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Tara Reid is the Meat in a Rapper Sandwich

1/23/2007 4:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


If Tara Reid wants to shake her party girl image, she should probably reconsider performing simulated sex with rappers onstage.

TMZ obtained exclusive footage from Sundance of Tara, moments after she climbed onstage at the Blender Sessions party at Tao nightclub, while Akon performed his hit song, "Smack That." And for this performance, the "that" was Tara Reid.Tara mounted then gyrated on Akon as he pretended to pump her all around the stage. One of his mohawked band members decided to get in on the action, and the two bounced Tara around between them.

After the hardcore ride, a discombobulated Reid was consoled by platinum-toothed rapper, Nelly. It's safe to assume that if he began singing "Hot in Herre," Tara would have probably taken off her clothes.


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Put even a fake blonde in front of Black guys and they will tear her apart. These kind of guys will bang even Paris' Tinkerbell. Kinda annoying!

Thank god she was denied that time at Hyde! She's such a trash bag.

2829 days ago


SO WHAT? That's the story? She's out partying and having a good time. We all let loose and have fun when out with friens. All you haters do the same thing when you go out clubbing. Well, the ones who aren't so STANK AND UGLY, that is. Jealous b*tches, all of you. Hahahahaha!

2829 days ago


Some of you people are pathetic racist. And for the record, not all black men find white women attractive. I love my black women and find nothing especially hot about white women with flat asses and bleach blond hair. You can keep your white women! My wife could kick any womans ass in looks, sex appeal and personality. And if these rappers wanted to bang Tara Reid, it's because she an easy woman, not because she's white. No horny man would turn down free sex if offered.

2829 days ago


I like Tara also. Whats wrong with a little fun now and then at least she aint running around showing the world her "Monkey" not thats Tara ignore these jealous fools and have some fun in your young life.

2829 days ago

Graham Foster    

I hope they both at least boned her after the show...

2829 days ago

ann coulter    

i didn't know Kid 'n Play were still together!

2829 days ago


I support Tara. She's no worse than that Ho Paris.

I'm sure all you Tara haters would piss in your pants if a star even looked your way, let alone talked to you. You are so jealous of what you don't have and what these celebs do. Let the girl party and have the time of her life. I would if I had the money!

2829 days ago


Tia, you are seeing what you want to see, not what actually happened. She is laughing and smiling. Why was she on their stage while they were performing in the first place?

2829 days ago


Watch it again. She smiles, laughs, claps as she walks away. You people are SO single mindedly racist.

2829 days ago


I'll let this one slide because it looked like she was just having a good time. I've seen worse at parties. And this is nothing like that Miss Nevada chick who was licking nipples and going down on chicks all night.

These parties get crazy, especially when the drinks starts pouring. Just a little grown up fun. It looked like alot of fun, actually lol.

2829 days ago


It's just Tara being Tara. No surprise.

2829 days ago


The saying goes, "act like a ho, get treated like a ho!" Tara went on stage craving attention (as usual) and got exactly what she wanted. In my opinion, I am glad it took place on stage and not behind closed doors because then we would be reading "poor little white girl accuses(blames) two black men of rape(sex she initiated)." Would this even be a story if it were a black women on stage? Would it even have been discussed? What is she even famous for, being drunk? Boo f'n who!!! Please stop blaming everyone else for Tara's action.

2829 days ago


TARA girl why you'd been doing so good:(

2829 days ago


Okay, so she got her breast re done just so some loser ass rappers could bump and grind on her?

What an idiot.

2829 days ago


I wonder if she got double anal that nite...

2829 days ago
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