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Rosie vs. Oprah

in Another Bitchfest?

1/22/2007 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell, Oprah WinfreyRosie O'Donnell took to her blog again, this time taking swipe at the Talk Queen herself, Oprah Winfrey.

At issue was Oprah's interview last Thursday with kidnap victim Shawn Hornbeck and his family. Rosie, in her non-sensical, haiku-meets-illiterate-rambling kinda way, refers to Hornbeck on her blog as "paraded out for america to see." She goes on:

"after 4 years captive
a new haircut couldn't hide
his tormented eyes"

But Rosie -- long considered an advocate for the rights of children (and homosexuals, and fat people, and Broadway musicals) -- did find someone above rebuke; the parents of the other kidnapped boy, Ben Ownby:Oprah gallery: Click to launch photos

will not be appearing
on tv today
a moment of sanity"

Careful Rosie, going after the Donald is one thing, but you might not want to take on the O. Has anyone seen James Frey lately?


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Ok, this fat degenerate is out of control. She really needs to STFU !

2799 days ago


Rosie was right on this one. What were the parents thinking? What was the point. Would NEVER put my son on stage after such an ordeal. Love Oprah...but it was a bad choice.

2799 days ago



2799 days ago


Shame on TMZ for trying to start something. Sad thing is, it's not the first time. And for all y'all that don't like Rosie's "View" CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!! I adore her and her "View"

2799 days ago


I am with you Stephanie, Rosie didn't atack Oprah, just parents for making a mistake. I don't understand this pomp about Rosie. She can't say anything now without being attacked. C'mon, this is a talk show and these women are there to give their VIEW about recent news. That is why the NAME of this THE VIEW.
I am with you Rosie...

2799 days ago


I think Oprah is just a little too full of herself! She has really gotten self righteous and smug recently. I think it was the parents responsibility to NOT let their child be interviewed. And, oprah doesn't care about the childs welfare she just wanted to get the interview. She cares more about her stupid dogs then a childs well being.

2799 days ago


Told you so. You know when people have negative feelings about themselves the first thing they usually do is try to bring down others.

Since Rosie has been on the view all she has done is criticize everyone. She's overtalks the other ladies on the View, she down graded The Donald for giving someone a second chance. She lambasted American Idol host for of all things being to cruel and then being drunk and now she's mad because O had this kid and his parents on the show talking about his kidnapping.

I've never seen someone so hell bent on making a comeback that they just try to make everyone else look bad.

First, Rosie needs to Shut the F up and let Joy and Elizabeth talk sometimes. I mean hell I don't like Elizabeth either or should I say those conservative views of hers but let her talk. I like Joy she's funny and well Barbara - let's just say I now find it hard to believe anything that comes out of her mouth (ie: the Star firing incident, and the things she told The Donald about Rosie (yeah that's right I do believe she said those things and now is trying to cover it up. Rosie is ruining your good name Babara, she's causing a lot of conflict. You'd be wise to let her go - it's not worth the ratings).

Secondly, I think it was commendable for Mr. Trump to give Ms USA a second chance. I mean doesn't everyone deserve one. Look at her, she's been giving a second chance with all of the chaos she has caused, I don't see how anyone in their right mind would want to work with her, however Barbara must have seen something in her, she gave her a second (if this is not her second then 3rd or 4th )
chance. Let's just hope that Ms. USA will recover and become a better person through all of this: we're rooting for her. Remember Rosie you have children whom I know are not perfect and who no doubt will make mistakes also. I know that you would want someone to give them a second chance.

Thirdly, American Idol is entertainment. This is not the first show. By now anyone trying out for 'Idol' should know what they are getting into. And I know the majority of the people trying out who can't sing worth a damn have to know it. My God, don't they have friends or relatives who can tell them they sound like coyotes on crack. It's not Randy's, Paula's or Simon's fault if they decide they want to go on National TV and make total jackass' of themselves. Some I believe do it just for their 5 minutes of fame. And you know what kudos to them, because without them the show probably, in the beginning anyway, would be as entertaining I enjoy the laughs. After that, after they get rid of the ridiculous and start concentrating on the serious singers then let the games begin. Oh and buy the way I saw Paula too and even though I think she may have appeared drunk she said she has never been drunk because she doesn't drink, well Rosie I think you need to keep your opinions to yourself until you have some hard facts. One day the sh-- is going to hit the fan and I can smell you coming a mile away Rosie.

Last, but certainly not least, if the parents of Shawn thought it was a good idea to bring him on Oprah's show and they spoke with him about it and he felt comfortable about it then Rosie I say BUTT OUTT.

You are nothing but an instigator always around to start the trouble and then when everyone else has gotten heated up then you slyly slip out of the frey and leave everything a total mess.(Look at what has happened to Donald and Barbara once good friends).

You did the same thing with Star(about her loosing weight) what business is it of yours or anyone else's for that matter how she lost the weight, but you just had to keep harping on that issue didn't you. When and if she wanted to tell us then that should be her business and not for you to decide. I mean didn't you come out of the closet when you were good and ready Rosie what a fu----- hypocrit.

