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Rosie to Oprah - C'mon, Fight!

1/23/2007 9:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah vs. RosieRosie O'Donnell is picking a fight with Oprah over the talk queen's controversial interview with kidnapped teen Shawn Hornbeck. Lots of people are outraged, and many are screaming exploitation. But will O v. Ro turn into another Trump-scale nuclear conflict?

Sources tell TMZ that Oprah's M.O. is always the silent treatment, and that she's not going to get into a Trump-Rosie-style war with O'Donnell. For instance, sources say that Oprah can't stand Dr. Phil McGraw, who she thinks is utterly ungrateful to her. But rather than smack him down publicly, she's dissed privately by not showing up to significant events in his life.

O's given the same treatment over the years to others who have displeased her, like David Letterman and Tom Cruise, publicly denying that there was any feud. That may still not stop Rosie, who's easily triggered when she thinks kids are exploited.

Brad: "Strippers Changed My Life"

Brad Pitt gallery: Click to launch photos Brad Pitt says that it was a stripper, not the muse of drama, that got him into acting. He tells Newsweek magazine in its Oscar roundtable that one of his first jobs was to be the wheelman for a group of strippers (picking up their clothes, collecting the cash, etc.), and that one dancer was taking an acting class with famous acting coach Roy London. Pitt went along for the class, and now he no longer picks up strippers' clothes. "Strippers changed my life," admits Pitt.

Isaiah Can Call Me Fa**ot Anytime, Says Everett

isaiah washington Isaiah Washington may have met with gay leaders yesterday to talk about using the F-w ord, but at least one openly-out actor says Isaiah can call him "fa**ot" anytime he wants. Rupert Everett told Planet Gossip, "I like being called faggot, queer. Everyone's got phobias, even gays for straights." Even though Washington's being "educated" by GLAAD and other groups on the dangers of name-calling, and will do public-service announcements, keeping things bottled up isn't necessarily the best thing, thinks Rupert. "I'd rather be called a faggot by someone who felt it – then you know where they stand."

Stallone KO'd Sex for "Rocky"

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone delivered a knock-out to his libido during the filming of his recent film "Rocky Balboa" to improve his on-screen performance, he says. "At 60 you don't have as much energy as you did back when you were 30, so you have to conserve every bit you can," said Sly, via MSNBC. "Giving up sex isn't really that hard to do and it's well known that it can improve your performance in sports - or on a movie."

Party Favors: Aniston and Cox To Lock Lips? ... "Top Chef" Villain Gets Bottle Service ... Jamie Foxx's Liquid Love ... Billy Joel to Sing Super National Anthem

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Arquette are set to become a lot more than "Friends" on the season finale of "Dirt." According to's Michael Ausiello (via Page Six), the real-life pals will get it on in the show, even though their characters are arch-enemy magazine editors. Is something in the offing for Bonnie Fuller and Janice Min? ... "Top Chef" archvillain Marcel Vigneron got an eyeful at a club in Vegas when a stranger broke a bottle over his head, he tells Las Vegas Weekly. He had to go to the hospital and get stitched up. ... Jamie Foxx apparently likes to douse his female companions in Sex-on-the-Beach cocktails -- literally. A Belvedere vodka rep says that it's Jamie's "thing." ... Billy Joel will perform the national anthem at the Super Bowl in Miami on Feb. 4, and will join Prince in the halftime show. He's the first performer to sing the national anthem twice -- he did it in 1989.


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Ron Parker    

Rosie is such a pig, I mean this woman is grossly ugly to look at and is a total bitch in every sense of the word! All she wants is attention because she sure cant get it by her looks, Oprah is a classy lady and wont get down to Rosies low, redneck level I wish they would just kick her off The view, I always liked that show until she showed up, now i cant watch it anymore, she makes me want to puke, what a piece of crap, scumbag she is! She is probably the Ugliest looking woman on Tv, I mean really who would want to wake up with that! Duh!

2777 days ago


About those photos of Oprah... most of you/us on our best days would not mind looking like many of those photos..... She's been thin, she's been heavy. So frickin what???

2777 days ago


RE: Rosie VS Oprah

I sure wished there was a big enough cork and lots of duct tape for Rosie's mouth. How can you tell she is lying??? when her lips move. ABC must be desperate for help----bugs bunny cartoons would be by far more entertaining and easier to look at.

2777 days ago

Marilyn Peer    

I have lost All respect for MISS Winfrey, she does all her manipulatin in silence, first of all she is PREDUDICE . Second she thinks she is Hollywood and started hanging with all the hollywood stars "AS IF" most of them are Black as well. I hate it when she uses her WHITE voice then falls into her Black Voice. SHE BRAGS about her money, all the time. She cant dance or sing..for god sakes REMEBER "O" you are black. ( just had to throw that in cos she always trys to sing on her show when she has her little concerts) Next that school she built is BS, She should be helping people in the place she came from, somewhere in Mississippi, then moving that across AMERICA...the place that gave her the oportunity. I could go on but I wont.
BUT, Rosie I hate her MORE, she is the most disguisting thing I have ever seen living. SHE is nothing more than a Bully. How would you like to have been adopted by that??? Im sure all that bad mouthing,opinionated bulliness is NEVER present around Kids. My question for Rosie Mouth is this? Who died and made you God? (maybe that was Barbara W cuz her rating are dropping like flys b/c of ole Rosie HEHEHE)

2776 days ago


for heavens sake i have never heard such outragious mumblings in my whole life. freedom of speach is a good thing, you dont have to listen if you dont like what others say, but give those people some damned respect.

