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Tara Reid is the Meat in a Rapper Sandwich

1/23/2007 4:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


If Tara Reid wants to shake her party girl image, she should probably reconsider performing simulated sex with rappers onstage.

TMZ obtained exclusive footage from Sundance of Tara, moments after she climbed onstage at the Blender Sessions party at Tao nightclub, while Akon performed his hit song, "Smack That." And for this performance, the "that" was Tara Reid.Tara mounted then gyrated on Akon as he pretended to pump her all around the stage. One of his mohawked band members decided to get in on the action, and the two bounced Tara around between them.

After the hardcore ride, a discombobulated Reid was consoled by platinum-toothed rapper, Nelly. It's safe to assume that if he began singing "Hot in Herre," Tara would have probably taken off her clothes.


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Ricky Ticky Tock    

Holy sh*t!


Hey Monako, you're a fag!

2828 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Oh sarah #63:
I'm sorry, I didn't realize I needed your permission to crack wise.
Why is it that STUPID people like you always assume that people like me are poor and homosexual? It's a good thing I have no sense of self-worth, otherwise my feelings might be hurt by your very elitist and homophobic remarks.
I'm sorry dad, I can't suck you off no more, sarah has made me ashamed of myself, and my sexual orientation. Happy now, beyatch!
Boo Hoo!

2828 days ago


slut girl, stick to your own race, or don't they want you?

2828 days ago


what a pig!

2828 days ago


Yeah she like's being mauled.

2828 days ago


Being Mauled is clearly still a favorite pastime of her's.

2828 days ago


Akon and Tara look like they are both enjoyin themselves..but why did the other guy do that? she is so into the stage and audience vibe that i don't think she even noticed the other guy until it was too late. She does NOT look/seem/act comfortable after she realizes...poor tara, i say it wasn't her fault..the other dude's interference makes her look slutty but, it was uncalled for and unexpected. it's practically dry hump rape

2828 days ago


What a pathetic HO........ lacking of class, dignity and sense........ typical drugged out, dorky, white chick, wigga wannabe....... like I said, HO.

2827 days ago

duh...totally !    

...the funny thing about all this is...she was on E! last night from Sundance talking about how she's changed and talking crap on Britney, Paris, DUH ! look in the mirror SKANK !

all those girls a freaking used up and NASTY before 30 !!!


2827 days ago

shortybeebop380 yall crackers mad cuz we done got another one of yall whores...

2827 days ago

U All R Losers    

You all are losers, especially you racists ones. This is obviously some horsing around. I'm sure you racist pinheads would love to be either Akon or Tara. You losers have nothing else better to do with your time than attempt to malign another race, how pathetic. I applaud those who saw this for what it really is, just a joke. For those of you who want to be cowards and post racist comments you should really get a life. Besides, you have been fooled to believe that the world is black and white, but you're wrong you idiots, it's about green. Your jealousy is so obvious it's ridiculous. You'll never get out of your own way, and you'll still be blaming, Blacks, Mexicans, and whoever else for your own incompetence. Your misogny is also utterly uncalled for. You guys are probably the losers in school that no girl wanted to date or the girl in school no guys wanted to date, either way, you al have issues that you need to work out with a therapist. Tara Reid was having fun with Akon, a Black, multi-talented producer, deal with it!

2827 days ago


Now that's a MUDD DUCK!!!!

2826 days ago


Whats new? Most white girls like to be sandwiched between two big black cucumbers. If it would have been an adult enterainment concert, I gaurantee her clothes would have been off and there would have been NO HOLES BARRED!!! and she would have loved 85% of white woman. especially in the celebrity world.

2826 days ago


I am scarred for life watching that skank!!!

2825 days ago


Why is anything Tara Reid does still considered newsworthy? Didn't her 15 minutes end about two years ago?

2825 days ago
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