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Anna Nicole to Birkhead -- Go F**k Yourself

1/23/2007 5:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna NicoleTMZ obtained an AOL Instant Message exchange yesterday between Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead. Anna Nicole made it clear that she's not going to submit to a DNA paternity test without a fight.

The following is a precise transcript, complete with spelling and grammatical errors (but the user names have been changed):

Anna Nicole quit trash me at the casino
Larry not at a casino
Anna Nicole go f**k my mom to
Anna Nicole Yall are sick
Larry show up for the test with the baby\
Anna Nicole don't think so
Anna Nicole u wish
Larry everybody just want u to do right thing is all
Anna Nicole in your dreams

The deadline for the paternity test was today. We've learned Smith's lawyers were in Los Angeles County Superior Court this morning trying to block the test. The judge has not issued a definitive ruling on Smith's motion and so far the DNA test has not happened.


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2828 days ago


You are obviously an ans suck uo big time, rack off and get a clu Larry is just trying to do the right thing by his daughter, he has aright to know her and he's probably the only one who can rescue her from that scum sucking pile of rat puke known as Vicki Lynn. Get a bloody clue u moron!

2828 days ago


The real Father isn't the one putting this baby in such Pain her Mother and the False daddy are the ones causing this .

The REAL DADDY wants to be in her life and has the right to do so. But no brain cells left Vickie Lynn is to stupid to allow it.

She want her for money only.

Howie is no more that baby's daddy then Kimmie is.

Larry has every right to know his daughter and if need be take her out of that insanity that her mother and Howir are living in.

2828 days ago


Patty is dead . like you should be.

2828 days ago

Beef Stopper    

Stop defending her, you jerks! And you gotta... GOTTA be kiddin' me. i can't believe TMZ obtained this chat. The chances of gettin celeb feedback is like climbing up Mount Everest in a blizzard. To Anna... u are a crazy sonufa bitch with no self-esteem. What have u done positive, besides marrying a geezer, stealing all his money, gettin' fat then losing the weight, your lighthearted show, and showing your breasts on MTV Australia Awards? Just admit it guys... she is another example of the American hollywood whore stereotype. Anna Nicole was and is never going places. How about we find this chick and beat her f**king brains out?

Sorry but I just don't deal with immaturity.

2828 days ago


Party on garth you are too funny. I totally agree with you. Sarah is very disturbed and Anna Nicole would be wise to get a restraining order against her and her "mobstars". Assholes all of em.

2828 days ago


If Anna Nicole is so certain that Larry Birkhead is not the babys father then why doesn't she just have Howard get a test to prove he's the father and end it all.

2828 days ago


Not dead, just nothing more to do than wait and see what happens. LMAO at Yeah I Said It. Cheryl, I'm all over the other boards, you just didn't see. They are scraping for ANS subjects now and it's so boring it's ridiculous.

2828 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Yeah I said it..if we could only be so lucky......

2828 days ago


You all are so nasty!!!!...yo---if that dude Larry weren't dealing with a famous woman like Anna Nicole...he'd be running away as not to pay child support. You all think that Anna Nicole is getting special or different treatment--and that child services would be all over her if she were not famous?! That's a laugh riot....none of this would be happening if she were not --who she is --Larry wouln't give a crap, it wouldn't be in the courts...and child services would be doing the same stellar work they always do. Get real...the guy wants his 15 minutes of fame...I hope that they find out that the child IS his...and he has to pay child support--cos, he'd never get custody.

2828 days ago


thanks Patty...i thought maybe something happened to you...So glad to see that you are here and you're ok !! Do you think ANS is out of Ben's home yet ? That pink thing she supposedly bought looks horrible ! Wonder what happened with the DNA today !??!

2828 days ago


Wrong info I am not a "MOBSTER" and everyone has a right to their oppionions and to write for what they believe in its called Freedom of speech.
Restraining orders lol thats funny.

You have a right to contact any Government official you want that is why they are called PUBLIC OFFICIALS.

2828 days ago

Right back at ya    

During an interview with E.T. after Daniel's death, Anna suggested, without elaberating, that she had left home at fifteen because of her home life. This is no excuse for her to act the way she does. Yes, she is extremely imature for her age, and half the time you can't tell whether or not she's being sincere, or putting on an act, etc; at times she speaks with intelligence, in a clear, understandable tone, most other times, she slures her words, and sounds like she just woke up from sleeping, as if in a daze. If she really cares about her self-worth (integrity, character, dignity), she should take responsibility for her actions. More importantly, she has a daughter who needs her love and nurturing full-time, and not when it seems to suite her.

2828 days ago


Patty...Geez I would have missed that one written by "Yeah I Said IT" must this
person is another IT that supports the Jail Birds To Be !!

2828 days ago

Beef Stopper    

Yeah I Said It needs to pull the stick out of her ass and listen, cause she (or he) is a deadbeat. along with all you who agree with this nut.

It's in your blood... to be a deadbeat.

2828 days ago
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