Lindsay: Dump Some Bum Chums

1/22/2007 3:40 PM PST
Lindsay Lohan will have a hard time staying clean and sober if she doesn't have a strong support group after rehab. That means she'll need to surround herself with an entirely new entourage -- who won't enable her addiction.

Just before entering rehab, our spies caught Lindsay "dining" with friends at Orso in Los Angeles. Lohan ordered a salad, and barely touched a leaf. When she ordered a cocktail and was asked to show her ID, Linds recoiled and asked for a water instead. Our spy then watched as her friends ordered drink after drink for her -- which Lohan consumed. After lunch, Lindsay jumped into her Mercedes convertible and sped off with the stereo blaring.

Hopefully, after her visit to Wonderland, she'll be attending only tea parties with a better group of friends.