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Anna's New Crib -- Welcome to Fort Smith

1/23/2007 12:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's not the worst place in the Bahamas, but you probably won't be seeing Anna Nicole Smith's new island home on "Cribs."
Anna's Digs
TMZ has obtained video of Anna's new digs; a house she purchased with the money she made by selling her story to an entertainment TV show.

It's definitely a step down from where she's currently living -- the house of former lover, G. Ben Thompson, who is trying to evict her. Anna went to court, arguing that Thompson gave her the house outright as a gift, but a judge didn't buy it.

Now that Anna officially owns a house, immigration may get off her case and let her stay in the Bahamas. She needs to own a crib to qualify.


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To Inquiring Mind: Thanks so much for all your hard work and your input...Hopefully if we all stay on the same wagon it will do some justice for
Danny, Dannilynn, Larry, Ben and all those who have not been paid for their services to ANS !!! Don't pay any attention to the Morons on this site who have put you down..I wouldn't be surprised if it's ANS or the Peckerface writing those things...My email went out today to Director Burrows and boy did he get an earful from me !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope he slams her ugly (ANS) face thru a brick wall....!!!!

2837 days ago


To # 12.......INQUIRING MIND... you are right on track. I hope others will take time to read comments/letter, and understand that justice needs to prevail. Anna Nicloe has been able to get by with her looks, body and that dumb blonde routine, well those days are over. She needs to submit to the DNA test.

To # 18......INQUIRING MIND has not taken this too peronal. Its just the principal of the situation. Anna Nicole is trying to become a legal fugitive from justice, hide in plane sight 90 miles off the coast of the US, and kick sand in the face of our court's judicial system
WTF is it about, you ask? The baby!!!! Do you not get it??
Anna Nicloe needs to submit to the DNA test, and give that baby a fighting chance. She's going to need it..

***READ #12

2837 days ago


I'm just a stupid whore!!! can't you all just leave me alone!!!

2837 days ago


To #16: How do you hide in "plane" sight. I would surmise that you meant "plain" sight. "Plane" is like airplane.

2836 days ago


Thanks for all the support for the letter writing to the Director of Immigration in the Bahamas, to REVOKE ANS's fraudulent permanent residency status. The more letters that are written, the better. This one thing could affect all of the other issues involving ANS, and help to see that justice gets done sooner, rather than later.

2836 days ago


Dear Anna,

I was in GNC today and asked why TRIMSPA was no longer on the shelves. It seems that the health chain won't be carrying it any longer, which means you are out of a job!! I then decided to go online to see if you could still buy the product which you can, but at great discount prices!! I guess others are following suit. and closing out... no buying, no profit. No profit, No Anal Nohole.

Girlfriend to girlfriend.... you better re-think this Larry Birkhead thing over. Best case scenario is that a judge will allow you to keep your baby..... with Larry as the father and you having NO income, baby becomes another useful cash cow for you... .monthly child support payments.... VIOLA' money for you to live on.

Worst case scenario is that you will be flipping hamburgers, alone. Girlfriend, nude-middle-aged women just aren't in demand these days..... and your personality won't make up for your ugly outside. (albeit, malpractice suit to your plastic surgeon might be another option for funds) Howie will be serving time and now that the entire world knows about you, your future isn't very promising.

So, think about it, girl.. and NO, you can't come live with me.

Your Best Friend,

PS.... Wise Old Owl and Inquiring Minds are NOT the same person. I know them both and I am quite certain that you know them also. They are the driving force behind all the letters to the Bahamas which helped put your "MaN" away for good and will be sending your skank ass back to the states. (not that any of us want you here!!)

Gosh, I LOVE REMINDING ANAL NOHOLE THAT SHE IS A MIDDLE AGED "HAS BEEN!!!!" middle aged... middle aged.... middle aged..... middle aged............