2775 days ago

ELois Poole Clayton    

It's sad that Rosie seems to have a problem with people who won't allow her to belittle their intentions for people. Perhaps it's time for Rosie to be evaluated for oviously, something is terribly wrong. I know! Maybe she not satisfied with just having one mate. Maybe she should just stay single and play the field for in my oppenion, she conducts herself just like a boy does when he's either shame because he can't disrespect a girl and the world knows it, or a childest boy who likes a girl, can't or won't express it, or shame because he's been rejected and wants to attempt to make a girl feel bad because she rejected him. Either way, Rosie, in my oppinion, is TOTALLY disturbed.

2775 days ago

ITS ME    


2775 days ago

ITS ME    

Personally,I think they both suck

2775 days ago

Q-Force Inc.    

Rosie Odonnell needs to tone it down a bit. The way she runs off at the mouth and gets in these feuds is gross...she is not the only person with opinions and sometimes it is best just to shut up. Talk about something interesting. Rosie cannot come for Oprah, and even though I don't think she is a saint, what she said about American children is true. Don't be mad, everyone knows America has the most money and if you want to find the most deep need it is in a lot of other countries. This idea of isolation and nativism is old-fashioned and ignorant. Don't you get it? The woman is African-American and helping young African girls to strive for the best and gain educations. Where is the problem with this? She has done a lot for American people, giving fucking cars away, paying off debts, etc. etc. Stop being mad people...the "God Bless America and Nowhere Else" mentality is for the barbarians.

2774 days ago

Denise McConnell    

As far as the movie Dreamgirls is concerned, I think Jamie Foxx should have won best supporting actor instead of Eddie Murphy. When I saw the movie, I was not that impressed, however, Jennifer Hudson, was absolutely great. When she sang that song, Am I Telling You, brought tears to my eyes. Her performance singing that song was outstanding. If she had sang like that while on American Idol, I believe she would have won instead of Fantasia. And speaking of Fantasia, she would sound alot better if she stop screaming, its so irritating. And adding to the rift between Oprah and Rosie, I like Rosie because she speaks her mind whereas Oprah does it underhandedly. No one knows how Oprah really is behind closed doors. As the old saying, living in a glasshouse you don't throw no stones.

2774 days ago

Denise McConnell    

Yes, Oprah did a good thing for the girls in Africa, however, there are so many children here in America that are homeless, lost, and unloved. She could do so much for the children here in America. Oprah, we all know, building that school in Africa, is a writeoff for you tax time. If you really want to help those girls, build them knew homes as well. But, start with American children first.

2774 days ago

Bonnie Haynes    

I used to love watching the View. I quit watching when Rosie (Queer) came to the show. I am 62 years young. I get so disgusted with all the queers making a display of themselves. God tells us in His Word that it is a sin. If they choose to be queer, They need to stay in the closet where they belong!!!!!!!!

2774 days ago


My opinion is we all have the right to speak our minds but, we should not attack others.And that does always seem to be what Rosie likes to do. I defend her on her passion and her beliefs.And Oprah seems to be genuine and sincere and I feel as though she handled this particular show with the boy well she respected his boundaries but, we all watched because we wanted to know what happened one way or the other we are all alike some of us just aren't famous so our opinion's don't really matter to most. That is why we vent on an open forum such as this.

2774 days ago

Don Mitchell    

I'm new to this site but what a bunch of sad, pathetic nasty little people seem to exist here. All of the attacks on Rosie O'Donnell are about her weight or how ugly she is....nothing is said about the incredible work she does for children and her many charitable works - hey, maybe not as many as St. Oprah but Rosie isn't a kazillion-aire. She has a wonderful heart and speaks her mind and all anyone here can do is say "she's fat" , "can I really call her SHE"? (that was a very classy comment), etc. etc. Frankly, it sickens me. Rosie, I and many others love you. Just keep doin' what you're doin' honey. The hatemongers (and there are MANY here) will keep hating and the world will continue it's downward spiral into oblivion.

2773 days ago

Nellie Gowar    

Rosie should learn to keep her MOUTH SHUT until she cleans out her own closet. ...Her mouth & hatred makes it impossible for her to see straight & to make good conversation with others.....She has to learn she isn't right most of the time.......I am grateful that Ophra is a LADY and acts as such.....Just ignore LOUD & BIG MOUTH ROSIE.........

2773 days ago
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