZ obtained video of the confrontation, secretly shot by PETA at the event, which was held at Macy's in Downey, California. "J.Lo, fur ho!" screamed one of the ladies, who began by saying, "I think the most important thing about being a not only being sexy and being stylish, but is not wearing real f***ing fur!"

The shocked M.C. scooped up one of the infiltrators and strong-armed her off the stage.

J.Lo was not present during the outburst.


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peta is nothing but a bunch of people with way too much time on their hands.
i like fur. i dont care how or what you do. i enjoy kentucky fried chicken too. leave j lo alone. she has paid her dues, and needs to be left alone. i hope people dont really believe she gives two hoots about what anyone else thinks. funk peta.

2735 days ago

Fur is for animals    

Jennifer Lopez deserves everything she gets! She mistreats animals AND people. There are sooo many stories about her on She is selfish, disgusting, ugly and cruel. I don't listen to her music our watch her movies because she disgusts me.

2735 days ago

Pearl Cunningham    

Jaime. You might get one slap before I decked your scrawny vegan ass.

2735 days ago

Lisa Mojica    

Dawn, I wish someone would knock you over the head for your hair, then you'd stfu. Clubbing animals for their fur is inhumane period. If you purchase fur fromt the blood of an animal you condone the behavior.

2735 days ago

Lisa Mojica    

june-bugg, yes! J.Lo can't act! nor can she sing for that matter...wait! can she dance? NOPE! She is a loser. Hmm, you reap what you long has she been trying to have kids! Wearing fur just like killing animals is so out!

2735 days ago


samTheman? What Man?
Don't think so! How about Sam The Whimp!
You're just like those other 'Wackey Do Gooders' and 'Animal Rights Nuts'! J. Lo can wear what she wants, and so can all the rest of us. If you don't like to wear Fur or Leather, or Skin, don't wear them! If you don't like Meat, or Fish then don't eat it.
Go Piss up a Rope, or for you, go Squat! Anyone who would suggest Skinning J. Lo or any other Human, is one Sick Piece of Sh*t!

2734 days ago


Omg, u guys have NO lives, u just butt in the ways of celebs on a site where *of course* they never frigging GO TO!!! Just tell it to their friggin faces if ya care that much!!!

2734 days ago


J-Lo should be ashamed for wearing animals!!! ANIMALS are not our to eat, or wear! Get with it and put on a cotton jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go PETA!!!!!

2734 days ago


One slap is all I need and then it's LIGHTS OUTS for the animal hating bitch katwoman.

2734 days ago

White Chick    

This is Jennifer Lopez. Yes, I read these message boards. The reason I wear fur is because I'm really a dyke and I'm hot for Pamela Anderson. I thought if I wore fur that she'd come looking for me and jump on my back, I wanted to roll around on the floor with her so I could feel her massive fun-bags hit me in my eye and about the head and face, maybe a nipple would slip in my mouth or something. Also, the fur distracts people from looking at the thing I call my husband, he used to be handsome but after he got hit by a semi truck in front of our house, I buried him in the Pet Cemetary and that's what came back. I can't do anything about it.

2733 days ago

adam smith    

A lot of women seem bitter toward Jennifer. Why? Why not just let her do her thing? Imagine guys being like "Brad Pitt is suck a loser." "Brad Pitt thinks he's so much better than everyone else." "Peta should skin Brad Pitt." Sounds lame, right? So does making fun of Jennifer, or Lindsay, or Tara, or any celeb.

2733 days ago

White Chick    

#152 - Because it's fun. These boards are an outlet since none of us are allowed to express our real opinions in public anymore, we're all walking around like programmed robots saying and thinking what we're told. We can say what we want here and sometimes go overboard because we can't stop due to the build-up of being stifled.

2733 days ago



We need to all stop wearing leather belts, having leather purses, leather furniture. We need to stop eating all meat. The slaughter houses are horrible and pure torture to all animals. We need to stop living in big-ass houses, because we are taking up too much space, and the animals have no where to go. We need to stop using paper products and all wood furniture, because we are tearing down trees, and the animals have no place to live. Do not ever take another prescription drug, because they HAVE to experiment new drugs on animals before it reaches us, to see if its safe.

Do you all see how crazy this line of thought is?? I love animals, but God said we have dominion over them. Not to harm, but to make our lives better. The Indians wore fur long before any movie star. Lets not be hyprocrytical. If we are to stop wearing fur, then lets stop using animals for any of our purposes.

Pamela Anderson, is a joke. Probably have the silicone in her breasts were tested on some poor animal before becoming FDA approved. Ladies stop wearing make-up, becasue almost all contains products made from animals.

Leave Jennifer alone. We all use animals in some form.
The people in PETA, are lunatics! They are rejects from society, who focus on one big star to draw attention to their loser lives.

2733 days ago


Hella yeah, that bitch deserves it, shes causing so much innocent deaths, how can one feel sorry for her?

2733 days ago


Dear 152,
I dont like making fun of celebs, but shes being cruel. I love Lindsay (who is anti-fur) and I think brad is awesome bc he HELPS the world, and although linds may not be looked at as it, she helps the world too, by not wearing fur and to speak out against it.. JLo is a very powerful person, and if she just didnt use fur, it would save so many lives and influence a lot of others to be anti-fur too

2733 days ago
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