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A Tale of Two Lindsays

1/22/2007 2:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay LohanHere's a newsflash, for sure: Someone not named Dina Lohan is actually coming to Lindsay's defense.

A source on the set of Lindsay's latest movie, "I Know Who Killed Me," paints a very different picture of La Lohan's behavior, far removed from the just-in-rehab trainwreck that we've been hearing about in recent weeks. A totally different Lindsay emerges, compared to the perpetually-late, ill-prepared brat from the set of "Georgia Rule," which prompted producer James Robinson to scold her in a publicly-released letter.

Our source says that Lindsay is "great on the set ... friendly," and that the "Killed Me" filmmakers -- who are now going to have to wait for Lindsay to get out of rehab -- are "totally impressed with what they already have on tape."

We're told that the role Lindsay is playing is very difficult; a woman with an apparently split personality. When asked about the troubles that Lohan supposedly caused on "Georgia Rule," our source said, "We have had no experience with behavior like that."

Oddly, TMZ was the first to inform our 'source on set' that Lindsay went to Wonderland.


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what in the world is wonderland?

2799 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

I still say this poor girl ( Lindsey ) has had no guidance . Her pathetic parents are users who use Lindsey as their meal ticket .

I wish the poor girl well * she is talented ! I just hope she realizes thru rehab or what ever who the users are .

The mom mine as well date Joe Simpson !!

What pathetic & useless parents !! they do not deserve kids -

2799 days ago


Puh-leeeeze...Lindsay needs to clean up her act, period. That "source" from the set was just a plant to try to insult our intelligence.

2799 days ago


What credible source talks to TMZ? Who is the "source" of this quote? It could be the gaffer or the best boy as far as anyone knows I love this site and the way they can skew the thread with their "sources And I am not a fan of LL I am interested in how the media can inflame opinion with their "sources"

2799 days ago

Mad Balls    

Tings are really nots around here at TMZ . The phonelines are floading with emails asking us , here at TMZ , when the NASTY BOIL will return . We do not know . We don't pay this humourous dolt any money so we can afford to ' Wait him out " as Harvey has said . Any emails should hane in the headlne " Harvey - bring back Dickhead " . Until Mr. Boil returns for us to pimp him out like a Thugg , please enjoy a " BEST OF NASTY BOIL "
rather thoughfull and asskicking Nasty dated Jan 6 2006

Lindsay needs to get her act together . dickhead . Going to bars to help her confidence is like going to a Crackhead for Money . Bottom line is -- you wind up with people telling you what you want to hear . What I want to hear is the door hitting Paris on the ass as she 's leaving Fameland . Dickhead .

Just Stupid Funny . Oh , I wish Mr . Levinw wasn't saving all that money for Crotch photos and would just pay Mr. Boil . And any emails to TMZ should be addressed to " Harvey - missing Dickhead " . Thank You !

2799 days ago


((Rolls eyes))...if you're going to rehab at age 20 chances are you aren't going to be the most responsible actor to ever enter a movie set...who said this anyway?

2799 days ago


one polar

2799 days ago


Honestly, leave Lindsay alone. She did not sign herself into rehab for the paparazzi to follow her every step. She is a person, just like any other one of us. Only she has talent. She can sing and she can act and she is trying to set her life strait. Leave her alone. And good on her for doing something for herself.

2799 days ago


Paris likes to powertrip and that's all she's got plus her daddy's money over someone like Lindsay. If Lindsay stops hanging out with these no-talent 'celebs,' she might actually gain back some respect. We all know she's got talent. Her old movies show it, even her SNL skits show it, no one can argue with that.

As for gaining respect from Never. You guys should see the people who works for TMZ. LOL LOL!

2799 days ago


Lindsay has been the same as ever on her new set. She hasn't improved.

2799 days ago

Bitchie McSnit    

there is a ton of money already invested in the production of this film and Lindsay's "break" costs the producers every day she cannot work on set-the crew is assembled-the production offices are open-but she is MIA-anyone in the industry understands they are trying to put a positive spin on a production hemorrhaging moola right now. Same thing with the (makeup artist) Keith Vanderlaan fiasco on set of "Curious Case of Benj.Button"- there is a delicious story there Harvey....

2799 days ago


Who is to say she is "acting" on the movie? (double personality)

I think if she is in "wonderland" for the right reasons she maybe will straighten herself out for a short time. Being her dysfunctional mom is her mouthpiece makes you wonder. How hypocritical can you be?
I really think this is for show which is sad because she is taking advantage of others there and the workers trying to help.
I think is she keeps going the way she is her movie deals will disappear and guess who won't have money to party on ? Momma, Linds, younger siblings future. She has been in an out of hte place so what kind of rehab is that? I have had relatives in rehabs and they don't even let the family talk to you for at least a week so you can be de-toxed. This is a scam.

2799 days ago

Peter Coffin    

I don't believe it.

2799 days ago

Lenn K    

Bad parents can really hurt their own children. Lindsay seems to be a good person. Godspeed!

2799 days ago

Dr. M    

LINDSAY is 20 (and 1/2) years old -

She's has lotsa money -

And nobody to tell her no -

Soo - she's telling herself no -

I hope she listens -

I know this sounds a little 'split' personality -

It's not -


Dr. M

2799 days ago
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