2799 days ago

george m    

TMZ is creating stories just to fill space. She is not going after Oprah. Read her blog. TMZ is becoming the "National Enquirer" of the internet. 1/2 truth, 1/2 lies.

2799 days ago


Opra is out of control she thinks she is above repoach.It is her show solicited the parents and child. It is not the parents that went to Opra . I am not a fan of either of them .BUT people are allowed to express there opinion are they not ?

2799 days ago


I am agree with #18
Rosie has gone too far now. It was the kids and parents choice to do Oprah's show. Why don't she talk about herself for a change.The dumbest thing I've ever heard come out of Rosie's mouth was when she claimed that "Christian Fundamentalism is every bit as as dangerous as radical Islam". Rosie really needs to shut up .

2799 days ago


1: Rosie does not speak for the majority, she says what she thinks loud and clear and likes to think that she is voicing the views of the ordinary people, However she forgets that she is a celeb herself and thus will be attacked by the same media she used to criticize everyone else..If Rosie should put a foot wrong, we will hear a gaint thud and very few celebs coming to her aid or to defend her, he is obnoxious and should stop crowning herself as the voice of all gay people, children and fat women............

2: Rosie needs to dissapear for now, she is just not worth looking at and her voice goes on like a screeching tire, quite annoying, the view is just a redundant show of foolish women with very little to talk about. Rosie started taking swipes at people long before the view, remeber her blow out with Tom Selleck, simply because they belong to different sides of the political aisle..She thinks eveyone should be like her (barf!!!) and her opinion is holier than thou..not a republican or NRA member myself I will not disrepect a guest like she did to Tom Sellect, that quickly led to her deminse on daytime TV...

3: In short its time for the view to shut down, they dont represent any views, just a bunch of crazy women chatting away, they could do that via phone among themselves and spare the air waves for another program...Baw Baw continues to inject all the plastic she can find into her already lying uneven face, Rosie coutnues to bloat with a hanging tummy and Hasselback just gets dumber and dumber each day....

4: I hope she gets another roasting from the next person she dares to criticize, the Donald derfintely gave her a quart of her own poisonous venom....Fat ugly slithering black cobra she is................

2799 days ago


That's one woman you don't want to mess with. Wny does Rosie want to attack Oprah Winfrey because she (Oprah) had the abducted boys' parents as guests on her (Oprah's) show last week? No, I won't tell her to shut up because she has the right to say what she wants. But Rosie needs to pick her battles carefully. Oprah's going to say "no comment" because she's not going to get in any of this mess. I believe that the parents appeared with their son on TV for one time only on Oprah, then later got out of the spotlight. They wanted their voices to be heard. Rosie needs to stay away from other people's business! She needs to leave The View and rant her anger on these stars on her stand-up comedy tour.

2799 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2799 days ago

Oh Canada    

Someone has to take on the Mighty O, I'm sorry that it has to be Rosie. I saw the Jan.12th CNN report on Oprah's new school in S.Africa, and I swear the woman thinks she God.
Anderson Cooper's interview with Oprah discussing the "Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy" in South Africa. It's a $40 million complex that will house and educate the 150 girls that "were chosen" out of 3000 hopefuls.
I was heartbroken, why didn't Anderson ask Oprah about her plans for the 2850 girls that didn't get in. What happens to their dreams?

Oprah explained about "family day" at the academy, the name is so the children without parents won't feel badly. What happens when the poorer siblings leave the opulence they witness at "family day" and return to the one or two room shack that is home. Does that sound fair Oprah? Don't you think that would divide and create jealousies in the children and their siblings. Or shouldn't they care because they were chosen, and will be better than the ones the leave behind?

Wouldn't it have been kinder to scale down the luxuries (fireplace in the library) and build a complex/school where the 3000 young girls could have an equal chance at an education. Why not spend $50 million and help them all? I was disappointed to see Oprah patting herself on the back along with all her celebrity ass kissing friends. You'd think she was Mother Theresa.

A woman named Gail Johnson was also apart of the AC360 show on Friday, she struggles to provide a home, food and clothing for number of African orphans daily. Her efforts make her much richer. Gail Johnson does not have Oprah money or Oprah's connections, but she is much richer.
This South African Caucasian woman said "she doesn't have the heart to turn any of the children away". I wonder how Oprah (I am God) Winfrey could turn away the poor, the hungry, and young children. All beautiful, all needing a place be children and a chance at a better life.

Everyone else is afraid to say boo to the self-serving woman that has become Oprah. Rosie is at times opinionated, but at least she has the balls to take on a slew self-serving celebrities that are trying to snow the public.

2799 days ago


I agree with Rosie! I was surprised at how fast Oprah got to the story and exploited the child(ren)'s story, considering the details they could NOT tell, it was an obvious ratings booster. Let the prosecutors nail the guy and not give the defense attorneys any kind of fodder that could hurt the prosecution. These kids are going to have a hard enough time with the trial. Let them heal up Oprah, get the exclusive later on, it just makes you look like a media hound without boundries.

2799 days ago
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