Nothing wrong with being "middle aged" but there's not a lot of guys looking for a middle aged puss that has been put away wet. ewwwww

2836 days ago


Who f***ing cares where she lives and whos baby it is... She moved away from the rapist 3 months into the pregnancy. Hes f***ing crazy and I have dealt with his lying ass many times before. Ive been to her Nassau home, This is all bullsh*t. Her house is so beautiful, you all would be jealous... Oh, wait... Ya'll are! ha ha... Raise your hand if you STILL live in trailors. You forget she still owns that million dollar home in LA. She aint broke.
If you believe thats where she lives, You gotta be ignorant. Dont believe everything Larry Dickhead sells to the media. He IS part of the media... He can keep selling his side anyway he wants to... In the end, he is still a Rapist and shouldnt be anywhere near that child... his or not.
He already got his 15 min. of fame... Now he's sooooooo last season. No one gives a f*** about that piece of dog sh*t. This is from someone who knows him and had to deal with him. He needs meds and need to be put in a mental institution about his disorder and he deffinately needs anger management so he dosent abuse women anymore.

2835 days ago


Well f*** me! this sure is a prime piece of architectual sh*t isn't it folks, suck sh*t anal nohole smith (I just love that nic name on her don't you guys?)
I'm really happy for Ben now that he's finaly gotten that snake woman and her sleezoid lawyer/killer out of his lovely home, I just hope the skank didn't trash it to much before she was forced out.
Well I hope the vile whore and her murderer boyfriend will be very miserable here. I feel really sorry for the poor neighbors though, could you imagine living next door to that sid show freakazoid, MAN! WHAT A FREAKIN' dog faced prostitute.

2835 days ago


Oh yeah, Inquiring mind is onto something. If enough of us send emailed letters of complaint about this bitch it might make her life even more difficult I for one am going to send one right now. This f***ing bitch needs to learn she is NOT above the law no matter where she hides, it's like Christopher f***i'n Scase all over again.Wen are these countrues going to realise that harboring these psycos only makes them even more arrogant, they need to be made face those that they have wronged and to pay for what they have done.

2835 days ago

Sherri Jones    

Just so you know: INQUIRING MIND

I will be writing asking that they "Let her be". To Protect her from idiots like you.

BTW-If I were in her shoes, I would do anything it took to keep Larry Birkhead from my child also. Who needs a leach for 18 years hanging for their coat-tails, if he were proven to be the sperm donor. We all know he would milk for all he could get, he already is!!!!

2835 days ago


Posts 40 & 41 or Anna and her housekeeper/Howie- It has to be you two- no one else could be this stupid!

Larrys a leach and a rapist, wheres the proof of this, did you mean Annas leach and rapist, cause then youd be right! You two are alittle obvious, dont ya think, constantly repeating the mantra- 15 minutes of fame and the 'Yall are' o boy, definate giveaway!

Hmm, riding someones coattails and leaching off them, well Anna I guess you met your match if this were to be true. Actually I hope this guy isnt as innocent as he seems, I hate to see another poor slob be trapped in your web of deceit and disaster!

Now why dont you go get the babysitter if you havent locked her in the closet yet and get her to write an intelligent slandering comment, might work to fool us!

2835 days ago


Oh btw Anna, I saw that filthy comic you had up on your site before someone had the decency to take the tail end off it. You know the part where the two teenagers are joking about MILF, talking about breastfeeding and the one identifying himself as your son...

You got some nerve talking about ABUSE.

Did you forget which closet you left the babysitter in?

2835 days ago


Hey Sherri
I sent a "let her be" letter too.
This is the exact reason Anna left the country...ignorant ass people. Dickhead is falling all over himself trying to get as many photo ops as possible. Visiting Daniels gravesite...PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEE. He is one cold hearted Mother F***er. Didnt u stalk her long enough Dickhead? & whats the point in getting ur friends and family together on the blogs to trash her? I know that myrtle beach crowd is on here too. ur worthless

2835 days ago


Post 44 -Good Girl, Anna! you found her!

Seriously Anna aka Danielle, your embarassing yourself, get some freaking help!

Anyone else who isnt Anna or a paid friend of hers, dont waste an ounce of pity
on her! If hes stalking her, then why didnt she block him on Aim...huh!

Larrys cold-hearted!- Baby, it doesnt get any colder than that twisted comic that was on her website!

2835 days ago


Its not going to do any good to tell u this but...Im not sure u dont believe it. But come on guys, do u honestly thing Anna would waste her time on yall...I dont think so. LMAO

2835 days ago
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