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Rosie vs. Oprah

in Another Bitchfest?

1/22/2007 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell, Oprah WinfreyRosie O'Donnell took to her blog again, this time taking swipe at the Talk Queen herself, Oprah Winfrey.

At issue was Oprah's interview last Thursday with kidnap victim Shawn Hornbeck and his family. Rosie, in her non-sensical, haiku-meets-illiterate-rambling kinda way, refers to Hornbeck on her blog as "paraded out for america to see." She goes on:

"after 4 years captive
a new haircut couldn't hide
his tormented eyes"

But Rosie -- long considered an advocate for the rights of children (and homosexuals, and fat people, and Broadway musicals) -- did find someone above rebuke; the parents of the other kidnapped boy, Ben Ownby:Oprah gallery: Click to launch photos

will not be appearing
on tv today
a moment of sanity"

Careful Rosie, going after the Donald is one thing, but you might not want to take on the O. Has anyone seen James Frey lately?


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Everyone in this world has an opinion on everything . . why is it Rosie's remarks are put under a magnifying glass more so than any other celeb? Its like Fox news sits there and picks apart her dialogue from the View daily. She's giving her view . . its her job!

And as for her comments regarding the kidnapped boys . . what in her remarks were derogatory towards Oprah? Rosie happens to love O. (Another example of the media twisting everything.) And she's right on with her view that these poor boys shouldn't be paraded around for everyone to see. The choice should be made by the parents to protect their children from the unnecessary spotlight. I believe that was her point . nothing to do with O. The show could have easily gone on without having the child there.

2801 days ago


LOVE ROSIE.........LOVE THE VIEW................

2801 days ago


For someone living such a sinful life, Rosie is very judgemental towards others. Maybe she should stop looking at other and start praying for her own forgiveness......just my opinion.

2801 days ago


I don't see Rosie attacking Oprah here. TMZ just trying to create a fewd that doesn't exist. Rosie was right in what she said. But, Oprah didn't force him to come on, he was on her show because his parents decided that is what they wanted to do. Right or wrong, it is their choice!

Oprah remains the lady she always is, and Rosie remains the opinionated celebrity that she is. End of nonstory.

2801 days ago


I love alot of what Oprah winfrey does, however this was not among the many wonderful things she's accomplished.

Oprah should have had the smarts to not EXPLOIT this boy and his family just days after he was found after missing for 4 years. OPRAH NOT YOUR FINEST MOMENT.

2801 days ago


I agree with Rosie. I was shocked that he did an interview so soon and I couldn't believe that Oprah excepted it. It was too soon for the poor boy but oprah needs her ratings.

2801 days ago


how is she attacking oprah, last time i checked she was commenting on the show, there was no vicious attack, stop trying to start a new fight. i think rosie is one of the few celebs out there not infatuuated with the glitz and glamour and able to speak up on issues which most americans are thinking the same things!

2801 days ago


Sorry Mupa, but Oprah's not a run of the mill millionaire - she's a Billionaire Celebrity - that's Billionaire with a capital "B"!!!

Suck on that, punjab!

2801 days ago


Rosie is obnoxious but her stint about Trump was hilarious! Oprah was WRONG for bringing that boy on television. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The parents were idiots too but Oprah should know better. She should have a stronger sense of responsibility. It's also the public that needs to knock her down a peg by not watching her crap like this.

2801 days ago

Bored With This    

YouTube today's show. Read her blog for yourself. It wasn't about Oprah. It was about the kid & the choice his parents made for him to be on TV. Period. Someone - if not everyone - was going to offer the interview. That's what journalists do. Give Rosie a rest. She offered her opinion as a Mom. Nothing more or less.

2801 days ago


You are so dumb for posting this. Do you do your research at ALL?? Have you missed the post that she loves Oprah. You media people are seriously taking this too far. really. it makes me disgusted that you would try to start another issue just to get more hits on your site. im done with tmz. you are all a bunch of fools. GO PEREZ!

2801 days ago


What is wrong with Rosie!!!???
I used to admire her,now I just wonder about her.

2801 days ago


Rosie O'Donnell adopted a baby in the 90s.

When the child was found to have learning disabilities she dumped that baby like old trash

Sent it back to Social Services!! when she could have afforded a STAFF to care for that poor child!!

2801 days ago


I think Rosie needs to keep her mouth shut about everybody else and do her TV show. What other people do is not her business. If a celebrities name comes up on her show all she needs to do is report on what the topic is and that's it. I hope Trump puts her in her place with his awesome comments.

2801 days ago


just a note : People who live in glass house should not throw stones! we all do. This all started because Rosie did not believe in 2nd chances and Mr.Trump did. We in society are always looking for the bad and never the good. WE forget that the donald even helped martha stewart out and she is a convicted crimnal. Take Rosie off the air she has to many issues and will bring the view down in time. As for Barbara Watlers I no longer have respect for her as a journalist she has managed to ruin a great career. The mess on the view is what she will be rememberd for. Joy is the only pleasant one left. Barbara looks like Rosies PUPPET!!!! It is sad to watch.

2801 days ago
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